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A super smooth woodsy type tobacco with a sweet shot of Honey.

Western (TFA) - An old school tobacco flavour that just seems to have a timeless tobacco nuance. This makes up the primary note of this recipe at 3.5%

Red Oak (TFA) and Graham Cracker (CAP) - Used here to bend the main tobacco note with a touch of spice and coconut

Honey (FA) - This just brings in the delicious note to this recipe.

As always, the feedback from those that mix this up would be greatly appreciated.

(Image courtesy of a Google Search)

IMPORTANT - RY4 is from Molinberry and not (MPV)

Not sure if this is for the tobacco-heads or the sweet-tooth vaper but it's a very sweet tobacco. The idea behind the profile was to put Coconut and Native Tobacco up against each other since I find Native to be delicious, but strong. The result was unexpectedly pleasing.

A very sweet cinnamon thump with a dark tobacco back note.

Update: I have found this to work best as an MTL recipe. I have switched to Molinberry RY4 (Please note that this is marked as MPV flavour house) and included Vanilla Classic (FA) and Butter Cream (CAP).

User: gsm500 Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I'm going to mix this up for sure. I really appreciate the advice you gave in place of flavour notes, I agree with it 100%. I have found myself breaking up flavours when I taste a drink or food that I want turn into a vapable liquid. To get to a Cola flavour built from scratch is outstanding stuff, congrats on the mix Alfredpudding. I can't beleive that this mix will taste like Cola, especially with the Blood Orange, whats that doing there? Can't wait!!! Maybe with some adjustments, the ever eluding, accurate Dr Pepper recipe might be possible? I'll definetly give it a go and share if successful.
User: gsm500 Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Been vaping this for months, absolutely love this recipe. Amazing Cigarello flavour. Well done!
User: gsm500 Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
Absolutely delicious, this is a Milk Tart Recipe with scary accuracy. Outstanding job from thefogvlog team. Well done on your win, and even more so on this recipe. Will be mixing it up by the litre.
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