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An authentic Banana Twinkie, using no sweeteners!

The Cream Filling (TPA Banana Cream 3%, TPA Bavarian Cream 3%): The key here is how well these two are blending, while staying separate from the cake. TPA Banana Cream isn't too authentic, which makes it right for what we're emulating.

The Cake Base (JF Yellow Cake 2.5%, CAP Vanilla Cupcake 4%): Even though the cake we're emulating looks really yellow, any more YC than this gives us the wrong flavor. Still needing more cakey-ness, CAP Vanilla Cupcake is a perfect match in flavor.

CAP Butter Cream 1.5%: This flavoring is really special in the mouth-feel department. It makes the cake seem oily, without making things too heavy. It's also very sweet, which this recipe needs.

FA Soho 0.5%: Soho makes a great replacement for acetyl pyrazine (which it seems to be rich in). Helps to give a cooked effect, or a crust, to bakeries.

2 week steep suggested. The flavor and texture changes considerably after the first week. Developed at 70/30.

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A smokey Applewood on the inhale, followed by a thick Butterscotch on the exhale, with a dry Turkish blend throughout.

FW Butterscotch Natural 5%: Provides a broad sweetness and contributes to the mouth-feel. Most of the butterscotch flavor is on the exhale. Heavy presence in the aroma. NOTE: This mix uses the "Natural" variant or FW's Butterscotch, which is not as sharp and can be used at a higher percentage without imparting an off-taste.

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl: 0.5% is just enough to bring a spicy complexity.

FA Desert Ship Blend 1.5%: FA's best Turkish blend. Sits nicely in the background and brings a smokiness to the woody profile.

FA Fuji 3%: In many recipe's, 3% will give you a forward apple. Not here; this mix is dark. After a steep, it's just enough to infuse an apple flavor.

FA Oak Wood: At 1% we get a strong woody flavor. Not a lot of complexity, but other flavors blend into it nicely for some depth.

TFA Strawberry Ripe: 1% is just enough to bring some fruity sweetness. 1.5% also works, but at 2% and higher, I swear it begins to mute everything in mix. Could just be me though.

Steep Notes: As a shake and vape, the Fuji is a little "on top" of the mix, instead of within the woody profile. Also, the butterscotch needs a 2-3 days to blend into the overall background.

I suggest a 1 week steep. After that, things will just continue to smooth out. Since tobacco's tend to continually develop over time, the Fuji might mute a little after a month or two. Try adding 1 drop per 10ml to liven it up, if you so desire. Also, color may slightly darken over time.

Other Notes: Developed at 85vg/15pg (max VG), 3mg nic on a Goon with 28GX2/40G 316L Fused Claptons, 0.3 ohms @ 70 watts.

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