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Apple / Dragon Fruit / Pear - fruit salad with a touch of fresh cream.

There isn't much to be elaborated on the subject, it's a simple, straightforward, right into your face, delicious combo.
Just to mention that awesome Dragon Fruit by VTA without of which this recipe wouldn't be the same. Don't try to
replace with TPA's Dragon Fruit, rather get VTA's dragon fruit, you won't be sorry.

Enjoy, any feedback is appreciated!

Corn Bread (OOO) / Pear (FW) / Pudding Base (VT) / Walnut SC (WF) / Sugar at will

Awesomely delicious! It's so good that I have to share it with others. I've made this one on top of another great recipe of mine - Brown Pears ( http://tjek.nu/r/jNmK ) but Duess is far more delicate.

Why that much sweetener? I like it sweet. You can add as much as you want, it's not chiseled in stone...

Perfect [ Peanut butter - Banana ] e-juice
(Banana/Peanut Butter/Biscuit/Sweetener)

Been on the quest for a perfect peanut butter - banana combo and I finally nailed it down.

Banana (Flavormonks) / Banana Sweet Cream (OOO) - awesome, creamy, realistic banana in 1:1 ratio of these two. Banana Sweet Cream is creamy enough to make peanut butter melt in your mouth. It'll come first on exhale!

Peanut Butter V2 (CAP) - by far the most realistic peanut butter. A little bit weak so you might want to crank it up a bit. Up to 5% is just fine but higher percentage might choke banana flavor. By me, 4% works perfect - enough to flush that banana along the tongue.

Bicsuit (INAWERA) - only a bit is enough to lend a nice body to the mix

Super Sweet (CAP) - fills gaps and rounds all up

No, you can't make flavors replacement. Different flavor vendors do flavor namesakes by using different ingredients, that's why you can't.

Caramel Candy Milk
(Biscuit/Caramel Candy/Cream/Dairy-Milk/Milk & Honey/Sweetener)

Let it steep for a week. At least a week to knock your sox off! The longer it steeps the tastier it becomes. Follow the recipe to replicate, different vendor ingredients will probably score different taste juice.

Feel free to crank up caramel candy in case you have a hole in your sox. I found it working just right for me at 3%.

Yakima Hops / Cucumber / Creme de Menthe / Key Lime

Refreshing and juicy. Strange, intriguing. Drip on to figure out the point...

More details at: http://vapingmule.com/articles/ejuice-recipes/moose-hops/

Vanilla Shisha (INAWERA) / Vanilla Swirl (TPA/TFA) / Salted Caramel (OOO) – main players of the mix. Vanilla Shisha is creamy vanilla that doesn’t hide easily behind that pretty much buttery Salted Caramel. It’s a rock solid vanilla flavor, exactly what’s required by this recipe. Vanilla Swirl is the type of vanilla that touches your palate before any other flavor, it just sits upfront and rolls the drum.

Butterscotch Ripple (FW) – it’s creamy enough to soften both Vanilla Shisha and Salted Caramel. Butterscotch Ripple is missing that true butterscotch flavor unless mixed with caramel or another brown-sugar-like flavor. It will also make the vape creamy, soft and silky.

DX Bavarian Cream (TPA/TFA) – another source of vanilla and sweetness. Bavarian Cream also provides texture and density. The most widely used cream ever which pairs perfectly with almost any known flavor.

Sweetener is optional. You may rather want to add Cotton Candy or Marshmallow instead, it’s up to you. I just love that straight sweetness on my lips.

Let it steep 7 - 10 days before judging. Two weeks will make it vape perfect!

Original (maybe updated) recipe: http://vapingmule.com/articles/ejuice-recipes/moose-salted-vanilla/

Creme de Menthe (TPA/TFA) – obviously the main role player in this recipe. Even though the flavor itself is not bad as a “single flavor mix” too, it’s missing something. It actually asks for another flavor to boost its background notes unless you are OK with how it plays as a stand alone. I’m a flavor junkie and I long for that missing link.

Cherry Blossom (TPA/TFA) – very lightweight cherry flavor, floral, airy, excellent addition to Creme de Menthe. It doesn’t bring any additional weight to the mint and the juice itself in general. It’s 100% spot on. I’ve also tried to replace Cherry Blossom with Elderflower (FLV) but it didn’t turn that well. If you want to give it a shot, replace Cherry Blossom with Elderflower at 0.5%.

Creamy Coconut (FW) – I was actually missing a touch of tropical sensation to this juice and coconut was the most logical choice. Didn’t try any other fruit/nut because it pairs so damn good with Creme de Menthe. Both outside and inside color of coconut fit to my juice color scheme too so that’s another plus. Don’t try to replace with Coconut Extra (TPA/TFA) coz you might end up vaping the rubber tasting mint!

Vienna Cream (FA) – in order to accent the creamy note of Creme de Menthe I needed floral note cream which also pairs well with Cherry Blossom. The cream itself has to be lightweight, no custard or heavy vanilla because all other ingredients are likewise. So two creams came into consideration: Vienna Cream (FA) and Sweet Cream (FW) but the formal one won elegantly.

Sugar is optional.

Original recipe updates at: http://vapingmule.com/articles/ejuice-recipes/moose-42c/

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