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Creamy Buttery Sweet Rich Caramelized Banana Light Tobacco with Light Citrus Cookie Notes

My recipe for the DIYorDIE Mixxed! (Round 2)

Banana Cream (TPA): In order to get the full Banana flavor, I notice a lot of people pushing this flavoring to over 5%. I wanted to balance out the banana flavor with the rest of the mix so that it would still be a main note but not too overwhelming.

Bavarian Cream (TPA): Well, I read that this cream works really well with tobacco at higher percentage, however, I did not want to push it as I find it plenty strong as it is at 3%. It provides a great vanilla caramel creaminess to the mix and along with Meringue (FA) it helps support the Banana Cream (TPA).

Butterscotch (FLV): Sure, I could have used Butterscotch Ripple (FW) but, with limited number of flavorings at my disposal, I thought best to use this flavor because of that additional cookie back-note characteristic. I wanted it to join the Banana Cream (TPA) and Soho (FA) as the main profile. It's just too good and along with Soho (FA), it helps with creating that rich buttery caramel taste, almost as if to caramelize the bananas.

Meringue (FA): I wanted to add milky creaminess to the recipe so as to mimic a shake of sorts which would work with the Bavarian Cream (TPA) and Banana Cream (TPA). I also wanted to use it to help bring out the cookie back-note from the Butterscotch (FLV).

Oba Oba (FA): I needed something to create a bridge between the dessert flavors and the tobacco and I thought I might try Oba as it could serve such purpose. It would allow me to add a light citrus note (almost bitter, which would help with balancing sweetness) to brighten the recipe. It would also work to fluff up the heavy flavors (part of the flavor reminds me of Marshmallow (FA)) and with steep time, provide a malty note that I felt would work well with the Meringue (FA) and Soho (FA). I feel that it accomplishes all that, however, at the expense of longer steep time (at least 2 weeks).

Soho (FA): Halo's Tribeca immediately comes to mind. I researched this flavoring for hours just trying to get a definitive answer on the right mixing percentage (20% SF, whoa!). I am not a big fan of tobacco flavors but, much like in cooking, sometimes we have to work with ingredients that we don't particularly enjoy. I do not have any experience with tobacco flavors but my intent with Soho in this recipe was to use it add complexity to a more desserty profile. I feel that at 2.5% (although if you like tobacco, you can bump it up a bit), it brings in enough of its smoky nutty caramel characteristics to complement the entire mix.

I don't really like using sweeteners in recipes unless absolutely necessary. With Butterscotch at near max and 2% Meringue, I feel that it's plenty sweet and I can always mix at a bit lower VG anyway. Also, I suspect Soho (FA) has Ethyl Maltol in it.

I hope you will enjoy it, if not, go easy on me, I'm a noob! :-D

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 2

Strawberry Applesauce (A Fluffy Vanilla Cinnamon Spiced Strawberry Applesauce).

My recipe for the DIYorDIE Mixxed! (Round 1)

Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP): at this percentage, the flavoring is used to provide the cinnamon spice to the applesauce.

Dragonfruit (TPA): this flavoring is the emulsifier in the recipe. Simply put, it will work to bind all the ingredients together. It complements Fuji (FA) very nicely and enhances the Strawberry Ripe (TPA) so that it is not easily overrun. It will also tone down acidity while enhancing juiciness and retaining the tart element.

Liquid Amber (FA): a touch of Liquid Amber will cook the applesauce and, along with the Dragonfruit, it will help to keep the juice tart.

Strawberry Ripe (TPA): This flavoring is pretty weak even at higher percentages and especially when mixed with stronger flavors such as the ones in this recipe, it really needs help so I used Dragonfruit (TPA) to brighten it. Its Ethyl Maltol content adds enough sweetness to the entire mix so no additional sweetener is required.

Vanilla Swirl (TPA): I did not want to weigh the overall recipe down with the use of a custard or a cream since applesauce does not normally have dairy in it so, I opted for Vanilla Swirl...because...it provides a beautiful fluffy base, a delicious vanilla note and soft mouthfeel.

Steep Time: 5+ days

Is it good? While it's all subjective, I have been enjoying this regularly. While I am new to mixing and my recipe may not be perfect, I hope that my efforts won't go unnoticed. I think the judges will like my idea. I do not have a ton of ingredients but I feel that I utilized them to the best of my abilities.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1
User: dioblanblu Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
sick AF bruv! congrats! I mixed this when it first came out and I was blown away by it...I still mix it regularly, although, I find that I need to drop the blood orange a tad... incredible work man!
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