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I wanted to create a simple recipe just using the Capella silverline flavours I’ve kept it simple to let these 3 shine.
This simple recipe is a crumbly biscuit with added texture and glue formed from using using whipped marshmallow then add some sugar cinnamon on top and you have a perfect baked biscuit.
Only additional flavour was some much needed sweetener.
Simple but creative I hope you enjoy it as much as me.



A little late to the show but I thought I'd share what is a pretty great remix of the infamous Lenola cream by kite in clouds.

Tasty strawberries and dark berries,banana,cream and graham crust. This was a pretty simple profile to crack its layers are pretty simple and it doesn't try to be something other than its profile portrays.
If you like the original I feel this should fulfill your requirements without paying a premium, I've kept the flavours simple and they should already be in your arsenal or otherwise easily obtained.

Best between 7-10 days the flavours really then come alive sweet berries and creamy banana with a graham cracker exhale.

Enjoy xx


Fruit salad chews was always something I'd grab from the local sweet shop as a kid,they've been around years now I'm showing my age haha. I remember these costing a penny way back and they might still be that even today granted they're probably smaller but I still reach for them if I see them.
You lot on the other side of the pond may think what the hell is he talking about but trust me these little sweets are king in the UK definitely a child's staple. Think chewits that's how they're best described and the flavour well they're pineapple and raspberry that's it.
I was pleasantly surprised when I wanted to create these in vape form how well they turned out they're bang on the profile. Very sweet and tangy with that chewy thick mouthfeel you get with a chew or candy.

Some quick notes.......

I won't go into great detail this is a quick simple recipe but at the same time fulfills its profile. I chose FW saltwater Taffy as it fits the profile perfectly it's a great flavour kind of a nougat without any flavour but with some sweetness. CAP Marshmallow thickens it all up giving it that thick sticky mouthfeel you expect with a chew. For the fruits TFA sweet raspberry seemed perfect to add some candied raspberry that's tart and sweet. CAP golden pineapple is definitely one of the best pineapples and it works wonders in all aspects you through at it. It's not to powerful and doesn't swamp other flavours. The CAP Sweet mango was a lucky accident I didn't think this would work but a small amount sweetens the recipe,adds tartness and boosts the pineapple and raspberry and bridges the gap and keeps the pineapple moist.

I'm really enjoying this it's definitely a fun vape especially with its tartness it really kicks your tongue into life.

Enjoy xx


So following on from the success of the DInner Lady Lemon Tart Remix let's go further and remix another one.
Now before I start this time I'm not going to give myself brownie points or am I anyway going to suggest this next recipe is a clone or 1:1 or even a remix but in my opinion it doesn't need to be. It holds its own weight it doesn't need to be compared its fantastic either way. If you want to compare it feel free it might be better it might not,as we all know taste is subjective.
So this is my rice pudding & jam not dinner lady's but my take but we can use the platform to create some hype!!! I mean who doesn't enjoy hype!!

This in my opinion is spot on creamy, thick rice milk with a dollop of sweet raspberry jam that's it, it's tasty and hits the spot no gimmicks or crazy flavour bending just the ingredients in the recipe that take you to the profile without thinking outside the box.


Flavour notes

Cap horchata

This is straight up rice milk it works really well to mimic that rice pudding flavour. It stands up to its profile well and we will use this as the base of the rice milk but with some additional help we can really push this further making it more creamy and thicker.

FW sweet cream

This acts as a emulsifier for the horchata it really gives the rice milk a more milky profile and adds some great mouthfeel.

Fa yogurt/ Fa meringue

Again just some additional flavours that are really needed to get that rice milk to where it needs to be. Fa yogurt may sound weird here but it really does wonders rice pudding is thick I didn't want to use custard here so after much testing the yogurt really thickened the rice milk almost turning it into a ambrosia kind of rice pudding. Fa meringue just adds a little more milk and sweetness.

Fa raspberry

Such an amazing flavour that misses out somewhat due to inw and tfa but I tried both of them and neither hit the spot you either needed a shit ton to pull that profile through or the other just over powered. Fa raspberry is spot on at 1% it sits nicely at the back where I wanted it and I found its flavour on par as a more jammy raspberry especially with the help of the next two flavours.

Fa black currant/ JF juicy lemon

These two flavours do the magic where the jam is concerned they totally transform the raspberry flavour and turn it jammy. If you haven't tried fa black currant then your missing out it does great things to darker fruits. The jf juicy lemon again sits on top of the berries and it's candy aspect switches up the fruits to that jam level alongside adding additional sweetness.

Fa cinnamon Ceylon

Just a little here to add some accent to the rice pudding kind of acts like that burnt topping you get on the pudding and also adds some more interest to the pudding. You can leave this out if cinnamon isn't your thing but it really isn't noticeable but it does add a little cheeky twist.

So there you go rice pudding and jam my way but dinner lady I salute you for making me fuck with your profiles!! Thank you......



One shot available at chefsflavours.co.uk under divine one shots
If you don't fancy mixing from scratch



Elevenses....Honey snap biscuits

A short break for light refreshments usually with tea or coffee,taken at about eleven o'clock in the morning.

This is the perfect vape for that mid morning coffee break but feel free to vape this anytime. Delicious warming ginger baked biscuits coated in sticky honey. Everyone deserves a break relax and enjoy.


Cap sugar cookie

Doesn't need much of a write up for this one everyone knows this is the staple for a great cookie/biscuit base it ouses flavour,has versatility and presence.

Inw biscuit

Again another great bakery flavour but with different properties. Pair it with cap sugar cookie and it transforms it giving it more bite,a deeper bakery flavour and some added texture and butter.

Cap gingerbread

By far the best gingerbread out there it does what it says and is all that's required for the ginger. It pairs so well with cap sugar cookie without bullying it.

Cap vanilla custard

A biscuit needs a little vanilla it steps it up a level turning a bland biscuit into one you want to go back to. The custard also binds the mix together we need some egg and this fits the part.

Fw butterscotch ripple

This combines in two ways it gives the biscuit some creamy elements without using a cream. It also adds some much needed brown sugar without using such ingredient. We need some sugar to glaze the honey.

Fa honey

I've tried many a honey and none really work but then I came to love fa honey it's perfect and if used correctly will transform a bakery. This at 0.25% is perfect it's well balanced has great presence without overkill. It's not fighting anything but you notice it's there. It totally glazes the biscuit and combines well with the butterscotch.

Fa cinnamon Ceylon

It had to be added just to give the biscuit more spice and warmth . A little goes a long way here but again it works in harmony with the gingerbread. A truly delightful pairing.

Fa meringue

Nothing completes a biscuit more than meringue it adds a little sweet powdered sugar without using any other sweeteners.

Enjoy xx


Get your vaping gear around this energy based drink. I can't guarantee it'll keep you awake or give you that energy buzz but either way it's damn tasty!!

FW rockstar is the base here and is pretty flavoursome on its own but add some tropical fruits and it totally transforms it to another level. It's refreshing,fruity,sweet and packs a punch.

Shake n vape certified

Add some ws-23 for a cold blast


So I got to try fantasia a e liquid from a company over in Malaysia which for a premium e liquid I was pleasantly surprised so on that basis thought I'd have a bash at a remix, so remember a remix not a 1:1 clone.

Obviously this is a take on Fanta orange we all know what that is so I won't rubbish you with the bullshit. I will tell you though that although it's only 1 profile it did take some negotiation to get this to where I liked it combining a few orange flavours and other little teasers that combined together to create a simple but tasty vape that's juicy, refreshing and icy cold.

So I guess it's time to bore the shit out of you with some info and notes, skip to the recipe if you ain't bothered.

FW blood orange

This is the base of the profile it's an excellent orange that does somewhat need pushing more towards the higher percentages. This works for the top end of a orange drink it's bold authentic and plenty juicy to build upon.

Cap sweet tangerine

This added more sweetness and juice to the blood orange it melds together to combine more authenticity to the orange. Go to high and it starts getting towards a candy but at 2% it's enough.

FA mandarin

By far the most authentic of the 3 so we need this in here it adds some freshness to the orange and more zest we want a refreshing drink here and by adding this it adds that zest and accents the bolder orange flavours.

Tfa Dragonfruit

We all know how good dragonfruit is for blending together fruits it's no exception here it really pops the orange flavours and acts as a emulsifier.

Tfa marshmallow

A little here really calms them citrus notes and takes away any harshness you might detect while smoothing the vape out.

INW cactus

It's a drink for gods sake we want that wet feeling when we drink so it has to be included I detected this in the original juice you get that infamous cactus note.

Cap super sweet

This flavour is in all premium juices so if we're trying to get close then let's not forget premium liquids go to staple ingredient.


A new kid on the block when it comes to cooling effects and this stuff is the shit don't be scared by the 2% it works and is as close to the original liquid in terms of cooling.

That's it mix this up and enjoy love it like I love you xx



Go get your chops around this delicious and tasty simple Thai coconut ice cream with caramel sauce topping.
I can honestly say that when it comes to creating something tasty with just 3 flavours it can sometimes be more difficult than one with 6-8 it's hard to find the balance with fewer flavours and you always think can I add something else because one flavour lacks something.
I originally found this profile while searching the web for food recipes and it really stuck in my mind and was something I wanted to create. I originally thought this might take some time and require more flavours than I originally used However that wasn't the case. I took the 3 main profiles at said percentages as a starting point and the rest is history.
It just works so well I thought should I improve on this but no fuck that why should I add 1% of this 0.5% of that it doesn't need it the 3 base flavours just gel together and blend beautifully it's actually pretty damn perfect.
Definitely mix this it whisks you away to what can only describe what is such a beautiful country with what some my day has strange culture and food profiles but I can't honestly thank them enough for ice cream flavours like this.

Tfa vanilla bean ice cream

At 4% it's the base for the other 2 flavours. Definitely the best ice cream flavour if you get pepper then sub for FW VBIC it still works but I found it lighter in its texture, TFA just does it for me and works so well in a thick creamy kind of way.

FA Coconut

By far a excellent coconut flavour it's great used at low percentage otherwise it get weird and lends towards vaping sun tan lotion but at lower percentage it's authentic creamy adds some sweetness and pulls through the ice cream and caramel on the exhale.

FA Caramel

This was the combo I didn't think would work but it just does it sits beautifully with the coconut and ice cream and meld the 2 profiles together. Fa caramel again is a fantastic flavour very real thick and creamy without being burnt in its texture.

Shake and vape certified but 3 days is its sweet spot



So my intention here was to create a fruit profile based around the plum, something that takes some risk it's not a ingredient that appears to be accepted within recipes, that was something I wanted to put right. Why shouldn't this magnificent fruit not be the star of the show? Is it a complete bitch!! to work with well yeah some will say so but i hope this recipe shows it's actually pretty versatile.
The creation originally was to turn inawera plum into more a plum stone something to use as a profile and work further into recipes AKA my Victoria Plum Stone but that's boring so after many versions and how well these flavours used gelled a marriage was formed and a marriage is about working together in respect marriage is love , can you see where I'm going? Of course back to that beautiful word HARMONY.
I wanted risk , risk is reward whether other people think this is worthy of that we'll only see but hopefully I did profile justice.

Let's break down this marriage

Inawera Plum

This was my base something to work upon. It's a great fruit one that can be used in many profiles but the profile here is to make this flavour better. This flavour is a risk it's not widely used and finding a good plum flavour is also difficult. Inawera do a good job here is not mediicinal if used correctly go to high and it will be but at 2% its pretty balanced adding a authentic plum that's bright slightly earthy and semi sweet. It's more towards its outer skin in terms of flavour not its inner flesh the juicy inner is the only problem with this flavour that's the best bit and that's why this flavour isn't perfect but we can work on that with other flavours to create the missing link.

FA Fresh FIg

This flavour is so fucking good again a flavour that misses out so many times and I don't understand that it's so versatile. It will work with almost any fruit especially darker fruits exactly the criteria Plum sits. This will sit perfectly inside the plum to mimick that inner core. Bite into a plum and behind the skin sits that sweet juicy fruity goodness. It's a very complex flavour with changing back notes that really work you get sweetness, juice, floral undertones it's very ripe, kind of mouthwatering and totally turns what some may describe a bland plum into one you want to return to time and time again.

FA Fuji

The final ingredient to create this harmony the glorious threesome, at a small percentage the Fuji melds both the plum and fig together it adds some brightness some tart and added sweetener. It's a flavour that doesn't need a heavy hit on the percentage front it can overpower that's not what I wanted but for what it does add is some mystery you wonder why it's there it questions you but for the right reasons. It works so well with fig and it also ain't to bad with plum either.

So there it is a Victoria Plum but we know it better as HARMONY......

Mixed 60VG 40 VG


B.A.M Cakes

Blueberry almond and marzipan cookies

Forget the rest this is bringing in 2017 in full on cookie heaven!!! BAM..... There has been many a great cookie in 2016 but I give you this creation that truly works and will want you craving more.
Buttery cookie base laced with chunky bits of marzipan and toasted almonds all combined with juicy blueberry pieces topped with powdered sugar.
I'm in heaven with this one and I hope you will be too.

Happy New Year

User: dazcole Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
A nicely done conception of this popular Austrian dessert it blends together beautifully. Prominent apricot encrusted inside vanilla ice cream with back notes of a nutty outside shell. I didn't have tfa apricot so upped the fa apricot and I also left out the sweetener which imo it doesn't need but credit where credit is due I'm really enjoying this so go mix it up.
User: dazcole Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
What can I say? When I seen that this recipe contained cap CDS I honestly continued to carry on walking it's definitely a flavour I'd totally fell out of love for but after some positive feedback I pulled the trigger and thought I'd try. The actual recipe looked great it has everything I enjoy apart from CDS but hey I could be missing out not trying. Wow as a cereal fan this doesn't disappoint everything works together beautifully it's crunchy, it's sticky and thick bodied and the cream blends perfectly to prevent the flavour from drying out. What I love is the CDS isn't forward it's enough to add plesent notes of mystery alongside the toasted aspect of the marshmallow and pie crust . Great use of flavours that I would never imagine would work. Highly recommended I'm glad I mixed a large batch it's definitely going into my rotation.
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