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Ten words for a description muh fuckA we lit af

In progress.

This is my first recipe worthy of being shared with the community =P I take so much inspiration from the great minds here and am incredibly grateful I discovered this place/hobby.

As soon as I tried VT LMT I knew it would serve as a major contribution to something wonderful someday. Part of me also wanted to find some kind of use for FA Custard Pi after going through the trouble to get it and not seeing it used in many recipes. Without spending too much time or energy on it, over a few months, I acquired various flavors for various recipes and it was now time to get down to brass tax.

FE Lemon with a touch of FA Florida Lime along with FA Custard Pi make up what can be considered the lemon curd of this recipe. FE Lemon is a tactful bakery lemon with that staying power many lack, the Florida Lime just makes it pop a tad more, I'm sure one could sub FA Lime Distilled or TFA Key Lime and get near-similar results. I just happen to prefer the way this tastes and I think youll agree.

The Custard Pi contributes to the lemon layer as well as the custard portion, with great help from FA Custard Premium. Hands down my favorite custard it is just so buttery and fits in here seamlessly with its Pi cohort.

FA Cookie and FA Apple Pie combine to emulate a rather decent tart layer, and I'm sure they both benefit from the premium buttery goodness and various cream subtleties throughout their fellow flavors.

FA Meringue for the meringue, FA Cream Whipped to prop it up with some major texture, INW Creme Brulee to add some layer separation, and VT Lemon Meringue Tart brings it all together with notes/hints of everything.

User: cultureviolet Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
This guy - Mr. Pudding - I don't know how he does it. This is a man dedicated to the craft. Anyways, I seen the reddit post for this and immediately ordered the missing flavors, they came in the mail and I mixed it up. Right off the shake - its very strawberry forward, but you do get some cheesecake. After the week of steeping (I'd say it continues improving throughout the second week as well) that pie/graham crust scenario comes to the surface and really makes itself apparent, the cheesecakes do their thing, and the strawberries meld wonderfully as well (thanks ID10-T)- this is an ADV for me. Don't write this off because you think it's just another SnC variation - there is plenty of nuance here and puts the cheesecake trinity on grand display, covered with that semi-artificial strawberry goodness :) Keep it up Alfred.
User: cultureviolet Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Taking the advice of Pudding,Alf I mixed up a 60mL... and let me say this is absolutely, superlatively divine! The evolution of the steep is a course-style delectable ride from buttery flaky croissant to its deeep sweet doughier daughta. A rich, *true* bakery treat; the mouthfeel here coats the surface and just keeps getting better and better succeeding in the impression of buttery and fried... I'm finding myself audibly lipsmacking =P finna get more steeping immediately. Great use of obvious talent here, the execution is flawless, it's my great pleasure to expect more from you! Protip: this goes swimmingly well with some chocolate pu erh+spicy red dragon chai or tea/coffee of your choice. Go crazy, experiment with pairings. I'm addicted to croissants IRL, just incredibly inspiring stuff here, maybe I can displace some of those calories lol.
User: cultureviolet Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I love this recipe. The FLV tobaccos do their delightful dance of the undead, reanimating throughout with such incredible nuance and style. Here they bring their PB dancin shoes and it's time to rock baby! I always love an opportunity to work with peanut butter and you nailed a great one here, DX PB/FLV pb/FW Hazelnut is a worthy combo. I enjoy this at multiple intervals throughout the steep,. I honestly just pick it up whenever and it almost always delivers. Inspiring stuff here.
User: cultureviolet Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I just received Milk & Honey and was looking through recipes for an opportunity to utilize it and I'm SUPER G L A D I stumbled upon this! Such a delicious mix of flavors from the OG vic, I think you should start an alterego/antihero named chemicalburnperp cause this shit is perpetrating a miasma of mouth euphoria all over my gustatory cortex (and olfactory sense neurons) that can only be described as a consummation of chemical love delivered by yours truly, the Doc. On day 2.5 of vaping, will update if for some reason it really does burn me as it steeps.
User: cultureviolet Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I have been looking for an opportunity to use WF Starfruit in something (and CAPSL 27 bears for that matter) and this definitely fits the bill. Never played Stardew Valley but you've successfully piqued my interest and may have to follow up with that. As far as the flavor goes.... it's scrum-diddley-umptious! Obviously some sort of fusion gummy, this is really growing on me. I'm kinda wondering what it would be like with that starfruit turned up a tad, might try that out. Either way, great job, I dig it. Curious what was in place of WF Starfruit before the change was made. (AP informed me it was INW Aloe, very interesting!). Just a little update: I know this is technically a SnV but I found it to be best after day 3 and maybe best at day 5. I'm somewhat sensitive to Wild Melon and it took about that long for it to meld into sweet amalgamation.
User: cultureviolet Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Another satisfied consumer here. Not that I EVER doubted you especially with the aid of MrBurg, but this was really eye-opening for me. I feel like you've hopefully forever-altered the course for cereal vapes to become as complex and delicious as this fine one here without a hint of artificiality. Have you considered a future in mixology (only half-kidding)? I know you're not icarus and wont fly TOO close to the sun (stay in school) but goddamnit if you aren't selling oneshots in no time. Would always love to hear more from you so maybe consider starting a podcast. Much love my puddin
User: cultureviolet Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I LOVE this recipe. Underrepresented for sure, I can't believe I just stumbled across it. You've given me a new use for sweet rice and I am eternally grateful. This has certainly earned a spot in my rotation with its uniqueness so I don't feel like such a POS vaping the same profiles all the time. #winning
User: cultureviolet Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I love this recipe! Needed a mix to test out my new PUR cheesecakes and Devon Cream for that matter and this fit the bill in spades. I flew through the original 30mL and I just mixed up a 60mL. My plan is to presteep it and try out different 10mLs adding various fruit bases or nuts/caramel or whatever to it. What I found this was especially good for is after vaping 1/2 to 3/4s of a tank of something, filling the rest of the tank up with this, shaking it and vaping it, then vaping a tank or two just Creamy Cheesecake, then vice versa; adding another recipe, shaking and then vaping that recipe for a while and so on. Like the perfect in-between flavor for cheesecake lovers. Not to diminish its merit on it's own, it's absolutely fabulous! Thank you FizzChaser.
User: cultureviolet Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
As a big PB&J guy I absolutely loved this take. With all due respect I may sub for DX PB next go round, for posterity. Keep up the amazing work, you re truly an inspiration!
User: cultureviolet Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
ADV right here. All day baby! Been a hot minute since somethin' scratched my fancy like this. Thank you for putting the effort into this, it certainly paid off :)
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