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This is a soft pretzel with a coating of crumbled graham cracker, caramel and cinnamon sugar.

FA Soho, VT Croissant and WF Croissant help build the doughy but also crunchy pretzel base.

FW Graham Cracker along with FLV Rich Cinnamon make up the graham cracker and cinnamon sugar.

FA Caramel along with FA Soho adds a touch of caramel to the top.

Sweetener to preference, but Cap SS may make things weird.

It's not bad off the shake, but it needs a few days to really come together.


This is my slight change to Green Bastard for MTL setups. I developed this for my Kayfun Lite 2019. Tested with an 8 wrap 26g SS316L 3mm ID coil. 215°C at 18.5 watts. I found the 2x ( pod ) version to be too much. It just didn't keep the balance of the original. So I tweaked it and this is what I ended up with. It's really good out of a Kayfun, and it should be great out of other MTL setups as well. If you give it a try please let me know how you liked it!


...From Parts Unknown.

So I just got Guanabana (FLV) to try out the All Day recipe (highly recommend BTW) and wow this flavor is amazingly complex. I love it! Anyway I was just messing around and wanted to create my own recipe with it. After a bit of picking I decided on Kiwi (FA) & Sweet Guava (CAP). I found that these flavors are similar, but have enough character to stand out on their own. Mixed this up and wow. It's perfect as is. Very sweet & juicy tropical fruit profile. Reminds me most of a Starfruit. Mix and enjoy!

Flavor Comments
Guanabana (FLV): Originally wanted this to be the star of the recipe, but after mixing and trying it I found it's most present on the finish.

Kiwi (FA): This flavor is actually the most present in this recipe, even at only 2%. Meshes very well with the Guanabana & Guava.

Sweet Guava (CAP): This is meant really just to pair with the Guanabana but it actually adds quite a bit of character by itself. I believe it is also the main source of sweetness


This is my twist on Cubanamel by The Fog Vlog.
I liked the original but I wanted more caramel/vanilla out of it when I was vaping on my Kayfun. So I upped them all by 0.5%

Now it's a thick dark sweet dessert tobacco.

Goes great with coffee in the morning.

You can use the original TPA Bavarian Cream or the DX. I've tried both and I actually like the DX a little better in this mix.

You should add sweetener to preference.
The original has 0.15% Cap SS, I normally use 0.5% FW Sweetener myself in MTL mixes I want to be very sweet.


Tested out of a Kayfun Lite 2019, 26g SS316L 3mm ID 8 wraps, TC at 215°C 18.5w

Original Notes Below ---

After the word hit the street that FLV Created a shake and vape tobacco, I was quick to add it to my cart and start playing around. I'm enjoying my MTL setup during the day, I get through the day with less vape breaks - and extremely satisfying vape sessions.

We did a review show on Vurve, and RudeRudi spoke about Sweet Leaf. Following that I got in my concentrates, and mixed it up - I found the recipe to be really authentic, with a touch of dryness - like any cigar would. But because I have been vaping sweet fruits and desserts, my palate wasn't ready for it. So I smashed in some of my favorite dark cream, and caramel - to help add more body to this delicious cigar flavor. TFA Bavarian cream has a way for filling in all the dead spots in the mix, giving you a all round fuller body experience.

This is a Creamy Caramel Cuban, made for the squad that is tobacco curious, the perfect gateway to tobacco's. I would recommend this in a MTL setup - as this is how I tested this specific recipe.

Only add the super sweet if you want serious dessert style sweetness - because the TFA Bavarian Cream & FA Caramel is inherently sweet. This is not everyone's cup of tea, because it actually goes really well with a strong cup of coffee in the morning. Absolute bliss.

If you like sweet stuff, and also hit some tobacco recipes from time to time. Give this one a Smasheroo!


So I got in the Chemnovatic Lemon Cream Wafer to mess around with.

After doing a SFT I knew what I wanted to do. Just build around the lemon cream wafer. It's a great flavor but just a bit lacking in the wafer area.

TPA DX Bav Cream and INW Shisha Vanilla help fill out the creamy note, as well as adding some light fluffy mouth feel to the mix.

WF Crispy Wafer to boost the wafer in the Lemon Cream Wafer. It's a great fit and really helps sell that buttery crispy wafer.

FE Lemon helps to brighten up the lemon note a touch, without pulling it too far away from that baked goodness in LCW.

and the star, CNV Lemon Cream Wafer. It's the base here, the foundation upon which everything else is laid. It's the star of the show and just a great flavor.

Vaped on a Kayfun Lite 2019 with 8 wrap 26g SS316L TC at 215C 18.5w

Steep time is pretty up in the air. It's good off the shake, and even better after a few days. 3 weeks later it's still great.

User: duncanyoyo1 Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
This recipe is fantastic. I can't say enough good things about FLV Guanabana. The upfront Kiwi and Guava flavor is a perfect combo then the creamy notes from the Guanabana finishes it off perfectly.
User: duncanyoyo1 Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
This is a great, simple mix. I can vape it for days without getting bored of it. FA Soho really shines with just a touch of Meringue to smooth out the harsh edges and fill in the bottom end.
User: duncanyoyo1 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
I really enjoyed this recipe. The balance is great. You get that tart, tangy/piney note up front from the Yakima hops and pink guava, and then the creamy milk and sweet kiwi notes fill out the back end. I ripped through 15mls of this in about 30 minutes. Will be making up some more when this 30ml runs out.
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