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I am officially delving into fruits. I literally vape creams/desserts 99.5% of the time, meanwhile fruits are the largest and most neglected part of my flavor collection.

Wanted to make something with my INW peach and she's the star here. I browsed through my flavor bible and saw that bourbon/whiskey is a good pairing for peach. Needed a couple other fruits for body/contrast so I thought a small amount of papaya would add depth and play well with the whiskey. Lastly, the pineapple is here for its sweetness/tartness and it pushes all the fruits down into the body of the recipe. This allows the whiskey to shine in the top notes/exhale.

Feel free to bring whiskey up to 2% if you want it boozier.

Certified shake and vape but I give it a day or two to homogenize a bit.

This is a recipe to highlight how delicious Holy Vanilla is. A couple of ingredients are thrown in to support it without getting in the way.

FA Coconut: can't really taste it here and thats my intention. This stuff adds a nice and light mouthfeel. The slight coconut taste just accents vanilla very well and blends into everything else you're tasting.

CAP Vanilla Custard: here to thicken it up a bit and not detract from everything else, just a bit of diacetyl for ya.

TPA Vanilla Swirl: a nice counterpart for Holy Vanilla with a different vanilla flavor. adds slight sweetness and milkiness (not that we're in dire need of any of these qualities but it does add something else to the vanilla), needs 4-7 days to shine.

There you have it, if you own Holy Vanilla I'm hoping you've got everything else to mix this up. I do not by any means find Holy Vanilla boring by itself, but this just adds to it and takes it to another level. This mix is sweet and creamy with a nice light coconut and floral nuance.

I like this as a S&V but give it a week, its really worth the wait. This is for whenever I need to binge on vanilla.


Swapped LA watermelon for FA and threw in the Jackfruit for that tropical mystery vibe. Strap it, then jack it.

Feel free to use FA watermelon like the OG


Sort of an apple fritter add cinnamon if you like.

FA Zeppola/FA Apple Pie: Makes up our zeppole. Apple pie has nice bakery notes with a bit of apple shining through and the zeppola takes it to the next level with more powdered sugar, cakeyness and a bit of greasy feel.

Fuji is just boosting our apple note to the front.

JF Yellow Cake and TPA Bavarian cream here to round everything out. Yellow cake gives just a bit more body without taking away from anything and bavarian cream complements the apple with its darker sweetness. These two kind of unify the zeppola and apple pie into a fritter. (sub CAP yellow cake 1%, FW at .5%). could see sugar cookie working for this purpose but I didn't want it to mute anything or take it too far into cookie land.

A touch of caramel for good measure.

Honestly works as S&V but let it chill out for a couple days

Contest? I'll give it a whirl.

I don't have much from the JF line but what I do own, I love. So far i've tried their strawberry sweet, biscuit, yellow cake and lemon juicy; all excellent.

Here is a recipe to highlight how yummy strawberry sweet can be, and how nicely it can play with everybody else.

The Strawberry
Going for a macerated strawberry effect. JF Strawberry sweet is already 90% there, the addition of FW hazelnut and FA meringue just bring it to another level. This strawberry takes a couple of days to really shine. Meringue brings a ton of powdered sugar. Hazelnut boosts the strawberry and also plays very well with our buttery stuff.

The Butter
TPA butter is the obvious choice. I threw in CAP sugar cookie because it is buttery, and sweet and adds to the butter effect in this mix. FW hazelnut is also playing a role in the butter taste. In this recipe, hazelnut is doing triple overtime playing a role in the strawberry, butter and cream.

The Cream
I did not want this to be a super creamy or milky thing, this is buttercream. The butter is also the cream but we've got one other guy to give this recipe a full bodied creaminess.
FA vienna cream in combination with FW hazelnut, CAP sugar cookie and FA meringue make this recipe smooth and thick like butter(cream).

There it is, pretty simple and I tried to use some of the most common basket ingredients so everyone could mix this up, enjoy!

I've only just shake and vaped this one but it is very similar to another recipe i've been working on. Give it 3-4 days, strawberry sweet needs to steep.

OPTIONAL ADD ON: TPA Vanilla Swirl 1%, let it steep a week for that tablespoon of vanilla extract effect.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Awesome Box February 2017

This is my take on a popular profile: A candy kiwi watermelon flavor.

I posted this once but I took it off because I had yet to try it after a decent steep, the recipe holds up well and I decided to rerelease it.

FA Kiwi/LA Watermelon

Perfect combo for a candy kiwi watermelon. A 4% the kiwi can shine amongst the rest of the mix. I wanted to use as much watermelon as possible before it became the only thing you could taste, so here at 6.5% its right (6% may be right but i was adjusting from trying it at 5% and 8% and settled on 6.5). The watermelon provides a candy effect and is the backbone of this recipe. Lower % and the watermelon falls too far behind the kiwi, too high and the watermelon is all you taste.

These two flavors alone are fantastic, very tart and sweet all at once. With just a little help they become even more delicious.

FA Red Touch (Strawberry) is here to lend a little bit of its fruity sweetness to the kiwi and helps balance the overall kiwi profile. At .75% it won't show up as strawberry too much, but rather as friendly kiwi notes.

INW Cactus adds some juicy which is what we want from candy, the cactus is also an inherently sweet aroma. Any higher than .25% will change the profile too much. 1/4% of cactus is just enough juicy and doesn't need much time to steep.

FA Marshmallow I threw this in for sweetness and more body, .5% and it won't mute our fruit but just add a nice mouthfeel.

Lastly, I truly think erythritol is an effective sweetener in many fruit mixes that I have tried. It really brings out an inherent sweetness. Here, with all the sweets used, it gives a 'sugar lips' effect. I have noticed this effect on some other mixes I am working on. I have a cantaloupe mix I am working on, and the mix without erythritol is noticeably less sweet but the flavor on both is more or less the same. I would not say it is necessary here but I highly recommend it. I mix this specific juice for a couple of people and I am happy to share it here with you.

Erythritol works better than EM here because it sweetens without changing everything else that is going on in the mix. If you don't have erythritol, try it with no sweetener. If i were going to use EM rather than erythritol, I would start at .25% or maybe TPA sweetener at .5%

Definitely tasty as a shake and vape, but after about a day the cactus settles down and blends into the rest of the aromas.


*Derived from Sugar Cookies and Cream by @chrisdvr1. *

In your face vanilla cookies laden with butter and biscuity goodness. Props to chrisdvr for the sugar cookie base. I find his sugar cookies and cream to be irresistible but I am a vanilla junkie thus spawned this recipe.

TPA Butter/JF BIscuit/CAP sugar cookie

more or less taken from the original recipe, I use JF biscuit because I can't stand INW's version. (if you like INW and have it, use it instead)

FW Hazelnut
I brought this guy over from the original recipe because its a magical ingredient that lends creaminess to the vanilla's and adds a subtle nuttiness.

INW Shisha Vanilla/DIYFS Holy Vanilla

My two favorite vanilla flavors. Shisha is more earthy, sweet, slightly creamy. Holy vanilla is more floral, still sweet, very creamy and a deeper vanilla. The combo here provides a mouthful of vanilla that endlessly caresses your palette and makes you ask politely for more. These two work so well in all types of applications but here they flex their bakery muscles. (there's no subbing either of these flavors, seriously)

CAP yellow cake

Here to bridge everything together, you don't get cakey-ness here but it smooths everything else out and compliments vanilla very well, pulls it all together. (sub JF yellow cake same %, maybe FW yellow cake at .5%)

shake and vape is great but give it 3 days for the vanilla and butter to settle in. hope y'all enjoy, will be posting many recipes with Holy Vanilla. If you enjoy vanilla please do yourself the favor and order Holy Vanilla, its too damn good.

inspired by this recipe https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/20287#sour_skittles_taste_the_rainbow_by_aaronv123

I did not have all the flavors to mix up the original but I thought that a regular skittles would be just as satisfying. I know most people do not have Purilum Ocean Myst but I do believe it is worth picking up. It is still called NR Ocean Myst on ATF. This is the only place to get it https://www.nicotineriver.com/collections/purilum-flavor-concentrates/products/purilum-ocean-myst As a standalone at 8-10% it is a great grape juice flavor, here at 4% it is just noticeable enough to be our grape skittle, and it provides extra tartness to the mix.

Instead of adding CAP lemon sicily and FA lime Tahity I used CAP Lemon Lime because it does both jobs and adds more candy flavor to the mix.

FA Black Cherry boosts the JF sweet strawberry while sweetening the whole mix.

FW Blood Orange (natural) is what I used, I think the regular one can be subbed at the same percent. This guy is obviously the orange skittle.

I wanted to keep this recipe as simple as possible so JF strawberry sweet is the only strawberry that I included, it is the best candy strawberry flavor IMO and if I could only pick one strawberry here it would be this one.

The combo of marshmallow and vanilla swirl provide the right amount of creamy aftertaste you get from a skittle. FA marshmallow is my favorite but you can sub TPA, imo the new CAP marshmallow is a bit more 'authentic' than TPA or FA so if you use that one I'd go lighter with it because to me it stands out as more marshmallowy.

This is tasty as fuck as a shake and vape. Give it 2-3 days or not!

Heres my flavor review for Ocean Myst


This is version 1, all input appreciated!

User: hashslingingslashur Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Subbed out EM and Sweetener for NN Monk Fruit (pg) at 1.5% Wow great chocolate vape. Really loving this and tastes fantastic with the monk fruit. Giving this 5 stars because its simple to make but very satisfying as a shake and vape.
User: hashslingingslashur Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
This is fantastic. I mix it with TPA vanilla cupcake at 1.25%. Side note: I had made this with FA Caramel instead of Milk and Honey. It was very good, but the milk and honey version is somehow even better. Great recipe and thanks for sharing!
User: hashslingingslashur Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
Nice stuff. Great use of jackfruit. This is even yummy without the vanilla custard.
User: hashslingingslashur Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
Subbed TPA VBIC but this is excellent. Thanks for sharing. 10 days steep it was delicious
User: hashslingingslashur Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
This won for a reason, not only is it unique but it's downright delicious. Excellent work dude! Please note I subbed CAP vanilla whipped cream for FLV cream same % still dope
User: hashslingingslashur Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Sadly, I had to make two subs: Subbed FA Vanilla for Shisha Vanilla at 0.25% and subbed FW graham for CAP graham cracker v2 at the same %. That being said this is fucking amazing. Even after an overnight steep this is an adv for me. So good, keeping this in my rotation. Probly go through a 50ml of this every two weeks or so. I tend to vape the same flavor til the bottle is finished, this one takes me about two or three days max to finish off. Really awesome and thanks for sharing!
User: hashslingingslashur Score: None Entered: almost 3 years ago
I agree with @lolwtf this shit tastes awful. It might taste good in an old nautilus or some shitty MTL device from 3 years ago. on a modern RTA/RDA this tastes disgusting
User: hashslingingslashur Score: None Entered: almost 3 years ago
Why are you sharing this recipe when it's already on this website and it isn't that good?
User: hashslingingslashur Score: None Entered: almost 3 years ago
LIlhop625 needs to hop off his high horse. This is a website for adults. If you don't like an image or name then keep scrolling. Leaving a 1 star review doesn't help anyone except your his tiny ego. This recipe looks fine and I'm sure its a nice vape. Keep it up buddy!
User: hashslingingslashur Score: None Entered: almost 3 years ago
5 stars for inspiration. no actual stars because I'm missing two ingredients not counting super sweet
User: hashslingingslashur Score: None Entered: almost 3 years ago
Dripped straight into tank. 14 drops BC, 17 drops CGC, 14 drops Strawberry, 20 drops ripe, etc. Can't put it down, can't pick it up either ! lmao
User: hashslingingslashur Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
exactly as described. smoky, dirty and delicious. lightly dry but in the best way, 60% Vg is perfect and really lets to tobaccos play without making it sweet. I love what DNB brings to the table, it really gives is an ashy quality. This is great with red wine or a nice neat bourbon. Yummmm
User: hashslingingslashur Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
so this review isn't 100% on because I don't have INW gold. That said, this is a fantastic mix; easily my favorite tobacco blend. I have limited experience with tobacco flavors and this was a wonderful intro. DNB and Native Tobacco are a match made in heaven. Oak wood is so damn good. This is such a simple mix but its full in flavor and body. Woody, ashy, mellow, leafy; all describe this in some way. Tastes like a very fine pouch tobacco; Somewhere between a Nat Sherman and American Spirit rolling tobacco. Easy ADV and another one that I love with some wine or bourbon; basically the only alcohol I really go for. Feels really close to having alcohol and a ciggy >=)
User: hashslingingslashur Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
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