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2nd try at this recipe. I accidentally deleted the first one trying this again. I wanted to make a liquid that reminds me of a drink I had in Singapore. The profile I'm going for is a cold lychee coconut shake with a hint of strawberry

Honeysuckle is there to support Sweet Lychee on the back end. May try a mix of other lychee concentrates.

Had a tough time deciding with the coconut mix. Originally had FA Coco mixed with TPA Coconut Candy but Coco dies down on the steep. Sweet Cream's cheesy note helps prop up the coconut flavor and creaminess.

Pomelo is there for overall brightness. Per usual Koolada is optional

User: imaburritooo Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
This vape just says nostalgia. Brings me back to Sundays reading a newspaper, drinking a dessert coffee, and having a smoke. I'm not really a tobacco guy so I probably can't vape this all day. However I sure do make sure I have a tank ready to go for certain times of the day where I just want to sit back and indulge in me-time. Took Fear's advice and doubled the tobacco and mixed up a big batch for a 2 month long steep. This was my intro into DIY mixing. Thanks for that. 1/16/19 Edit - I blew through my month long steep batch of 240mls and now tapping into my 2 month long steep batch. I can't put this down. I got a dedicated squonker just for this recipe and started falling into a tobacco rabbit hole.
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