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This is just the updated version of my original Holy Pistachio using some recommendations from ID10-t . Wanted to post a separate version so people can mix both versions easier.
Original version: https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/132184#holy_pistachio_by_justjasontm


Spring is here so why not make another light, fruity mix with a hint of bright lime. Made for a pod. Tasty mango and peach with just a hint of bright lime and a touch of cool(1.5% ws-23 would usually be more than "a touch" but in a pod system, it's just right.

This is pretty straight forward and could've just been the 2 capella flavors + the lime. The reason for the Flv Mango & Inw Peach are to add a little more authenticity to each fruit.

Nice, creamy Peach Yogurt.

Vape Train Peach Yogurt is the star of the show here. On it's own it's already a pretty solid peach yogurt but I just boosted it a bit.
I usually add some Bavarian Cream & Whipped Cream to my yogurts to make them extra creamy .
I added a bit of Greek Yogurt , because the VT peach yogurt on it's on is very much like a yoplait and I wanted just a bit more yogurt tang.
INW Peach at a half % just to brighten up that peach with some realistic, natural tasting peach. Simulating the little chunks of peach in a yogurt.
All in all this came out somewhere in between a yoplait, and a full thick Greek Yogurt.


I've made an alternate version of this using ID10-T 's suggestions from his review. Removed the WF pistachio, upped TFA to 3.5% and upped Holy Grail to 7%. Give it a try. It definitely upped the sweetness a bit with more caramel coming through from the Holy Grail. I wont be changing this original recipe though as I worked pretty hard on it and I still think it's great as is. Both versions are worth vaping to me 👍🏻

This came about from 2 things: My love of Charlie Noble's Pistachio RY4 , and my newfound love for Fear's Cardinal
Charlie Noble Pistschio RY4 was my first ADV. I loved it. When I started mixing I was stoked to find DiYorDie had a somewhat close clone of it. His one shot was my first foray into mixing. So this profile holds a special place for me.
Fast forward a couple years and I haven't messed with tobacco's much for some time now. Then do to popular reviews I finally pick up holy holy RY4 and some Flavorah Tobaccos , and try Cardinal. Blown away. Freaking delicious.
So now comes this, not quite a straight up Pistachio Cardinal, and not quite PRY4 with holy holy ry4 subbed. More of an inspired by both greats situation.

I started with just TPA Pistachio but then I found WF Pistachio Cream pairs really nicely with TPA while giving it a bit more of a sweet, slightly creamy vibe so I added that.
I've been wanting a way to use Vanilla Bourbon but it just doesnt fit in most applications but here it pairs nicely with the tobacco and nutty notes
As far as the tobacco, I love the way that Red Burley pairs with and adds more to the tobacco notes of the holy grail ry4
Lastly , I added hazelnut. It helps a tiny bit with the nuttiness but mostly it just adds a nice subtle sweetness to the mix.

Something I whipped up for Valentine's Day because why not?
I diverted slightly from the typical chocolate covered strawberry and went with Sweet, glazed strawberries in a thick chocolate mousse. This is version 1 and I may still tweak it in the future but its damn tasty now and the 30ml I made will be gone soon. Hope you enjoy!
Can be a shake n vape but it really comes together after about 5 days.
(I added 1 drop Cap Super Sweet per 10ml)

User: justjasontm Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Today was the 7th day of steeping so I went and got a fresh blueberry glazed cake donut this morning to refresh myself on what they taste like. Loaded this up shortly after and man is it accurate! Tasty, tasty stuff! Joy can be a pretty polarizing flavor, and I find the touch of it here does exactly what you intended in bringing a bit of a yeast note and adding to the authenticity that zep has on its own. Even the glaze on top is accurate. All in all, my mind doesn't have to strain to figure out what I'm tasting here. Very straight forward, tasty blueberry donut!
User: justjasontm Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This is delicious stuff. I dont have vanillin unfortunately so I used .25% Madagascar. I'm sure it's not 100% accurate but its damn good. Amazing creamy, thick custard but not too heavy if that makes sense. Good stuff!
User: justjasontm Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This is just delightful. When it comes to the blueberry and cream it's exactly what I expected. Perfectly creamy with a nice, juicy slightly candied blueberry. It has been hot lately so the cooling is a nice touch. At first I thought there was no way cooling would go well with a cream recipe but it does! I think ws23 is the perfect fit here as menthol would be gross lol. My only thing negative to say is it's just a tad too much cooling. (For Me) . I will probably half it next time around but I'm not usually very big on cooling so I use it sparingly. All in all this is delicious and I've nearly blown through the 60ml I mixed up!
User: justjasontm Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
Finally got the Soho and graham cracker to mix this up. It's awesome! Granted I've only let it steep 5 days so far so I'm sure it will get richer but so far it's stellar. Even though I was there when you created it and I suggested the butterscotch cream pie so maybe I'm biased lol. Either way great mix fresh. Doing Brother Rye proud
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