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Tropical fruit juice

A smooth flavorful tropical mix, pog-ish subbing cantaloupe for the traditional orange.

Sweet guava steps up front in this mix as a main note but bridges nicely into pineapple with the dragonfruit supporting both. The wild melon/prickly pear combo layer a nice background melon note without overpowering the guava while also juicing up this recipe. Take a pull and let it take you away to paradise.

Cool/sweeten as you wish.

Pineapple, mango, cantaloupe

Nice sweet mixed fruit profile, pretty straightforward pineapple, mango and the wild melon/prickly pear combo leaning cantaloupe to me. Sweeten to taste, SnV but better after a day.

Iced Blue Raspberry/Boysenberry

Not my usual profile but a nice change up. LB Blue Raspberry is pretty killer by itself but adding a bit of FW Razzleberry really pushes that candied raspberry flavor. Adding some FLV Boysenberry juices up the mix while providing an additional dark berry accent. I mixed this without WS23 at first and while it had good flavor it leaned a bit syrupy after a few pulls. Adding coolant allowed me to keep that intense flavor but cut some of the heaviness out of it. Feel free to add/reduce the sweeetness but this is a candy profile so 0.15% super sweet fit nicely. Let this steep 24 hrs then enjoy!

Strawberries and Cream

Everyones got one, heres mine. INW Shisha Strawberry and JF Sweet Strawberry are an unbeaten combination for an artificial but vibrant flavor. Plus I can actually taste them unlike half the others I've tried. FA Madagascar, my go to for a 'familiar' or 'commercial' vanilla and LB Vanilla Ice Cream create an awesome vanilla cream base to build off of, with FA Marshmallow adding even more thickness. FW Yogurt for a tiny bit of tang to set it off. Sweeten to taste.

Quite good off the literal shake, vanilla and strawberries up front but the longer it steeps the richer and fuller this vape gets.

Please rate and/or comment if mixed. Enjoy!

Sweet mixed berry with a slightly tart/sour finish

Starting with forest fruit and adding blackberry to darken things up a bit. Adding juicy lemon enhances the underlying touch of tartness in forest fruit. Coconut added a nice background note and also blends well with berries. Off the shake you will indeed get a lemony sour note, after 12 hr or so the distinct lemon flavor fades and winds up as a slight tart/sour note in the finish of this tasty mix.

Sweeten and/or cool to taste.


Cinnamon pudding

Dead simple cinnamon pudding with some bakery notes, great vape to bring in the fall/winter. FLV Pudding and INW Custard make a nice creamy base to build upon. CAP CDS is an awesome concentrate,bringing bakery type cinnamon flavor with FA Cookie added to back up those cake/pastry notes a bit. Sweeten to taste and let this steep for 3-4 days then its golden. Enjoy!

Please rate and/or comment if you mix this!

Vaped on a Variant w/ 2x 3.5mm 36g/26g kanthal claptons ~80w


SnV Banana Custard

Drawing on my 2 favorite custards with minimal steep time, this is a mashup of EdibleMalfunctions Custard Now (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/73934#custard_now_by_ediblemalfunction) and freshepies Old Skewl (https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2410870?). Balancing the 2 was a bit tricky but once I had a good ratio going I needed another element to wrap this mix up. VT banana custard gives me that final creamy fresh banana note I was looking for without having to wait for the 'runts' to steep out. Adjust to taste although I would only push 0.10 to 0.25 super sweet as this recipe carries alot of inherent sweetness.

If you mix this please rate and/or comment.


Ry4-ish pb custard

Moving some of my recipes over from elr, this is from a few months ago.


reviewed at 48:20

Not having dabbled in commercial RY4s much at all I really cant compare it to anything, but if you trust Maxs opinion this recipe is worth checking out if RY4 is your jam.

The idea is for a peanutty custard with some caramel undertones, a satisfying dessert vape.

TPA DX Peanut Butter- my go to PB, this brings good flavor and sets the direction of the profile.

TPA Acetyl Pyrazine (5%)- bolsters the PB and add a bit of nutty depth

TPA Ry4 Double- using this as my caramel/other vanilla tone. Solo RY4x2 has a bit of a dirty bite to me, but in conjunction with the PB and AP they seem to smooth out or hide that edge.

TPA Vanilla Custard 2- my crutch custard, develops into a really nice vanilla custard that can stand up against some other dark flavors.

TPA Bavarian Cream- used in concert with the custard we get another element, more vanilla and some additional sweetness.

I'm good with no super sweet in this but as always add to taste.


Butterscotch ice cream and cookie

So this is one of those constantly evolving mixes with Butterscotch Ripple being the only original surviving concentrate. I chose to release it now because while I may still play around with percentages I feel the heart of the mix is where I want it to be.

Originally I was going for a simple butterscotch ice cream. TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and FW Butterscotch Ripple got me that but there was alot of room to improve. After a myriad of different creams I settled on LB Vanilla Ice Cream and FA Fresh Cream (panna fresca) as they brought some great flavor on their own and complimented each other as well as the Butterscotch Ripple nicely. LB Vanilla Ice Cream at 4.5% does all the heavy lifting as a base layer while FA Fresh Cream fills in some gaps with extra butter and cream notes.

Feeling like this needed some bakery support I tried CAP Sugar Cookie as well as INW Biscuit which were fine but in the end FA Cookie just worked better. At 1.25% it definitely has a presence but does not overtake or dry the mix.

Finished product is a super smooth cream/bakery vape with massive flavor.

Sweet to taste, can be vaped off the shake for a super creamy butterscotch ice cream flavor, or give it a couple days steep for that bakery to develop. I mix this more frequently in smaller batches as I like this mix fresh, after a month or so the profile is still there but loses a bit of vibrancy.

Please rate and/or comment if you mix this.


Mixed berries, no creams or bakeries

Using forest fruit as a building block will get you a 'decent at worst' result 90% of the time. With as much as it has going on, I only needed a couple berries to push into a bit of a new direction while still keeping the heart of the vape distinctly forest fruit. Wanting to get a little more saturated currant flavor up front, sweet currant was an easy grab. Blueberry juicy ripe is a flavor that I've beeen digging for awhile and it pairs nicely with the sweet currant. The dragonfruit is used at a 1 percent to add a little background note while also blending this whole thing into a tasty mixed berry profile. I like it with a quarter percent sweetener and mix every other 30ml with 1% ws23 but feel free to dress it up how you like.

This can be vaped off the literal shake and you will get a delicious currant and blueberry forward vape, 24 hrs and it starts to meld together.

User: kontravention Score: 5 Entered: 12 months ago
*note- TFA marshmallow was subbed at same % as I do not have FA so this is not a true 1:1 review of the mix* This is a straight ahead no frills (in the best way possible) graham and vanilla vape. Not overbearing or cloying but packed with flavor at the same time. The graham is the obvious main note, cereal 27 backing up the grain of the graham. VBIC is a great choice here as the darkness in the vanilla melds perfectly with the graham. There is a slight hint of marshmallow but that is probably due to not using the original mixers exact specs. I mixed a 15 ml and started vaping it off the shake and it has only gotten better and more full as it hits day 3. This is one of the rare mixes that I have immediately mixed an additional 60ml of, and am putting the FA marshmallow on order to try the recipe as written. Great job!
User: kontravention Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
If you're into bakeries or desserts give this one a shot. Good stuff after a 6/7 day steep.
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