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So grape..... I think alot of us have played with grape and know it can suck at times. Alot of people I've talked to alot of people, friends, mixers and the biggest things I hear is it taste muted or it just not satisfying. That's a feeling I wanted to try and solve and take it out of the box and this recipe is the product of that. Flavor notes below thanks for looking hope you enjoy.

Grape- TFA Grape juice, this is a great grape juice but it has its flaws. In my opinion its too linear by itself and its on the weak side so you have to go a little
higher on it to get what you need.
INW Black Currant&FW Blueberry, these two are used here to help bring up the grape juice and make it more rounded and full.
TFA Greek Yogurt, now this isn't used necessarily to make a grape yogurt but it has that tart or tang note that just helps bring out the grape and gives it
canvas to sit on.
FA Fresh Cream, this is here to help create that canvas with the Greek yogurt.
Cap Super Sweet, I just like a sweeter grape and I think it helps the profile but leave it out if you don't like sweetener

This is a Pistachio ice cream with caramel swirl. Pistachio is one I enjoy and I love Wayne's Pistachio RY4 so between that and a friend of mine asking if I could do a pistachio ice cream this recipe was born. I hope you enjoy as always any comments or ideas are welcome and like most creams and with the pistachio this recipe will only benefit more from a steep, however I have tried it right after a mix and its pretty tasty, flavor notes are down below.

Pistachio- Its the main profile for this recipe and you cant have pistachio ice cream without pistachio. TFA just does pistachio right in my opinion, you don't necessarily get like a pistachio nut more then you get like a creamy pistachio that just melds so well in mixes.

Caramels-So for this recipe I didn't just want to throw some pistachios and creams together and call it good and caramel goes almost hand in hand
with ice cream and it pairs up so nicely with the pistachio Fa Caramel was used here because its a softer caramel and doesn't give you that
sharp candy like note it just blends so well here that it was a obvious choice. FW butterscotch is here because butterscotch and caramel plays
so nice together and using one at a lower percent and the other higher they just boost each other up so that's what its doing here its boosting
up that caramel and rounding out the edges to refine it.

Ice Cream- so for the ice cream base I went with TFA VBIC and Cap Vanilla Whipped Cream because as nice of a vanilla as TFA is I find it lacking on its
own, it just doesn't have that density or thickness by itself that I was looking for and Cap vanilla whipped cream does a great job of helping
with that it brings a little more vanilla and richness to the ice cream so that the pistachio can lay in a nice thick bed of cream without either
one getting lost but becoming a complete mix instead.

Sweetener- Optional, I know not everyone likes sweetener and that's fine but c'mon its ice cream. The sweetener just helps add more to the ice cream
experience, try and tell me if you eat ice cream you don't get sugar lips.

There you have it my rendition of Pistachio ice cream. Hope you enjoy, tweak it to your liking, build off of it, just have fun.

So this is a recipe I've been playing with for the last month or so... Personally I'm not huge on many yogurt flavors I've tried in the past, they are either way to strong on the fruit and the yogurt is no existent or the fruit gets hidden behind the yogurt which who ever wants that to happen right? Well luckily for us its DIY for a reason we can create recipes that suit our needs or wants, notes are down below. Feel free to leave any feedback or general comments or let me know what you would change for your personal preference.

The Berry- FW Blueberry, in my opinion is one of the best blueberries I've tried and it always seems to pair nice with creams and bakeries so I knew this was the
one I wanted to use here because it holds up in a steep and it taste good right away so its a win win.
FA Bilberry, This is just a special flavor its powerful and such a deep flavor that it can really just lift or finish so many flavors but when used with other
blueberries or dark fruits it just seems to make them more present and up front instead of hiding in the back.
FW Blackberry, this is another similar situation where I think its just the best blackberry at least in this profile, you can tell its a blackberry it doesn't
get lost or have a off floral taste to it and when its put against the blueberry combo it holds up and lets you know its there.

The Yogurt- TFA Greek yogurt, Now this is a flavor that some people like and some people would rather go with Capella and personally I like both. I'm sure that

if you use Capella in here you will like it if its your choice of yogurts and I almost did but I decided to layer this one another one because it just has
a nicer tart flavor on the back end of it in my opinion.
Capella Greek Yogurt, AKA the other one. This was my choice at 1% to throw in and layer with the TFA Greek, the reason I did this is because while I
like the flavor and that tangy bite TFA has it can be a bit much after a while specifically if your vaping it all day and what Capella does is comes in
and smooths and rounds out the TFA just enough to knock down that tang just enough so it doesn't get annoying if you vape this all day and it
also just brings more weight and cream to the yogurt

The Extra-Fw Graham Cracker, now this I added just to give the overall recipe a little more mouth feel, weight, texture, and who doesn't love graham cracker.
This is not a must if you just want a regular fruit yogurt feel free to leave it out or sub with TFA Graham Cracker Clear. I didn't go with GGC because I
Felt it just had too much of a GC pie crust flavor which you may like and it works in alot of things but here i didn't want the confusion of is it a
yogurt? Is it a pie? WTF is it? so this one is up to you guys leave it out change it do whatever you think you will like.

Capella Super Sweet, this ones pretty obvious you can leave it out if you like or bump it up I just like my juice with a hint of sweetener in it and
it does kind of help bring everything together in my opinion.

Thanks for looking mix it up, comment, critique, do your thing. This recipe isn't perfect for everyone but I hope some of you enjoy it or use it as a reference when you decide to make a new yogurt or first yogurt even.

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