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I wanted to try a different approach with this recipe. I tried all the cornbread recipes I could find, and most of them are really good, but they all just remind me of a standard cream or custard vape with different corn highlights. What I really wanted was something more focused on the cornbread experience. It had to be moist and rich on the inside, slightly crumbly, with a lightly crispy crust and just a touch of sweetness to balance everything out. I borrowed elements from Jennifer Jarvis and fresh03's cornbread recipes for the framework, added Taro for more body, boosted the butter and AP to enhance the main profile, then tweaked everything until the smell and taste were just right.

Overall, I am extremely happy with this recipe. It has that craveable factor that makes you want to hit it over and over again. I found myself going through 20ml and 30ml bottles like they were samples.

I hope you enjoy my Buttered Cornbread recipe. Feel free to post any feedback you have, and if any tweaks make it better for you, please let me know.

NOTE This recipe HAS to steep for at least a week. Otherwise, the only thing you taste is Buttered Zeppola. Everything really comes together after 2-3 weeks when the Zeppola tones down and the corn starts shining through.

Faerie Maize is my attempt to recreate the sensation I got from my favorite eliquid, Faerie Wings, by RNR Vapors. They went out of business last year and the juice is no longer available.

The original Faerie Wings was a "Rich Taro & Coconut Medley Blended With Creamy Milk Tea". It's hard to put your finger on the exact reason why this juice was so good. It was rich and starchy, like a solid bakery custard, with a floating whisper of coconut in the background, like a delicate faerie wing.

I tried a plethora of different juices, searching for that combination of rich and delicate, but nothing even came close. The taros were all too tangy, the custards were all too sweet, and the bakeries were all focused on other elements in the recipe.

The first time I tried the retail version of Terkish Maize, I hated it. It was so sweet that everything else about the profile was drowned out. Still, I knew there had to be a good juice in there, so I started experimenting.

I mixed it 50/50 with an unflavored base, and the flavor profile started to emerge. It had that rich custard feel to it, and I thought it would be a good base for the other elements. I used Inawera Biscuit to strengthen the bakery effect imparted by the corn, then I added TPA Taro and Coconut Candy to weave in the rest.

I vaped this creation until the 120ml bottle was gone. It was simply fantastic. I was about to make another batch when I saw these recipes by TooTall and ActionRalph, so I decided to try my hand at an all DIY version first.

This is my first attempt at a first attempt. I'm actually really happy with it. I would love to get some feedback on this if anyone has any suggestions to make it better.



*Note: This is the first time I've shared an adapted recipe on All The Flavors. I tried to do all the licenses, links, and credits correctly, but if I did anything wrong or left anything out, please let me know so I can fix it. Thanks!

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Definitely lives up to the hype! This is such an amazing juice. Even the dry hits taste better than most of the other vapes I've had. Shyndo is a true credit to the DIY community.
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