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Strawberries and cream with cake

Riffing on a juice I had when I first started vaping, Cobra by Om Vapors. To me it was a decent juice but I wanted to take a crack at re interpreting it all these years later. Described by the manufacturer as a strawberry ice cream with cake crumbs, my version is more strawberries and cream on cake.

INW Shisha Strawberry/FA Red Touch/JF Strawberry Sweet: The main note in here is strawberry, and there is no better place to use ID10-T's trinity. As an accent you could go use any of these 3 solo but to have it stand up in a mix the trinity is the way to go. As an added bonus, people that are strawberry blind (I am to some extent) seem to get some flavor out of this berry combo.

TFA Vanilla Swirl/Whipped Cream: In my version I wanted to utilize a lighter cream component. Originally I was using FA Meringue and a custard for the dairy/vanilla notes but it was too heavy. Whipped cream gets you a nice fluffy cream and swirl brings some body while not weighing down the mix. In addition you get the binding quality of swirl to bring everything together.

JF Yellow Cake: From what I remember, Cobra had a bit more of a white cake vibe for which I was going to use WF Fluffy White Cake but switched to yellow cake as I enjoy the flavor a bit more. I also needed to have something with a bit more weight to counter the airy cream.

Final product will yield a really nice smooth vape, sitting somewhere between a classic strawberry cream and cake. Nothing ground breaking here but all in all this turned out pretty damn good. Can be SnV but after a short steep is even better. If mixed please review/comment, all feedback welcome.

User: kontravention Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
*note- TFA marshmallow was subbed at same % as I do not have FA so this is not a true 1:1 review of the mix* This is a straight ahead no frills (in the best way possible) graham and vanilla vape. Not overbearing or cloying but packed with flavor at the same time. The graham is the obvious main note, cereal 27 backing up the grain of the graham. VBIC is a great choice here as the darkness in the vanilla melds perfectly with the graham. There is a slight hint of marshmallow but that is probably due to not using the original mixers exact specs. I mixed a 15 ml and started vaping it off the shake and it has only gotten better and more full as it hits day 3. This is one of the rare mixes that I have immediately mixed an additional 60ml of, and am putting the FA marshmallow on order to try the recipe as written. Great job!
User: kontravention Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
If you're into bakeries or desserts give this one a shot. Good stuff after a 6/7 day steep.
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