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strong bakery I vape this everyday for last 3 months. 1% Fuji is good reduce ry4 to 3% and cds to 1%-2% and add almond .5%. I vape that half time. or I put fa ry4 in there gives it a cool lemon taste which is different to say the least but works good. Before this recipe sometimes I felt I wasn't satisfied vaping. I didn't want to smoke. Been 2 years since I smoked anything . haha thanx to sad panda, krisi, and wanye. This is a stolen from three diff mixes. there is so many ways to go with this. I've made 50 diff mixes testing. no meringue, and don't go any higher or lower on vcap or sugar cookie. the almond does something weird with these flavors it bonds to the cds instead of sugar cookie like normal. Just mixed op adding almond to make sure its sable and good.

User: forgotten99 Score: None Entered: almost 4 years ago
Last night I decided to taste these flavors for mikes cuz I started leaving out the papaya and still harsh. Papaya was very good and sweet. Cantaloupe was a sweet green taste like rine. Mango tasted awful. So bad batch or just a shit flavor. I heard sumone say jungle flavors or cap Mango. I'm going to get both and throw out 4 oz of tfa I just got. o I single flavor tested papaya 1%up to 10% all good and sweet no harsh. I'm going to try this mix wo mango. Thanx
User: forgotten99 Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Good Shit
User: forgotten99 Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Had to use key lime tfa. Still good stuff. I like the flavors to taste like you can choose what you want to taste. Like a separation or separate layers. This mix really touches on that. I hope yall can understand that. Cuz that's all I want. When PPL starting talking about layers I thought someone knows what I'm talking about. It Sounded good. Like fairy dust that makes your dic bigger. Anyway awesome recipe. Cap lemon lime is on the way. Thanx
User: forgotten99 Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Could be better but I took that shit anyway. Sold a gallon this morning and its headed for a undisclosed location. The FDA assures me its fine and James Comey said don't use FW white chocolate til after the election. Think I'll go with FDA on this one.
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