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One of my first loves in vaping was Kilos Dewberry Cream . Since 2015/16 I have recreated the liquid over and over this will be my final time . The Combination of Honeydew with Blueberries and Strawberries is amazing. Vanilla Swirl helps bring all the fruits together and the FV ( thick) rounds out the cream part . Honeydew/ Strawberry /Blueberry together create Dewberry...I do have another Dewberry recipe I enjoy as well but that recipe uses a couple flavors that a lot of people dont use. I remade this to share so others can mix ...Hope you enjoy

A simple Cinnamon Crunch ...Of course Cinnamon Crunch is the star of this mix , its a flavor I can vape by itself . I added the Graham just to give the Crunch a little help . Vanilla Custard and Cream together make a nice cream base that isnt over whelming and let's the Cinnamon Crunch hang out throughout the vape...Simple, nothing ground breaking but worth a try ...

Tested with with a Elder Dragon Rda


My version of an LMP ...Three Distinct layers what more can you ask for?? This isnt a new recipe but I felt its worth sharing here..My goal with this recipe was to not use any LMP , LMT concentrates for the base ...


I have made quite a few versions of this profile and I am finally satisfied.

Tested with Citadel rda , Adgard Mini rda , Blotto Rta and Intake dual RTA

I did use these flavors a bit higher than I usually would and not just one of them I pushed them all a bit higher than normal. Below ill leave a quick reason for each..

Lemonade FLV is my favorite out of all we have available to us so I started with it and backed it up with FLV Lime to give it that extra pucker a lemonade needs. Pink Guava at .5 for me leans more toward a grapefruit and combined with Alpine Strawberry works well for the Pink in this Lemonade . The Alpine is here to sweeten the Pink Guava as well. Give this a try, imo this is sweet enough so no Sweetener is needed so start low if you choose to add any .

This is a recipe from 2020 there are a few reviews over on ELR recipe site if you want other opinions before mixing .

⚠ as a shake and vape it works but can be a bit harsh even an over night steep helps but 3 to 5 days is where this shines and the harsh citrus notes calm down

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Well done and TY...I had a feeling it would be more of a challenge than just using the standard flavors.
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