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Fuji apple, strawberry plus a little stone fruit twist.
Sweet, crisp, fresh and juicy.

Fuji + Shisha Apple + So Sour
This combo gives crisp, red apple with a green apple sour hint. Definitely on a candy side.

Shisha Strawberry + Red Touch
Sweet, syrupy strawberry. Not much more to say about this combo.

Apricots + Peach White
One of my favorite stone fruits combo. Apricot gives some ripe accents to the peach, mellows edges and brings a little bit of softness to the texture.
This combo tastes a little bit like a nectarine.

Meringue + Sweetener
MOAR SWEETNESS! The half percent of a meringue is here for sweet, sugary mouthfeel. That's what makes it taste commercial-like, which I like.
Omit sweetener and lower Meringue to 0,25% if you hate shelf, oversweetened juices.

Simple mango mix. Done using basic flavorings available all across Europe.
WS-23 in my recipe is the new Coolada from Inawera.

Commercial-like juice in terms of sweetness and cooling sensation.
Reminds me Kilos Mango or Cush Man from Nasty Juice a little bit.
Just like I wanted for summer heat.



Colorful, tropical fruity mix. Golden Pine plays first violin. Mango gives a little bit of "flesh". Kiwi is here for tartness. Sweet tangerine gives most of the sweetness to the mix and also brings citrusy note to make sure that it's TROPICAL.

Add 0,5% of INW Cactus to moisten it and/or a touch of koolada to make it cool.

Have a nice day!

Pretty simple recipe.
Apricot + INW Peach + Peach Juicy + Peach white is... ...peach base!
Jelly Candy and Gummi Bear are giving that gelatine aftertaste.
Raspberry makes it more interesting. Sweet Sour is here to mimick sour sprinkles.
Sweetener is optional, but EM is mandatory.

Peanut Butter and Banana Waffle.
Heavy on peanuts and bakery side, but Bavarian and Whipped Cream rounds out texture.
Banana plays in the background.

Heavy and buttery custard with caramel backed by banana and tobacco notes in the background.
Simple but complex – exactly like adulthood turned out to be.

Juicy, fleshy, sweet strawberries sprinkled with a bit of sugar.
My intention was to nail very simple profile, but make it as realistic as possible.

This is a pear-cactus that is less disturbing than Grack but it is as delightful. Little bit sweeter.

After @Philosaphucker:
I really can't say more about what it is 'supposed to taste like.' It is an experience unto itself - just sweeter than grack.

Just another cereal. This time fruity flakes in a form of creamy bar.

*Brown Sugar Extra was used in this recipe.

Have a nice day!

Cover photo by https://www.flickr.com/photos/lexnger/


It's a remix of Drippy HubbaHubba – creamy, soft, soluble gum with a watermelon, strawberry, kiwi and banana - similar to hubba bubba.
Watermelon is playing on front with a strawberry and kiwi just a tad behind it. Banana is a background flavor here but brings a little bit of creaminess with vanilla swirl and meringue, which is here also for sweeteness. FAs Marshmallow is a blender in this case and helps watermelon candy become a actual gum. Enjoy!

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Subbed Waffle from TPA with 1% INW Waffle (yc). Great stuff!
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