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This has been a very long-standing creation. I based this recipe around O’s Cookie. It’s a lighter chocolate taste that lacks most of the “alcohol-like” flavor that most chocolates give you. I added cookie to elevate the “cookie” aspect of this recipe. The combo of butter and vanilla made for the cream center. Joy turned it fried! You need time, a lot of it, 30-60 day steep, but WELL worth it. Definitely not a SNV recipe.

Nice airy, yet rich, raspberry danish. The zeppola and pie crust combine to make that perfect dough part of the danish. I used the cookie to dry the dough out a touch and add some baked in sweetness. The butter adds a little salt profile to heighten the raspberry in the custard to make the raspberry filling for the danish.

Wanted to make a nice Cinnabon clone and this is as close as it gets! The pie crust, zeppola, and AP work in unison to get you that doughy mix that goes so well with the cinnamon. Cin crunch to dry it out and give it a little more of a bakery note. Fw cinnamon isn’t as strong as some others so I went a little high, after all, it is a cinnamon roll! The butter base and caramel are added to give you that rich caramelized sugar note.

A super nice banana cream pie. I used banana custard because it has an organic banana taste rather than a candy taste. Bavarian cream for the body of the “cream” filling and some caramel and cinnamon to give it that caramelized and cooked banana taste. The pie crust obviously for the bakery and crust note that wraps it all together.

A nice refreshing profile. Pretty straightforward and simple formula. Nice floral green tea with a splash of cream and a touch of lemon. Super chilled with the ws-23 without the menthol like taste of ice flavors. This is an awesome recipe that’s perfect for a warm day!

Simple cobbler recipe. Heavy on my favorite berry, boysenberry. Slight cookie crust comes thru with a little brightening from the lemon. The Bavarian cream ties it together and softens it all up!

This is THE best key lime pie recipe you will ever have. It has everything from the perfect lime, cheesy, custardy filling, to the perfect graham crust. Not too heavy on the lime, added some Greek yogurt for the sour notes and the Bavarian cream really ties the filling and the crust all together but you can taste each profile separately.


I love trying to replicate actual desserts. This worked out to be a Nilla Wafer and I’m super stoked with it. I put a good amount of cookie in this to dry is out and replicate the actual wafer. I used TPA DX milk (not listed as a flavor on atf) instead of dairy milk, however I’m sure dairy milk would work well. I needed that powdered milk taste to pop and calm down the butter cream from cap so it comes thru very lightly. The French vanilla deluxe comes in very subtle and just ties is all together. This is a drier e juice meant to replicate the actual cookie.


There’s a lot of flavor in this. I wanted the shortbread to come thru heavy with this so I went with the inw biscuit and butter. I needed creamy but not a heavy custard profile so I went with whipped cream and elevated it with tpa milk DX (not on atf so I just had to select tpa dairy milk). I put 2 different strawberries in it to elevate each other without being too overpowering. Topped it off with some supersweet to make it a little more “commercial”

I wanted a refreshing soda profile. Grape can be a little cough syrup-like, so I went with a grape juice. The fizz pop gives it that soda taste and feel especially after a few days steep. I wanted a little acidity in there like real soda has, hence the added lemon. Soda is extra sweet so the super sweet is also in there.

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One of my favorite juices to vape on. The kettle corn comes thru so subtly but the overall is so flavorful. Perfect in my tank and my rda, but I rock this in my pod daily! Thanks for coming up with this awesome new favorite
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Looks like a good recipe for sure
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