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An Autumn and Winter concoction that warms the soul and gives you the flavor fix you're looking for. A blend of Apple, Pear, and Fig with a hint of Caramel. This mix is smooth and enjoyable.

CAP Double Apple - really recreates the crispness of an apple, as opposed to FA Fuji which is much smoother.
FA Pear - Another layer of crispness and also imparts a slightly tart and but mainly sweet flavor.
FA Fig Fresh - This adds another level to the mix, as well as binding the Apple and Pear.
FA Caramel - Who doesn't like caramel with apples???

Could easily be your new ADV!

User: damazone Score: 3 Entered: 7 months ago
Caveat: I never tried Dinner Lady Lemon Tart so my review is based on the flavor of a lemon tart. I was so looking forward to this recipe and although it is a decent representation of a lemon tart, CAP Juicy Lemon is not the right lemon for me. It adds an overpowering lemon flavor and is quite astringen. It's like all I get. I understand you're going for that lemon zest flavor but lemon zest is sprinkled lightly over the top. The lemon zest in this recipe is the main note. Not good.. Also, a tart shell is more like a shortbread cookie instead of a graham and NIlla wafer combo. Don't get me wrong, it is a good recipe but for my tastes it has some rather large problems.
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