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This tastes more like frosted flakes than frosted flakes does. Its delicious as a shake-n- vape but gets to its peak after a 2 weeks steep.

Everyone thats tried this has made it one of their ADV.

This is a clone/remix of TWELVE MONKEYS BONOGURT. Myself and 3 other mixers made 100s of versions over a year and a half to come up with this recipe.

Its all in there from the delicious bright non-descript fruit flavor to the cream yogurt with just the right amount of sharpness fron the Greek yogurt. There's even the phenomenon of getting individual flavors for a puff or 2 then back to the combined flavors just like the original does.

Best after a week but can be a SnV.

User: don_coileohm Score: 5 Entered: 2 months ago
I had to use fw LMP at the same % you suggested for less in your face lemon. I've not tried the original but this is really good. I vaped a 30ml in about 10hrs. I'm going to make it again if I can find my Cap LMP or buy another one.
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