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Playing around with some of my LB concentrates

Pretty straight forward

Got some new fruit concentrates I wanted to try out. Been vaping a lot of desserts lately so I'm changing it up!

Tried a juice before that was supposed to be like a samoa girl scout cookie and it missed the mark completely so I'm giving a shot at it myself.

FA Cookie: This is the base of the cookie, fa cookie reminds me of a thin crunchy cookie.

FA caramel/coco: sweet caramel and a somewhat artificial coconut for the toppings. I'm avoiding any chocolate aspect for the moment because I think it would overpower the whole mix and power over the caramel and coconut, which are the main flavors I like to taste in a samoa.

TPA Graham cracker clear: Help out the fa cookie. Bring some sweetness and a little vanilla/spice

TFA bavarian cream: Sweeten up the mix. Thicken up the mouthfeel. Bring some fullness to the dryness of the cookie.

Trying to clone treat factory lemon glaze. 2nd attempt

While my first attempt was tasty, it was off.

CAP juicy lemon: 90% sure this is the right lemon

TFA Meringue : This is what makes up the "glaze" I think this concentrate most closely resembles that glaze flavor I get in the original.

TFA Marshmallow: Helps that glaze flavor. Sugary sweetness

FA Custard: I don't know if there's any kind of custard element to this juice. But this helps add body and helps bring out that slight vanilla flavor to the glaze

CAP Super sweet: I've got this at 2% which is really high, but the commercial juice is SWEET. Omit if you don't like sweetener.

V3 notes:

Added some FA meringue and cap sugar cookie. Theres a bakery element I think but its light and sweet. I think cap sug cookie could work. Going to give this for a spin and see if I'm closer

If the idea of lemon sugar goo sounds appealing to you give this a try.

Off the shake this attempt seems closer to the original. Gonna let it steep and test along the way.

Playing around with some Liquid Barn concentrates. Wanted a candy flavor for my aspire breeze

Trying to make something similar to Air factory's lemon glaze

User: julezz Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
This is so good. LB wcp is great and this recipe perfectly highlights it while giving it some body and thick creamy ice cream goodness
User: julezz Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
I love this for my pod systems. I use free base nic between 6-12mg in an aspire breeze with the .6 ohm coils and this is wonderful for that setup! Simple, vanilla, and COLD.
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