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These are the required words so ATF will let me share this. :)


This is a recipe that I think I will be tweaking for a while to come. I set out to recreate the flavour of a cocktail called King Yellowman's Answer, made by my former boss and excellent cocktail bartender Kate.
We would begin by roasting pineapple chunks with honey and cinnamon until they were falling apart and caramelising into a wonderful, dark golden, spiced tray of heavenly aromas. We would then purée pears and add to the fruit mix. When all of the prep was done, we would take a generous amount of Blackwell's rum, some lime juice, a blend of the pineapple and pear purée and a dash of espresso. This was shaken for a minute, strained over fresh ice, and served with a special side ingredient: a scotch bonnet pepper filled with overproof rum, which we would light on fire whilst explaining to the customer that the longer they left it burning, the more chilli would infuse into the rum. The idea was that they would blow it out when ready, then tip some in, adjusting the spice level as they saw fit.

I haven't tried to recreate the flaming chilli garnish for this recipe, as i'm not a total sadist, but feel free to try it and let me know how it works out.
I have, however, come pretty damn close to the delicious flavour of the drink that inspired me. It is a complex flavour that needs three to four weeks to fully come together and calm down, as there is a lot going on here.

Pineapple is the main note here, with a back note of pear, mostly caught on the exhale. The coffee is present throughout, and brings a dark roasted muskiness to the whole affair. Cinnamon is also a prominent note on the exhale, bringing some spicy warmth and complementing both the fruit and the coffee.

I'm quite happy with this one, and am proud to release it as my first wholly unique recipe. I hope you enjoy!

In my next iteration I will probably up the honey and the rum, as they aren't as prominent as I would like.

A simple vanilla custard cream. Full bodied with a nice thick mouthfeel, this is very much a dessert vape. The spiciness of the vanillas is tamed somewhat by the CAP Vanilla Custard and the Bavarian Cream.

I like to vape this both when it is fresh, and after a few weeks steeping. After a day's steep it is quite intense and bursting with flavour. After a 2-3 week steep it begins to mellow and develop a much fuller, thick mouthfeel thanks to the CAP Vanilla Custard. I have never been able to make a batch last more than a few weeks, but I imagine it just keeps getting better. :)

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Mix: Original recipe, no changes. VG/PG 70/30 with 1.5mg/ml nic. Setup: Sigelei Fuchai Glo+Cleito Exo W/ .2ohm coils @ 60-70W. Day 1: Smells fruity, a bit floral. Very green. Strong whiff of bourbon. The fruit is quite bright; I get gooseberries, grape skin, unripe plums and a hint of kiwi. The bourbon element is right up there, like hovering over a glass of bourbon and inhaling the fumes. Ever so slight heat and tingle on the inhale. Unlike any DIY liquid I've tried. Very promising. Day 3: The green, bright edges have rounded off considerably on the fruit side of things. The sharp grape skin/unripe plum/gooseberry flavours have dulled, leaving much more of a green fruit flesh flavour. I get grape and kiwi flesh, with a much more sugary sweet taste. The fruit flavour has dulled a bit, which always seems to happen with fruits after a few days, but the bourbon has warmed up and blended with the fruit and really helps give this recipe a backbone as the fruits mellow. The bourbon is warming and luscious, a really great accompaniment to what I feel could be cloying sweetness, had the kiwi been used alone. Inhale and first taste is all fruit, with the bourbon coming in and providing substance, heat and body towards the middle and throughout the exhale. This is a wonderful recipe that I would heartily recommend you mix up, find a log fire to sit by and enjoy with a glass of Woodford Reserve or whatever your favourite bourbon is. It's Novembe, and this mix is perfect for those cold wintery days. I think I will be mixing this until Christmas and beyond. Thanks Coop!
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Fluffy clouds of summer. Close your eyes. Inhale. Now exhale. Think of walking down the street as a child, smelling the flowers. The ice cream truck's tinkling notes drift down the street. Right, now the silliness is over with, that is exactly what this juice made me feel. It reminded me of summers when I was a kid, grabbing an ice cream from the ice cream van with my mum and walking back with it in hand past our neighbour's garden and inhaling the strong scent of honeysuckle from the vines creeping up their house. The Vanilla is a background companion to the star of the show, the honeysuckle. I can see this being overpowering for people that don't usually like florals, but this was exactly what I hoped it would be. Beautiful.
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Just mixed this up as part of a batch of menthol juices I'm trying out. Day one this is a refreshing, fruity and cool vape. I was pleasantly surprised by how fruity and well balanced this is, the lemon/lime isn't overpowering, it sits well in the mix as a foil to the sweetness of the mango. Day 3 this is much more well rounded, as the fruits have the edge taken off
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A delicious caramel custard. Great balance of caramel, vanilla and thick mouth feel. This is a go to recipe for me when I want something comforting and sweet.
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