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Big shoutout and thanks to @AlfredPudding (aka Malfred Puddage) for the majority of the inspiration for this mix and @Eyemakepizza for helping hammer out the percentages.

This is a slightly sour/tart and sweetly delicious jolly rancher/gummy type watermelon vape.

CAP 27 Bears at a higher percentage to really hammer the fact that this is a Candy first and foremost
The WF Sour Watermelon Candy is one of my new favorite watermelon flavors and brings most of that melony jolly rancher taste here.
The JF Honeydew and FLV Wild Melon are tossed in to back up some of the melon notes and help you not forget that this is a straight up, punch you in the face watermelon flavor.
WF Sour Gummy Candy to give it a bit more of that tart/sour candy vibe.
The perfect watermelon vape has been my white whale for quite some time, but this is pretty close to what I’ve been searching for all this time.
I also added 0.25% CAP Super Sweet to give a bit of that “sugar lip” but it’s totally optional as this is plenty sweet on its own.

This is my first posted recipe on ATF and is still a work in progress, but let me know what you think so far. Thanks!

User: gunsforhands Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
I don't know what more to say about this than that it is amazing. The melons blend perfectly with the lemonade base and it almost reminds me of a melon-lemonade in a can with the "fizz" I get from the Lemonade Clear. Once again @humanpuck has knocked it out of the park for me!
User: gunsforhands Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
I guess I'm kinda biased on this one because it was sort of named after me, but this amalgamation of fruit and candy flavors combines to make something wonderfully tasty and all-day-vape-able. The pineapple and green jolly rancher flavor combo is not one I'd normally think of, but it really works well.
User: gunsforhands Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
This is by far my favorite lemonade base. I use it with a boysenberry/raspberry combo and every time I have it, it gets better and better. It's very tart and tangy at first, and then after a few days it morphs into a more sweet, almost canned or powdered lemonade...which is by no means a bad thing. This has become a staple for me in my mixes.
User: gunsforhands Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
So I kept begging this mixer to make a melon vape for me to try and when I tasted this I knew he'd knocked it out of the park. It's great right off the shake, but after a day or two steep the magic really starts to happen. This is a lovely melon-y candy type vape that I can puff on all day. Sometimes I even get a slight green banana note from it, which really adds to the experience I think. If you're in the mood for a simple watermelon candy vape, give this one a shot! You won't regret it!
User: gunsforhands Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
I never thought apple and citrus would work as well as this, but it's a definite flavor monster. The soda base that is used here is perfect and seems to work well with whatever is thrown at it. The apple notes are crisp and fresh and combine with the soda base to create something different but nonetheless tasty. The vanilla swirl definitely tones down the harshness of the fuji apple and is hardly noticed in the mix, if at all. Another amazing soda mix!
User: gunsforhands Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
I'm fairly new to tobacco mixes and this was a nice and easy intro to them. Even though you can't really taste much of the Virginia tobacco in here, it combines effortlessly with the Apple filling to make this one of my new favorites ADVs. It perfectly defines Fall for me with the warm notes it provides, but I've been vaping it in the heat of summer because it's THAT good!
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