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Creamy pineapple cheesecake with dulce de leche and brown sugar topping

Attempt at a doughnut fried treat with dulce de leche topping

Gooey yummy creamy custard pudding with brown sugar and dulce de leche topping

Going for a strong, but smooth and creamy coffee (Espresso).

Imagine a s'mores sandwiched in between 2 rice krispie treats.

My attempt at a fudge brownie coconut flavored malted milk treat.

Attempt at a traditional southern bread pudding with bourbon and banana added. First attempt using newer Real Flavors brand flavors.

Fruity sweet concoction to enjoy while out at the beach admiring the whales or sitting around the pool watching the kids.

Going for a sweet and creamy ice cream base with pistachio top note. Added vanilla whipped cream and sweet cream to the vanilla bean ice cream base for fullness and extra creaminess. With just a touch of EM to enhance the inherent sweetness in the creams and nuts along with the sugar lips of sweetener.


Going for a creamy salted caramel with a sweet butter base on nuts profile. Added a tad bit of brown sugar extra to help the caramel.

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