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A glazed pumpkin spice doughnut with cheesecake filling. Perfect for fall season.
Good of the shake, better after a few days
Sweeten to taste.
Tested at 27 watts in a MTL/RTL set up.

Remixed from u/Prometheus_unwound recipe on reddit

A creamy cheese cake with crunchy berry crumbled within and on top

Using @fear 's cardinal base for the tobacco element. Decided to use RY4 Double because i dint want Holy Holy Grail Ry4's caramel note.
Taste great off the shake.
Sippin on some knob smoked bourbon while i vape this. great combo.

Tested at 20 watts in a mtl/rdl setup.

A remix of 22 questions by strong island.
Only had the original a couple times and this is more of a nod to the profile rather then a clone.
A grape berry lemonade. Very tasty in a mtl or rdl set up. 20-30 watts tested.
Sweeten to taste.
Add .5% ws-23 if you want cooling.
Enjoy and leave feed back.

A creamy coffee vape made for my girlfriend. Good off a shake better after a week steep.
Mtl vape

Great Shake and Vape.
Just a fun, bright, delicous soda.
Lemme know what you think.
Sweeten to taste.
Tested in MTL/Low wattage

Made this drink a few weeks back. The recipe called it a Bourbon Half and Half, more of a Dirty Arnold Palmer though.

Sweet tea TPA and Black tea FLV make up the tea base. Its actually a great flavor combo for anyone making teas. Got the idea from ID10T off Noted if i remember right. This combo gives good body to the vape, not being to thin.
Lemonade LA and Lemonade FW are my favorite lemonade combo right now. Lemonade LA is the power house that brings a tart/sour lemonade and Lemonade FW brings in more flavor closer to the lemonade I like.
FLV Bourbon and TPA Kuntucky Bourbon for the boozy note, kinda sweet, very deliscous.
Sweeten to taste.
Tested In MTL/Low wattage

A lemon raspberry curd with cookie crust.
Raspberry jam is the shining star of this mix. The mix of INW Raspberry and VT Raspberry jam create a wonderful, thick layer of sweet jam.
Lemon Meringue Tart and Italian Lemon Sicily bring in some bright lemon curd notes that just brighten up the raspberry and add to the full mouth feel.
Vanilla Pudding is such a good flavor and can be utilized many different ways. In this case i use it to fill in the profile as well as add a vanilla note.
FA Cookie and CAP Sugar Cookie are used in the crust.
Sweeten to taste, but Im using this MTL and add 1% perk it up.

Tested in low wattage/MTL.

Pretty tasty soda mix. A dark cherry with hints of vanilla in a bright carbonated drink. Sometimes I get a cola flavor sometimes I get more of an energy drink flavor.

Tested low wattage/MTL

Something sweet for 4th of July.

When i first started mixing I always wanted to make a bomb pop vape, tried a few different recipes already created. But never really thought they were good. After trying Fw Jawbreaker in the Hold Fast Jaws clone by C6-R, I decided it was a good candy and would fill in some body of the vape. Boom has always tasted ok but never struck me as a stand alone flavor. All the other flavors are to boost the aspect of Bomb Pop.
Sweeten to taste(its a candy, its supposed to be sweet).

User: fadedjay1 Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
Vaping this out of my zennith right now. Loving every second. Its a little candied but it perfect for the title. added some ws-23 and polar blast and enjoying it even more! Thanks for the awesome recipe.
User: fadedjay1 Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
Used INW shisha strawberry. Great shake n vape. Wanted something with watermelon and this hits the spot. Thanks!
User: fadedjay1 Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
Enjoyed this quiet a bit. Been in rotation for 2 weeks now. Vaping it mtl. Great tobacco mix. Almost does have a nutty taste. Feel like this something I would of made but better. Great job!
User: fadedjay1 Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
Love this recipe. Big fan of every ingredient. First time using lemon meringue tart and it’s amazing. Vaping this out of my mtl setup picking up the lemon meringue up front with the vanilla pudding under tones. Vanilla swirl just blends in for me and the yoghurt drink is also blended nicely but I think it will be more present after a longer steep. Thanks for the recipe!
User: fadedjay1 Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
Great mix. silky, caramely, saturated. Great in mtl tank. looking forward to making a second bottle for steep. The tatanka sits on the end of the vape and adds a little "spice" to it. Great recipe. Thank you
User: fadedjay1 Score: None Entered: 7 months ago
Perfectly blended. Love Florida key lime and this highlights it nicely. Thanks for the mix!
User: fadedjay1 Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
Well you did it again slushy, great off the shake in a mtl set up. I did add .4% graham cust fa. Great vape.
User: fadedjay1 Score: 5 Entered: 2 months ago
Great mix. Never had a good experience with flv granola but this pulls together perfect balance for a great vape.
User: fadedjay1 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
2 days into this recipe and loving it. Vaping at 27 watts in a rdl/mtl setup. Picking up well balanced peanuts butter cookie with tobacco notes (specifically light leafy dessert tobacco(ry4)). I don’t get coconut at all but I get the sense it blends the mix and sweetens it at the watts I’m at. Perfect for fall.
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