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During a manic mixing session just over a month ago I was playing around with both TFA's Berry Mix and FA's Forest Fruit and came up with this. It is a pleasant fruit mix for when you're in the mood for something full flavored and a little sweet. I mixed a bottle with TFA's version and one with FA's version. I then put them away to give the FLV Cream a chance to open up. I promptly forgot all about them until today. They both turned out to be very good. I prefer Berry Mix over Forest Fruit, but each to his/her own.

I would imagine that this recipe would be hard to mess up, so feel free to try out different flavors.

This recipe has been a long time first juice for people I introduce to Vaping. It retains it's flavor in the high nicotine (8mg - 16mg) juices that new vapers typically require. That said, it is also a good tasting juice in it own right.
Shake and vape, but holds up well over a couple of months.

Total flavoring 17.50%. Steep 2 weeks. It begins to come together after 4 days. After that magic happens and is complete at two weeks, and holds it flavor for at least 10 weeks. That is as long as a bottle has lasted so far, before being emptied.

Why just chocolate as a name for a recipe that is obviously intended to be a Nutella attempt? Well, it just didn't get close enough to claim the name. What is does do though is present to you a chocolate vape that does not blind your taste buds after three hits or thirty hits. For some reason the other ingredients help hold the flavor intact for each hit. I suspect that the FLV Milk Chocolate is largely responsible for that.

TFA Double Chocolate (Clear) is a very tasty chocolate for the first few hits, then your tongue gives up. I first noticed this in early 2015 in a Butterfinger recipe I found in a ECF thread. The same thing happened with other chocolates I tried. I gave up, rightly figuring that I just don't know enough about mixing. Then, a year ago while reading this forum I found a lot of excited discussion about a couple of Flavorah chocolates; Milk Chocolate and Chocolate Deutsch. I picked up a bottle of each and that changed everything. I chose Milk Chocolate over Chocolate Deutsch simply because I don't like Chocolate Deutsch. It tastes harsh and peppery to me, which is probably just me.

Flavorah Cream. At the same time I purchased the FLV chocolates I purchased FLV Cream. I have always been a proponent for FA Fresh Cream, and I still am for it's immediate cream flavor that requires little to no steep time. I began switching out Fresh Cream for FLV Cream in some recipes just to see what would happen, and have found that it, after a week or so, delivers a full bodied cream with a richness that FA Fresh Cream lacks.

FW Hazelnut. This again is a personal choice between FW and TFA Hazelnut. I tried both and found that the TFA variety is harsh and peppery. I see a pattern here and am sure it is my problem and not TFA's

TFA Vanillin. I read the label on Nutella and right there under ingredients it says "Vanillin, an artificial flavor." Good enough for me.

TFA White Chocolate. I felt the recipe needed a bit of smoothing out, and this is what I used. It seems to have worked.

TFA Cotton Candy and CAP Supersweet. Both Chocolate and Nutella are very sweet and I used these two to achieve that.

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