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I saw all the Dinner Lady Lemon Tart clones using CNV Lemon Cream Wafer along with other ingredients.

I decided to give it a test on its own at 7% and after 24 hours it's exactly the same as the original.

I did add super sweet at 0.5% but to me 0.5% only makes flavours pop without really adding any real sweetness.

I think everyone is overthinking this one and trying to combine ingredients when it seems to be just the one ingredient on its own.

Consider this a PSA.

This is a different kind of macaron. Imagine a peach flavoured meringue with an almond butter filling and you're pretty close to the flavour of this recipe.

You don't see almond in the ingredients but it's there, details below.

I think the super sweet could go higher, perhaps 0.5-0.75% but I've yet to try that out.

The idea behind this recipe is to extract the components of a macaron with what I have on hand.

The two peaches and the dragonfruit all contain benzaldehyde, the molecule that gives an almond flavour. Having all three fairly high brings a strong almond note.

The meringue is well... The meringue.

The peaches were the only fruits I have on hand that I know definitely contain benzaldehyde. I don't want this to be juicy like a drink but to have the essence of peach, so the regular peach is higher than the juicy. The juicy peach is more "peachy" than the other however, so I think it's needed.

The dragonfruit also contains triethyl citrate to blend the fruits with the meringue and generally act as an emulsifier and is especially high to contribute as much benzaldehyde (almond) as possible.

The glazed doughnut adds the sweet icing sugar note and the sweeteners the granulated sugar notes.

I'm very happy with how this turned out!

A simple strawberry and mint ADV.

This is a mild and refreshing flavour to vape when you're looking for something that tastes good but you want to give your palette a break.

Can be vaped off the shake but it's better left for a few hours/overnight.

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