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Get that banana out of my face, I don't even want it... JUST KIDDING. Here's my take on a Banana pudding/milkshake. FA Banana is spot on for banana, very smooth wet mouth feel that for me at least really hits the spot when craving a sweet vape.

First attempt at breaking down ingredients in an actual recipe and building a profile that compliments a desert.

Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should...

INW Raspberry is incredibly high here at 3% but it works, this is an in your face raspberry sherbet which to me always popped with flavor. At this percentage it is high but not overwhelming thanks to the creaminess of VBIC and VS.

If you enjoy in your face flavor, mix this, feel free to sub VBIC for whatever your preference lands. Raspberry is the star here and strawberry balances it out with a quick shout out from blueberry wild. Do not recommend subbing FW Blueberry here as blueberry is not the star of this show.

TFA Strawberry can be subbed for ripe if you're looking for a sweeter inhale/exhale experience.

Works well as a SNV but really comes together after a week or two, only gets better with age as the VBIC settles in and pulls it all together.

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Just mixed this up, pretty good shake and vape. Not overly sweet and the cake batter dip does a good job at mitigating the strong lemon from fruity flakes. I may cut the percentages in half for CBD and FF and give it another go with some FLV Whipped Cream but glad I gave it a shot! Thank you! I'll try to update the review once I have more time with it.
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User: evild Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
So good.
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