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So, only been hitting this in my pod, but holy freakin' hannah, this stuff is amazeballs. Cherry is nicely there, the cola flavor is just right. That dob of menthol mixes in well with everything else to both provide a sensation of cool, and i swear to god, there's a bit of that stab of fizz on the tongue (menthol and the cola syrup sparking the sense memory, i'm sure, but still...)

That it tastes this good in a pod system as is...can't wait to make a bigger batch for my other devices. I've already killed 1 ml in less than 24 hours, and this is in a pod system it usually takes me days to vape that much out of. Seriously good stuff!

This is for cola fans, cherry lovers, and soda fiends. An absolutely bitchin recipe, and easily an adv!

Permission from slumberland to post.

https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/8xp0lo/aggressive_cherry_kola/ newer posting

As per usual, found myself in a jam. I needed tobacco to add to In a Godda Da Vida. I mean, it's sooo good, but it was a little too sharp on my tongue for me to finish it off, and I made a huge batch. I needed a tobacco to add to it. And since I was sitting in discord, and saw he was online, I thought, "Who better to ask than the man himself?"

Took him all of like 30 seconds to look at my list of flavors and pull this out.

Was brill off the shake, but like all tobaccos, works best after at least 2 weeks, and just keeps getting better. Best part? So far, it seems to go with everything. I've added it to the following: Vanilla Butter Pecan Ice Cream, Tide Pod Challengeand the fabled Mustard Milk. It flat works. Hence:

Fear's Red Hot Tobacco Sauce.

I put that **** on everything. (Just copying the tagline from the ad, folks!)

This one's great on it's own for tobacco lovers, with it's dark pipe tobacco with that wonderful punch of Virginia, but it's also good for when you have too much of a juice, and it needs something else to finish it off. Also great for a test bed for when you're going "Would this work as a tobacco?"

Thanks go to Fear for pulling this magic l'il number from wherever, and for letting me share the joy with everyone else.

Got this recipe from a gentleman from Indonesia on the DIY or DIE facebook group. Took me like a month to find a place with the butterscotch tobacco (DIY Vapor Supply), and then another month to steep. Gotta say, the first whiff of that flavoring reminded me of MY Great Grandfather, he smoked a similar flavor of pipe tobacco, and I only met him the once back when I was 8...over 30 years ago. Trippy.

Anywho, as to the juice: It's definitely a tasty, sweet cigar. The butterscotch tobacco blends well with the creams, marshmallow gives it a very full mouthfeel (I assume that's why it's there). It's sweet, lush, creamy, and yet, somehow simultaneously light and airy and dense as hell. Run through my flavor chasing tank or RDA, I would totally call this a dessert tobacco.

Now, I also have a penchant for throwing any tobacco flavor I have into my Icare2, because it's what I use to run higher nicotine through (need an extra punch to help keep me off cigs sometimes...damned stress), and because I normally run tobaccos through it, I had to try it. As it operates more or less like a closed system device, it simplified the hell outta the profile. In that one, it becomes a dense sweet butterscotch cigar. If that's what his great grandfather smoked, Kra nailed it.

So, if i were to do the traditional stars thing, this would be a 5 star. This has become an ADV for me, and I don't even like cigars. Go fig.
This recipe is for: tobacco fans, dessert lovers, people who like butterscotch or cream.

It's everything I thought it would be.

Permission from the creator given to post this.



My thoughts on this recipe in a review I sent the creator: This stuff is great. Tastes very much like the mints I remember, rich, creamy, a little minty, a little buttery, sweet as all hell. Just utterly vapable and delicious. The only minor quibble I have is that there's a touch too much caramel flavor. Arguably, this should knock some of the points because of accuracy/authenticity. Thing is, it actually ADDS to the taste. There's something to a little caramel added into this that kicks the flavor into overdrive. Can't put my finger on if it adds more to the buttery side or to the sweet side, but when that note shows up, it makes a nice zing moment before it slides back, and the mint goes out completely smooth.

This one's for mint addicts, candy junkies, or someone looking for a sweet, creamy minty rush to add something different, without going for the usual fruit/menthol thing. Absolutely ADV worthy, if you can handle the richness.

While it can be shake and vaped, it really shines after 7 days.

Posted with the creator's permission.

So, my favorite local donut shop has these little delights. Problem is I swear I'm cursed, and only get them once a month if I'm lucky. So, needed a stopgap measure. While it may need tweaking, this is pretty good, so why not.

Thought process here:
Zeppola and Glazed Donut: The donut in question here is a maple bar that is somewhere between a light and fluffy glazed donut and a more doughy donut, so splitting the difference. The WF Glazed Donut is exactly what it says on the tin, no Play-Doh taste.
Torrone and sweetner: add some crunchy flaky sugar glaze, cos it literally falls off the damned donut while you eat it.
Maple Bar: Lil more donut, and adds my frosting. I'd add syrup to get more maple, buuut...
OoO Bacon: The other star of the show here. I originally wanted 3%, but it kinda needs a starring role. The maple flavoring in this should add nicely to the maple bar and punch that up.
Only other thing I might add in is like .5-1% cap buttercream frosting to punch that aspect up, but hell, i don't notice the frosting aspect when I eat these. just sweet, fluffy, sugary, maple BACON donut.

So, I had a head cold, my sinuses were dead, and worst, I'd just mixed a bunch of juices, and nothing was steeped. Desperate, I went to the "What Can I Make With My Flavors" thread on diy_ejuice. ID10-T threw this back at me. It was glorious. Shake and Vapable, and it cut through my dead sinuses. It was even better after a week.

I'd give it five stars if he'd have posted it, but since he gave me the go ahead, as "The truth is, I've never vaped that exact recipe, I just looked over your ingredients and pulled it out of my ass like "yeah, I bet that will be pretty good."

Seeing as this came out a lightly frosted, sweet lemon cookie that was very cool? His ass must be a more magical place than candyland.

This one has an odd genesis. Watched this back in 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7noLAUMuosg. The names unicorn puke and dragon jizz sent me on a research bender. Nope. No dragon jizz to be found anywhere, other than in google image search.

Damn furries. ;P

Oddly enough, found an image belonging to a commercially available juice called Unicorn Jizz. http://stores.goodasgoldpremium.com/unicorn-jizz-ejuice/.
Couldn't bring myself to try it. Too tropical in my head for unicorns.

So, after a long discussion with friends of mine who are furries, started joking about making some. This is not the Dragon Jizz (that's still a WIP). But, since my 'sona is a cross between a kitsune, and a unicorn, and has a candy corn horn? Started noodling out what the hell that'd taste like. So here we are:

Orange, creamy as hell, and a hint of candy corn.

Now I just gotta find a dragon. It's for science >.>

Fuzion had a flavor called "Orphan Blood" described as a orange raspberry sherbet. Only problem for me when I discovered it (and yes, I friggin' squeed when I saw it), was that the lowest they offered it at was 6 mg. At the time, I was very new but committed to my vaping habit to get me the hell off my smoking habit. But, I mentally bookmarked it for when I got down to 6 mg, since I was at 12. Figured it'd only take me like 2 months. I was right. So, with baited breath, I went to order some when I was finally sliding down to 6.


No longer on the page. It was like it never existed.

Soooo, I went prowling for reviews, and only found the one. And the guy could barely taste the raspberry?


And now, here we are. Think it's pretty good, but eh, I'll let you make the call.

Good as a SNV. Better with age. Can't verify if it's any better after 14 days, as I've never had it last that long.

User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
So, this tickled my brain. Had to try it. Loved frozen pickles when I was younger. Still do. This is a frozen big ass get 'em at the deli pickle. Slightest hint of dill, garlic, onion, and PICKLE. The WS-23 makes it deliciously cold. For what I kept going "This HAS to be a joke", it's awesome. The fact that neither I nor my breath reek of garlic or onion is a huge plus. Banging job, ID10-T!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
Okay, so, got obsessed with Pickle Rick. Then, right as I was about to order, THIS recipe pops up. So, HAD to try it, even if it made me have to wait a month longer to be able to afford everything in one fell swoop. I figured at the worst, Hey, I'll have martini fixings. I'm gonna quote @ConcreteRiver here from his Pickle Rick review. "If you would like to vape pickles, then this is about as good as it's going to get, barring a great leap forward in pickle vape technology." We have our leap. This is an excellent martini, with the just right amount of pickle to say "Hi. I'm a pickletini". The onion from this particular pickle makes it into a damned good Gibson. Went on a kick for those a few years back. The gin and martini flavors just add the right amount of sweetness that'd make me kiss my bartender, or at least leave one hell of a tip. The lemon on top of it makes this truly epic. The basil garnish is inspired, man. Is this an ADV? Hell no. Am I gonna be vaping this one all day today, if just to share with my friends? Hell yes. Is this a vape you absolutely owe it to yourself to try for the novelty factor, and also have the makings for a damned fine martini in and of itself? Damned straight. Good on ya, ID10-T. This is stellar. My liver is squeeing with joy here.
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
So, quote Zeppelin, you have my attention. Bring up the Hobbit, you have my full attention. Then you drop this interesting looking little gem. So, I had to gather up the goods and give it a whirl. Straight up, it's like eating a butterscotch frosted apple danish right after having a pull off a pipe. The buttery, sugary flakey topping mixed with carmalized apples is just so damned good, I'm amazed neither Cinnabon nor the state fairs (looking at you, Washington!) have come up with this. The cinnamon wafts together with the pipe tobacco and gives you a dense, rich taste aroma that makes me think of hanging with my great grandfather that summer in Maine, and that was almost 30 years ago, man. The vanilla ice cream gives you the creamy goodness that all those plates of apple pie a la mode have made me just come to expect with apple, and the custard enriches the mouthfeel. Just a lovely, dense, fully flavorful vape. If this is what autumn is supposed to taste like, no wonder it's my favorite season. Can't wait to see what this is like in the MTL, because it's apple heaven up in my dripper. Totally a tobacco for people who think that they don't like tobaccos, and enough tobacco in there to please a tobacco head, yet present a lovely vape. Nice one!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 12 months ago
Gotta admit, this flavor is weird for me in all the right ways. The pomegranate, papaya, and tangerine are all discernible in their own right, but they blend beautifully into this absolutely tropical storm on the tastebuds. I was describing this to a buddy i slid some to, and the customer standing next to us was going, "That sounds like an amazing smoothie!" So, I let out a small cloud (I was on break), and he was all "I see the appeal now!" This is indeed a mix that makes me go "I'm vaping a friggin scented candle without the wax", and it is a very high compliment. What makes this weird for me is that up until now, I've never really liked papaya. It's one of those fruits that makes me go, "Yup, it's tropical. Where's the rum to get rid of this aftertaste please?" Not this time. the fact that it can be noted on its own, as well as in the overall melange...sheer brilliance. Lastly, I'm going to second what @hfatih said. While this is good in a rda/tank, it friggin shines mtl. Dropped some into my almost empty Icare2, which for all intents and purposes is a closed system, and what comes out (other than a touch of tobacco, cos I didn't change coils) is a brilliant tropical taste that shrieks "tropical fruit with a bit of sour and sweet". Anything else I've dropped in there so far that isn't a tobacco or strawberry cream has been meh. And yes, even here, the brain decodes all three flavors, which you shouldn't be able to do in such a device. In short, BANGER. I see this as a total ADV, especially in the summer, or middle of winter when you're longing for summer to come back. For fruit fans, sour fans, people who like tropical drinks, and people who have scented candles in the bathroom for those times when even Calgon can't take you away.
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 12 months ago
Having never had a soursop before in my life, and being utterly baffled by what tasted to me like a tropically vanilla milkshake with the barest hint of banana (thank god), that someone went and made with sightly sour coconut milk, I did what i always encourage people to do, and googled it. According to wikipedia: The flavour of the fruit has been described as a combination of lettuce and tomatoes, with sour citrus flavour notes contrasting with an underlying creamy texture reminiscent of coconut or banana. Okay, seriously, if lettuce and tomato taste like that to you, QUIT SHOPPING AT THAT MARKET. Anywho, this is a damned tasty vape. That creamy goodness of milkshake, the hint of sour/tart that brings to mind either slightly off but still good coconut milk or mebbe pineapple and the barest hint of banana in there just really jells together. This is totally ADV worthy, and a milkshake I'd fight Daniel Day Lewis if he tried to drink it. This one's for fans of tropical drinks, milkshakes, banana haters (YO!), banana lovers (just the right amount in there to set it off), or those who want to try something that looks outside your wheelhouse but is tasty as hell.
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
I'll be the first to admit, not the biggest custard fan in the world. Nor of almond, really. But I am an ADDICT when it comes to butterscotch, and since a very highly rated review...as soon as I saw I had the ingredients, had to throw it together. And I'm very glad I did. This is a rich, decadent custard. Smooth, filling mouthfeel to the point where I had to double check a few time to make sure I was just vaping. The nuttiness surrounding the sweet eggy vanilla...sinful. And the rich as hell butterscotch (with the rum notes of the ripple adding a dark sweetness)...it's like someone took the butter rum life saver and figured out how to turn that into a custard, then top it with finely chopped almond. The fact it's this damned good with three ingredients? Holy freakin Hannah, this stuff is GREAT. This vape is for: butterscotch lovers, custard junkies, desert lovers, people who like creamy or rich desserts, and, most importantly, people who are burnt out on or don't like custard. This flavor changed my mind on the issue of custards. Guess it's what I get for all my previous experience with custards being store bought, neh? ADV, no doubts or discussions.
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
Been vaping on this on and off for a while. As a shake and vape, it's a vibrant watermelon and apple. After about a month, It's become a sweet, juicy mix of watermelon and apple. I can't really taste the cantaloupe, but that's just as well, really. Not truly a fan of that flavor by itself, so that it melds into the rest just speaks well as to how good this recipe is. As it also tastes pretty bang on to the Hi-Chew candy, so points for accuracy. As this is a profile I hit up pretty much because it was on the Bull City Community packs, and I plan on vaping all of those, I wasn't surprised as to how good it is. I am surprised as to how much I like it. Very much ADV worthy. This bad boy is for those who like watermelon and apple, simple profiles that are just cracking (and crack-like), fruit fans, and candy fans.
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
This is one hell of an interesting flavor. The watermelon is sweet and juicy, the dragonfruit...yeah, don't really know how to describe it, dragonfruit is it's own weird tasty little beast. What throws me is the tag on this recipe for milkshake. There's not a drop of cream in this recipe, but damn me if it don't taste like a watermelon dragonfruit milkshake, or at least a smoothie. Whatever the hell it is, it's tasty. That's all I really need to know. This one is for fans of watermelon, dragonfruit, fruit smoothies, and interesting, rich combinations that are much more than they would appear to be at a glance.
User: kitu5 Score: 4 Entered: 11 months ago
This one is interesting. While I like the nebulous tropical/floral taste that is the lychee, and I flat love WS-23 for its ability to cool out and enhance any fruit it comes across, There is something...just off about this recipe for me. I honestly think it's the lack of anything to enhance the lychee outside of the cream. I realize it's here to enhance the mouthfeel, which it does ably, but it doesn't really enhance the experience beyond that, and it slightly mutes the taste a little for me. Granted, my experience with lychee is limited to juice, but this just tastes...flatter than the juice I had. Perhaps with some other floral flavor to enhance it slightly along with the cream, like a rose or a dash of honeysuckle to play up the rose vibe some people get, or a light grape? Possibly a hint of pear or watermelon? Really play up one or the other scents people get when they eat the fruit. That would make this just shine and work well with the cream. While I can't call this an ADV as it stands, I WILL note that I wreck a 2ml tank in a few hours, partially because I love the cooling sensation, and partially trying to wrap my brain around it. This in and of itself makes it a damned good juice in my book. This juice is for fans of tropical flavors, lychees, iced out fruits, florals, and those who want a cool vape while having something to meditate on.
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
I like to try and be eloquent when I review these things, but in this case, that would be a disservice. This is a straight up banger of a Dreamsicle. The orange is lush and vibrant, it just pops. It's surrounded by a beautiful vanilla ice cream-like that melds the two perfectly into that frozen treat we all know and love. The fact that it's a combination of vanilla swirl and vienna cream gives this that not quite vanilla ice cream that a real dreamsicle has. Honestly, the only suggestion I could even consider here is possibly adding a cooling agent, and that's down to personal preference. If you're looking for a creamsicle, you've found it. This one's for ice cream lovers, orange heads, and people who need a change from the usual strawberries and cream, but still want your fruit and cream.
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
It's funny. I've never really liked butter pecan ice cream, yet I like everything that goes into it. This, however, is a absolutely sinfully decadent vape. Rich, buttery, pecans that straddle the line between nutty goodness and candy-like praline...and then, there's the cream. A luscious extra creamy vanilla that in no circumstance could be called plain. This is top to bottom an absolute banger of a flavor. If the ice cream actually tasted like this, my beloved Chubby Hubby would be in danger of being replaced. This bad boy is for dessert fans, ice cream idolaters, nut lovers, people who like it buttered, and anyone looking to vape their calories. Seriously, just hit it! Cracking job, JJ.
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
Talking as a person who normally won't touch a banana in real life, this one was always going to be iffy with me. But, i figured, with Mardi Gras coming up, hey, what the hell, right? So, there's just the right amount of banana flavor in here. Not enough to gas me out, but not so weak that it's overpowered by the rest of the flavoring. For a banana moon pie, it's the right amount of banana. Doesn't hurt that the marshmallow helps mute it a touch. Speaking of that marshmallow, it's there, noticeable like the fluff is in one of those treats, and damned tasty. The sugar cookie provides the crust and tasty goodness that brings this kinda treat together. Taken in as a whole, it takes me back to the few of these I had as a kid and greatly enjoyed. Always been more of a moon pie guy tho. This one's for banana lovers, sweets lovers, fans of what're largely considered southern treats (least 'round my parts), and folks who want something that's fruity and dessert, but not overpoweringly either. A very well crafted simple recipe that just blew my expectations away. Very well done, man!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
How in the hell am I the first person to review this?!? So, this bad boy is an absolutely decadent strong dark coffee absolutely swimming in sweet hazelnut creamer with just the teeniest hint of cinnamon. The horchata adds the cinnamon and creaminess, the creamy hazelnut helps with this, and the vanilla bean ice cream adds an extra bit of sweetness with heavy cream. The hazelnut coffee gives the flavor I'd expect out of my coffee pot, and the up adds in the strong as hell dark damned near espresso-like coffee that makes this the good stuff. None of that underwhelming sucky after taste like you get at the joint with the mermaid on the cup. Damned good with my morning cuppa, or just at those times of day when I want coffee, but the caffeine would keep me up too long. This is a vape for those who love their coffee strong as hell, but still want some extra flavor, cos screw drinking it black. Easily an ADV, even with as decadently rich and bold it is. Holy freakin' Hannah, this is the good stuff!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
Been taking my time with this one. Not because it's difficult to describe my feelings, but because I really wanted to drag every nuance out of this liquid, especially since for some weird reason, I need to take an extra week of steeping with anything with cap VCv1. Just can taste the chemicals as it steeps or something. None of my friends have this issue... Anyway, after 2 weeks of steeping, this is a VERY rich chocolate pudding with hints of cookie popping up, and a very creamy burst of vanilla on the middle and exhale. It's sheer rich decadence on every hit. I mean, I can feel myself getting heavier when I vape it. That good of a dessert. This bad boy is for dessert fans, pudding fans, chocoholics, and anyone looking for something to kill that late night sweets urge stone dead. VAPE THOSE CALORIES! Seriously tasty stuff.
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
This has to be one of the best examples of weird science in mixing I've ever had the pleasure to run across. The guava is blatant, and that's a good thing. Considering this is coming from someone who until very recently loathed guava, this is saying something. There's a creamy sweetness from that icing and the vanilla swirl that give it a wonderful richness that in no way detracts from the taste. The grapefruit confuses me though. Unless the Pink Guava is an amalgamation of pink grapefruit and guava, then there's seriously some wicked mojo occurring in the bottle. The cactus makes it a touch juicier and tastier. I have to agree with the crowd here. This is a fantastic mix, and one that simply must be tried. It's for guava fans, grapefruit fans, people who like a little sweet with their sour, smoothie junkies, or just looking for something tropical and different. This l'il bad boy is a banger. Nice one Concrete!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
This is interesting. I get only a very light taste on the inhale, almost nothing there, just a hint of pear. Just the lightest sting of citrus. The exhale, however is chock full of flavor. Juicy and sweet, there's definitive tangerine and lemon, a hint of that musky sweetness that says dragonfruit to me, and the slightest hint of pear, wrapped in honeysuckle. Paired it with an IPA at my favorite watering hole. Yup, still hate IPA, but the same flavors cut through and made it barely tolerable. So, bagged a hard cider and *what* a difference. The pear bonded with the apple, the citrus bloomed, and the honeysuckle sweetened everything. Total seal of approval. This one's for fans of florals, honeysuckle, interesting light vapes, or people looking to pair something up with beer or cider. Banger, man. Really dig it on its own, but yeah, it DOES do what it says on the tin, and go good with beer. Nice one!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
So, been looking forward to this since I saw it, but forced myself to wait until it was almost St Patty's. Ain't gonna lie, first hit and I was dying, so I checked the settings, and saw you recommended 400 degrees. Dialing back town to that, I quit coughing and burning, and was able to taste. On the inhale, I get the peculiar combination of coconut and cinnamon. It's a delightful combination of sweet and fruity with at spicy earthy sweetness of cinnamon, and a hint of icing towards the end. The exhale is almost pure cream cheese, and this bad boy is rich, to the point I swear to god I have cream cheese on my tongue even after there's nothing left in my lungs. It's an intriguing mixture between sweet and spicy and dairy. Really not sure how to classify this, other than "YUM". This one is for fans of dessert, sweet and spicy treats, dairy fans, or looking for something that goes down a treat with coffee. Can't rightly categorize this one (I'm torn between calling it a dessert or breakfast due to all the dairy), but it's very, very good. Right tasty treat here! Nicely done.
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
In the spirit this recipe is intended, I put it into my Icare2. No nic salts though, sorry. This is a very vibrant and juicy lemon, with the tiniest hint of sweet and creamy thickness on the inhale. The exhale is the barest hints of that lemon, but a wealth of mints, coolness, and yet, a thick and creamy taste on the exhale. Very different from the normal juices I come across for this kind of device, but a very welcome difference. This is for lemon lovers, people who love their mint, and those who like it so cool, it's friggin brisk! I like my lemon, but not the usual sting, which this lacks. The mints are very refreshing. Color this one an ADV. Nicely done!
User: kitu5 Score: 4 Entered: 9 months ago
Wanted to mix something up for Easter, and found this. I mean, yeah, strawberry cream...really says Easter. But hell with it, It's calle Cottontail Cream, close enough, so a-mixin we shall go. This one's interesting. Ran through a tank in my Ammit, which is my flavor chasing tank. It took almost 3/4 of the tank to taste the strawberries. And there's a *LOT* of strawberry in this, so that's saying something. So, now I'm running it in my Ares, which is a MTL tank with damned good flavor and can be switched to a fairly restricted DTL. Both ways, the inhale is a rich cream with a goodly amount of vanilla, and a touch of nuttiness. The strawberry shows up in that moment where the inhale flips just before the exhale, and it's vibrant enough for that moment. The exhale is a gooey creamy puff of sweetness. Hard to really put my finger on what it is, but it's interesting enough I killed a tankfull trying to figure it out. The issue I have with this is there's just way too much going on. This is tasty without a doubt. The more I vape it, the more I like it. While it's fun separating the layers out, the initial and final thought is that this is muddled. Tasty as hell, but muddled. I think the marshmallow mutes things considerably, and it could probably do without the sweet or fresh cream. Just way too much going on there. The caramel and torrone add enough mouthfeel and sweetness, and the Bavarian cream and vanilla custard add the creaminess and other tones to make the cream nice and "fluffy" if that makes sense. Some consolidation would go a long way, and make the strawberries stand out more. While I like the kiss of strawberry in this, I'd like to taste it a little more, given there's so much of it in there. As the recipe stands now, I'm forced to lowball it at a 4. I can see where it's going, and with a little tweaking, this can be a standout strawberry and cream with a little extra to make the most standardized profile in vaping zing, and be unique. This one's for people who like strawberries and cream, but want something more, people who like puzzling out layers of flavor, or those who like a sweet nutty cream that's been kissed with a fruit as it goes by. Pretty damned good. I'll get back to you once I've tried it with the alterations I've suggested.
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
Yanno, I pulled this one together as an April Fool's gag for my friends. I'm surprised at how damned tasty this is! Working from the assumption that this is what the idiot spawn eating these think it tastes like, this is spot on. There's this inhale of orange blueberry jam, but juicier. The liquid amber, marshmallow, and super sweet make for a creamy, juicy exhale that's very sweet, kinda like if they made a creamy gushers candy. There's the tiniest sting of extra citrus that tells me the lime's in there, but the flavor is mostly absorbed into the blueberry orange. The whole thing has that weird waxy but still kinda yummy taste that can only be jelly candy. It totally works on every level. Only real gripe is that I get that weird feeling on my tongue I get after too many Swedish Fish. It totally works, but is the one thing keeping this from being a true ADV. Seriously, I'm having no problem hitting the hell outta this, but that one detail keeps this from that prized territory. This one's for fans of Swedish Fish but not the normal flavor, candy fiends, blueberry junkies, and anyone going "What the hell were those idiots thinking?!?", without, yanno, actually eating a Tide Pod. For something that I'm sure started as a mental exercise and a joke, you really found something special. Nicely done, man!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
This one grabbed me by it's name, and then the ingredients intrigued me. It's a right tasty little number. The apple shines, bright and crisp, the honeysuckle is fragrant and sweet, but not overwhelming. The hint of lemon is a lovely spark of bright citrus sitting in the middle of the inhale, making things a little more vibrant. Ant then, there's the dragonfruit; the kinda sorta like a pear or is it a kiwi with the flavor therein missing that translates into a juicy mushiness on my tongue. It adds a goodly amount of juicy mouthfeel, and with this mixture of flavors, adds an odd chinging taste of pear then tropical with every other inhale. It's utterly fascinating, tasty as all hell, and has kept me wrecking tank after tank contemplating it. The only thing i cannot figure out for the life of me is the drop (essentially) of koolada. Does it do something to the mixture I simply can't detect? Is it an olive branch to the crowd that insists cold things must be cold? The garnishing sprig of mint leaves that you don't actually drink, but you know it's been in there? Color me utterly curious, but I can't figure it. Neat touch, though. This one's for juice lovers, apple fiends, people who can't get enough of dragonfruit, but want something different, smoothie fanatics, and those looking for something that just plain tastes good, but keeps your brain working at it. Absolute cracking juice. Love it!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
Full disclosure: I don't really like watermelon. Then again, I don't really like any melon. Mostly it's the texture. In watermelon's case, I like the flavor, but hate most things with watermelon flavor, because they're too candy-like. Anywho, this one had a lot of strikes going against it going in, but hell with it. Got curious enough to try it, as there's been many a fruit I've previously hated I love to vape, so why not? So, right off the rip and for most of the first day, this stuff tasted just like biting into a watermelon right down to the rind. Even left this light aftertaste of the fruit even after my lungs were clear, which was awesome. By the end of the day, I could parse some of the layers, and it makes for a more even interesting effect. The watermelon is most blatant, as it should be, and that a good thing. I can tell the combination of the apple and dragonfruit making a juicy pulpy combination from a previous eliquid I've mixed, but this works towards authenticity, which is key. The wild melon punches up the melon aspect, but also give the whole thing that earthy green rind that seals the deal. And the super sweet, well, I can't taste it, but it makes perfect sense. One, it's Wayne. Two, have you ever had a sour watermelon, save for the candies? Thought not. This one is for watermelon junkies, those who want summertime anytime, fans of fruits, or anyone looking for a very light in feel but heavy on flavor vape. Seriously, slid this to a pair of friends who don't vape for mostly that reason, but are vaguely interested, and they both dug it. Coming from someone who doesn't like the fruit: Wayne, you knocked this one straight outta the park. Taking into account this was from a live mix, this one was just flat out inspired. Absolutely killer!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
Been interested in this ever since I got into diy and thought "well, that might get me into tobaccos again." Fast forward about six months and 5 tobacco recipes later, and it was time to pull the trigger. First thing that hits the tongue is the bourbon and the whiskey. Lovely combination that immediately brought back a lot of drunken rampages at the local karaoke bar. Good times. The woodiness from the Oak Barrel adds brilliantly to the Soho to give it that little bit extra to turn it into a more proper tobacco, while also adding to the smokier side of the vape. The Oba Oba chimes in and adds a sweet creaminess to the whole affair, making this a nice, smooth overall vape, with a very sharp boozy sting right up front. But I didn't come here to talk about that. This recipe is a good showcase for having a mtl device on hand to see what can happen to a recipe when you put something great in the dripper into a mtl device. And since I'm running an Innokin Ares, gee, I can do just that. Sliding from the unintentional restricted direct to lung mode it has by using the wide open bit down to the cyclops holes, instant old school MTL experience without the feeling of collapsing your throat by sucking a McDonalds shake through a paper straw. And boy howdy, does this change up nicely! Your sour sensors get slapped hard and good by the whiskey, then smoothed over with the bourbon into the tongue equivalent of that nifty warm sensation you get from drinking a good whiskey or bourbon down in your stomach. The wood note kind of seperates off and becomes more noticeable, adding into the good whiskey sensation, and then your tongue just gets painted with caramel, vanilla, and sweet candied creaminess. It goes from being a very manly drink and smoke vape to a delicious boozy dessert, and I dig the hell out of it. And the throat hit...it's like that sucker punch you get from slamming a shot mixed with the sting from a cig. It's nice. This one...depending on your device, it's for fans of booze, people who miss drinking and smoking (YO!), want something kinda meditational (as it lives up to the name, evoking nights by a bonfire, smoking and drinking and thinking), or conversely, something sweet, yet boozy depending on either age of the juice (as noted by @ID10-T) or running it in a MTL. Holy freakin Hannah, you are seriously on to something with this!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
...wow...full on blueberry taste up the front. It's not a fresh off the bush blueberry, more like the ones that come out of the tin in the blueberry muffin mix, and I dig the hell outta that. The exhale has a touch of the blueberry still in it, but it's got a rock solid dairy note, somewhere between cream and milk. The meringue is what I think is giving me the canned blueberry vibe, because my brain wants to interpret that as "muffin". Mixed with the sweet cream and cream fresh, it's mostly absorbed into the mix and makes for "sweet as hell milk". It's what it says on the tin (if you read the description, cos I have no friggin clue what bantha milk would look or taste like), and of the blueberries and creams I've tried so far, it's my favorite. It's got that just right amount of blueberry, cream, and sweetness. This one's for fruit and cream lovers, blueberry fans, and people who like it sweet, but not too sweet. Considering I damn near drained the first tank in a day, only barely noticed it, and am going back for more, yeah, call it ADV worthy. Nice one!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
This one is something else. At the recommended three days, it's a rich dark chocolate with nutty undertones, creamy and thick, and lots of dark, strong tobacco, with a nice spike of spice to keep you grounded. By day 14, it's a bitter dark chocolate with heavy sweet cream, a touch of nuttiness, and spicy as hell tobacco. Any way you slice it, it completely lives up to the name and description. My sole regret is only making 10 ml to start, but as it's this rich...yeah, better have a second flavor to hand, just to mix things up a bit for your palette. Good for chocoholics, fans of dark tobaccos, or someone looking for an intriguing dessert tobacco where the profile changes slightly for the time, only enhancing the things it pointed out up front by having them all grow stronger. Nice one. Think this is the first ADV I've been into that's this rich. Usually I'd need to only have something like this sparingly, but it's that just right amount of too much. Borderline decadence, but keeps you coming back.
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 6 months ago
Holy shit. You ever played cereal suicide? Yanno, mixing a bunch of cereals in bowl? Yeah, that's totally what I'm getting here. It's the bottom of a bowl of frosted flakes and lucky charms. Little bit of wheat, shitton of sugar, and sweet sweet milk. The mix of bavarian cream and OoO totally makes a rich sweet milk, and there's more than a hint of the lucky charms in there. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally noticing the frosted flakes, but it's that hint of lucky charms marshmallow dust that keeps pimp slapping my attention towards it. Best damned cereal milk I've ever had. And I'm hearing this from at least 4 friends I've handed it over to. Seriously, Steam, you straight killed the hell outta this!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 6 months ago
Damn, son. This is the most adult pear I've ever had. First one I've enjoyed too. The fruit is absolutely vibrant, which is odd to me for pears. I usually get a bland if overly sweet squishy apple texture on my tongue with the fruit and the scent. Not here! If pears tasted like this, I'd eat the damned things. So, that's a plus. As the inhale starts the switch around, the bourbon washes over my tongue, giving that delightful sting and making me fall in love all over again. Then the exhale comes all over with the brown sugar and toasted notes that make this one hell of a decadent baked fruity dessert. Sweet shit, glad I'm vaping this and not eating it. I'd be gaining weight. This bad boy is for fruit lovers, people who like booze with their fruits, people who like booze with their sweets, and fans of just sheer sweet decadence. Utter friggin banger, easily an ADV. Nice one, Cokecan!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
This fantastic little number really nails the blueberry/peach combination. The blueberry is lush, sweet, and a little tart. When you hit that moment it's going to become a little sour, the peach kicks in and surrounds everything with its juicy sweetness. It's like someone found a way to perfectly combine those two fruits. Seriously, this would be my argument in favor of genetically modifying food, and may win over some converts to that camp. This is for fruit fans, people who like a good mixture of tart and sweet, and those who wonder what their smoothies would be like if you could get one in edible form. This is different in all the right ways. Very nicely done!
User: kitu5 Score: 4 Entered: 5 months ago
This is definitely something different. It's undeniably strawberry, but strawberry and what is the question? Best I can describe it after a week steep as recommended is if someone took those strawberry candies that you get at grandma's (calling that the CAP strawberry taffy), dump em into a milkshake (the CAP VBIC), and then somehow turned it into a hybrid of custard and cheesecake (the rest of it). It's chock full of strawberry, dairy, and that pastry/bakery taste that says custard, but the slight sour note that screams cheesecake. While it is tasty and grows on you, it does leave a slightly muddled taste on my tongue. It...shifts, for lack of a better term between the four main tastes, leaving candy fake strawberry in sour custard with crust as what I take away overall. It's a shift from the normal strawberry and ____ profiles, and in a good way, but it does take getting used to. This one's for people who really like the sour bite to their strawberry cheesecake, or want something that's familiar but different. Nice one!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
Okay, this is definitely a stroopwafel. Very light, waffle flavor which matches the usual thin waffle flavored wafer/pastry that encases the goodness. At one week, you can taste some of the butter pecan, and it intermingles very well with the vibrant as hell vanilla/maple/cinnamon that's coming through. It's addictive as hell. I've run through half my bottle in 3 days, and it's been a true treat. Now, I'm gonna stash this and try to ride out until i hit 3 weeks. For people who love stroopwafel, breakfast fiends, and people who really dig their sweets with a side order of bakery. Seriously, as it stands, this is one utterly decadent treat, and i do believe it's only going to get better. To be continued. BANGER!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
Okay, this stuff is wild. Heavy blueberry, but a tart one. The raspberry nestles in well alongside this, and that "tropical" guava/pink grapefruit that is the pink guava is there and helping things along. The hops...yeah, that just makes everything gel. This is one of the best things i've ever tasted that has not existed until this moment. Seeing as this was my exact thoughts upon having Fiestas and Fiascos, I'd say you nailed the goal. Blueberry fans, fruit lovers, and people who dig what whole "what the hell is this deliciousness that should have been a thing" vibe? Mix this. Awesome stuff!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
This stuff is friggin ambrosia. Absolutely spot on creamy milk and warm sugar cookie. So many childhood feels in this, and so friggin cracklike. When I need good juice i can hit right the hell now, I know where i'm going. ADV. It's Milk And Cookies. Do I really need to say who this one is for? Just put some sunshine in your soul and vape this.
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
Holy frickin hannah! It's exactly what it says on the tin. So much nostalgia. You are single handedly responsible for making me spend a whole night vaping this and watching Boomerang just to get my old school Saturday morning cartoon fix to go with the taste of the cereal that accompanied it. BANGER!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
Made this in honor of September 1st...didn't last that long. It's a perfect sweet yet tart lemon drop that definitely brought to mind all things Harry Potter. The lemon and citrus notes in fizzy sherbet really mixed well together making a vibrant candy lemon. The rest of the fizzy sherbet (candy notes) and the sour ball just made the whole deal that juuuust right amount of tart to really sell the lemon candy. Didn't notice the marshmallow per se, but since it's there for mouthfeel, yeah, okay. THAT I got. And yeah, it's just the right amount of sweetness to offset that tartness and keep me wrecking it. I'ma be making more of this and hitting it harder than a pack of third years hit Hogsmeade on their first weekend. Holy hell. Wrecked 15 ml in 3 days, and for me, that's a lot. An absolute treat, and one to revisit often. Nicely done!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
So, made this in honor of September 1, and have been vaping it to the recommended 5th day and beyond. The whole ride has been sweet, buttery, creamy, with the vanilla adding in that perfect touch of flavor. Rich, smooth, brilliant at 420F in tc, this is the stuff I always imagined awaited me at Madam Rosemerta's Three Broomsticks. No more waiting for a Hogsmeade weekend. Tell Forge and Gred to stay the hell in the tower, cos you don't need to smuggle it in anymore. You straight out saved me a trip to Universal. Mischief Managed, dude. Beauty! P.S. Added in 5 drops of WS-23 to the last 10 ml cos i like it cool, and holy hell. Icy, chilly, but brightened the vanilla and butterscotch significantly. Would recommend maybe 1-2 drops for most fans of cool beverages, but worth trying!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
So, hit this up at two weeks, and it was damned good. by the time 3 weeks rolled around, it was better. It's been a month. This stuff *is* Unicorn Milk. Not a question in my mind. You straight knocked this outta the park. Thank you for nailing it.
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
So, was looking for tasty stuff I could make from things I already had, and I wanted something with dragonfruit, since I got a mess of the stuff. The name grabbed me. The picture SOLD me. Never underestimate a good logo/graphic. But I'm off track here. The honeysuckle and dragonfruit meld together beautifully, with the pear bumping up the sweet and juicy nicely. A nice juicy floral sweetness that just grasps all of your attention and says "Hi there!" On the exhale, there's a noticeable, but still faint pinning of raspberry. I'm impressed that with as strong of a flavor INW Raspberry is that it's so soft here. It's the just right touch that had me wreck my freshly filled tank before the end of my shift. When a flavor is so damned good, you almost scorch the cotton on temperature control because it's so tasty, you have a winner. This one's for floral fans, tropical fiends, people who want raspberry but are afraid of it, and fans of tasty fruity sweetness. Just mix you some, damnit. Seriously, even my one friend who always gets headaches from raspberry has been just killing this stuff. In an old school pen. Utterly an ADV, and going into my rotation as soon as i empty one of my 30ml bottles. You straight killed this. Great job!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
Wow. This stuff is damned tasty. The sweet rice is excellent, the perfect amount of rice in rice pudding. The creme brulee, sweet cream, vanilla swirl make it the right amount of sweet, with the flv cream and inw custard making the pudding that perfect consistency. Gotta say tho, the CDS is an inspired touch. It adds a extra bit of mouthfeel, and some extra flavor that makes this go from rice pudding to a damned good rice pudding. That dash of cinnamon...just brilliant. And the coconut...perfect pitch. High enough to be completely there, BUT not high enough to be suntan lotion. This is a beautiful dessert. As my buddy said when he hit it, "Damnit, now i gotta go get some pudding." ...he did, too. Nailed it! Nice job.
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
Okay, how have I not reviewed this yet? I've mixed it before, loved it. Hell, it's one of the recipes i used when i was making sense of why diy was cost effective. Seriously, how did i miss this? *ahem* So, this lovely little number calls itself a cliche, as it is a strawberry and cream at its heart. Reality is much further from the truth. Yeah, there's a lot of strawberry and cream flavor. The raspberry sweet shows up to add sweet, and add a berry that compliments ripe quite well. The genius is the forrest fruit tho. The mix of boysenberry, blueberry, blackberry, and others I can't identify really makes this a much more brilliant flavor than just another strawberry and cream. And speaking of the cream: the combination of the vanilla bean ice cream and fresh cream makes for a luch flavorful bed for the berries to lay in. The fact that in your [reddit article](https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/4coc8v/clich%C3%A9_a_rotating_strawberry_cream_from_my/) about this, you also have alternatives for the forest fruit makes this one versatile juice. Seriously, this one is a must try for anyone who likes fruits, creams, combinations therein, and people who are tired of just another strawberry and cream. I can promise that THIS is anything but. Dude, I thank you for listening to your inner vape bro for this one.
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 2 months ago
Oktoberfest...need a beer vape...sooo... This is hilarious. I'm not a beer guy. I hate IPAs. Too heavy. This tho, this makes me understand the appeal. It's a nice heavy beer flavor, good amount of hops, dark, delicious. The pink guava and the blood orange add just the right touch of citrus to make this absolutely delicious. I had to track down the beer that inspired it/goes with it, and whelp...still hate IPAs. It was good for an IPA, but...yeah. Anywho. Seriously tho, if i could bottle this stuff and add booze to it, I might finally be able to get the appeal. My only regret is I did not make a bigger bottle. Thank god it's practically a shake and vape. Damn, this is good adult flavored stuff. Do yourself a favor and try it. Easily what it says on the tin. This one's ADV worthy.
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 2 months ago
This is one very interesting tea, depending on what wattage/temperature you vape it at. At lower temperatures, it's a delightfully spicy tea with nutmeg and cinnamon, with the barest hints of creamer and green tea. At around 380F/40 watts, it's a very mellow chai tea with the barest hints of cinnamon with a splash of green tea and a goodly portion of vanilla creamer. Anything higher is a more watered down tea, so didn't enjoy that. That said, this is one hell of a tasty tea for those of us who like chai. Nicely done!
User: kitu5 Score: 4 Entered: 2 months ago
Huh. How the hell am I the first to review this? Anywho. While this is most assuredly what it says on the tin, I find the flavor to be a little off. You can totally taste the lemon, and it is most assuredly a sugar cookie. However, it's just a little...off. Like the cookie is stale, and the lemon somewhat artificial. Gonna try it with a dash of sweetener, like one drop per 10ml... Okay, holy hell. That brightened things up considerably. The lemon is now vibrantly tart, and there's that little extra kick in the sugar cookie that says freshly made rather than store bought. Definitely a good, easy recipe, and thankfully, an easy fix to get it where i wanted it to be. As it's the same thing I noticed the first time I tried it, and realizing I can't give it what I want to give it, which is 4 and a half stars, I apologize for merely giving it 4 on what may well just be my taste buds talking. Sorry bout that. Still, nice one!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
Ain't gonna lie. I love this. This is a very delicate and delicious recipe. The green tea and white chocolate meld together very well, making a very light, sweet confection. The vanilla whipped cream adds a goodly amount of mouthfeel to get at that creme, and the sugar cookie adds the hint of wafer and the right amount of sweet. This is a very good recipe, nice, light, tasty and delicate. This brings me to my sole issue with it: I can't take the nice deep hits I normally like to. It scorches if I hit it longer than two seconds no matter the temperature. This needs low wattage/temperature and short pulls to be enjoyed at it's best. I tried it in both my DTL and MTL tanks. Same results, even at 40 watts. But once you've adjusted to that, holy hell. Very excellent recipe. Nicely done.
User: kitu5 Score: None Entered: about 2 months ago
gotta say, for a quick down and dirty recipe, this is some dead tasty stuff. Yeah, it's borderline suntan lotion territory, but in the right ways. Very creamy, sweet, and well, the juicy peach swallows down that suntan lotion note whenever it comes too close. Quick, easy and delightful. Nicely done!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
So, obsessed with Fallout as I am, had to try this on October 23rd. Made a big ol batch, and love it. It's absolutely cola, but the mix of fruits is great. You can taste the orange, strawberry and orange individually, but they blend together. All my friends agreed with my thought: yup, this has to be what it tastes like. This is what my brain envisioned. For those not Fallout inclined: think making a cola heavy suicide with orange fanta, strawberry fanta, and a splash of peach something. Severely excellent. I've been ADVing this for almost a week. Worth crawling out of your vault and brawling with a jet addicted deathclaw for. Absolute banger!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
Just wow. Delicious creme brulee with the barest hint of vanilla, mixed with an absolutely decadent sweet strawberry on a graham cracker crust, with a slight drizzle of caramel on the top. Rich as hell, tasty as all get out, and fully shake and vapable. Brilliant!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
hrm...time to start getting into the holiday spirit, so why not start here? This is a spot the hell on pumpkin pie. I mean right level of spices, graham cracker crust, dead accurate pumpkin flavor, and even that sweet caramelization unique to this sort of pie. Hell, when i hit it too much, I even get that bit of "dude, too much, yer about to get sick" taste. NO, that is not any sort of butric scent. It's just a thing my own body does. This is how I know it's accurate. Seriously, well done man. This is just the thing to set off my holiday vibe. Totally worth the $18 it took to ship HS Pumpkin Pie in from england cos everyone else was out.
User: kitu5 Score: 4 Entered: about 1 month ago
This one is hard for me to describe. It's tart, and most assuredly a cranberry sauce in the middle of the vape. It's figuring out the inhale and exhale notes, and what they do to the vape that's confusing me. If the temperature/wattage is too high, it's pepper spray time, cos hooboy, the cinnamon. When it isn't though...it's like...inhaling a cinnamon danish with cranberry sauce filling that was sitting in a pan with a brown sugar glaze. Very sweet, and very delicious, with lots of tart and spice intermingling. I can't call it a straight cranberry sauce, as I can totally detect the bakery notes. Maybe with either the CDS lowered, or just a straight cinnamon? Possibly a drop of pumpkin pie spice (either flv or cap) would be a better spice note, and help this live up to its name better. That said, this is still thoroughly delicious and enjoyable as hell. Goes great with pumpkin pie (regular or vape), but sadly I can't give this a five for accuracy due to that prevalent bakery note. 4.5/5 An extremely well done seasonal taste that wouldn't go amiss at breakfast time.
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
Seriously loving this. It's got that just right note of coconut that's smothered in raspberry flavor drenching a twinkie. In other words, it's just what it says on the tin, a raspberry zinger. Very nicely done if you're into those, and I am.
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 29 days ago
This stuff is amazeballs. I love lychee flavors, and was intrigued by the notion of going for the floral note instead of masking it, The honeysuckle is an inspired touch. It leaves this a very light flavor in terms of texture, but it is a fully packed one. This is what tropical air should taste like if you're inland, and not surrounded by the beach. Fragrant, tasty, but not as heavy as something that leans on the fruit side of the equation. It's fruity blossom scented air, and I dig the hell out of it. This is one i'm going to be coming back to a lot this winter.
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 26 days ago
Holy hell. This is tasty as all get out and tastes as close as anything will get to a prickly pear. Light, juicy, natural bubblegum...yeah, glad this one's a SNV cos I've straight killed my 15ml in 2 days and am hankering for more. This is flat awesome!
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 26 days ago
Been living with this one since I shaked it up. It is definitely shake and vapeable, but it really comes into its own at about 4-5 days, when the vanilla custard blooms. It adds that note that takes this from "Hey, this is a damn good sweet potato pie" to "Put down the pie, and pick up the vape. It's better." I compared and contrasted with one of those Patti LaBelle sweet potato pies everyone was losing their minds about a few years back. You whooped it, hands down. Great seasonal vape, and with a dash of tobacco (got curious), becomes an earthy, woody yet very sweet treat. Long story short? Get you some, man. You won't regret it.
User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: 24 days ago
This is the best damn pina colada I've ever had. The perfect amounts of coconut and pineapple. Cream for slushiness and texture. Can only just barely taste the rum as an aftertaste (like a good mixed drink), and the friggin mango is an inspired touch. Kicks up the tropical vibe and add that extra something that just keeps me coming back for more. This is the vape that's gonna get me through black friday.
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