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VT Banana custard is such a nice banana flavor, with the custard contributing to the entire pudding base.

The Devon Cream comes with a nice soft Chocolate note, teamed up with Chocolate mousse makes for a creamy mellow milk chocolate .

The cookies and cream also does contribute to the pudding with the cream portion and adds a mild bakery note in the back to keep it interesting at 1.5%.

My first version did not include the devon cream and was not nearly as flavor full or creamy. It also had Croissant for the little bakery I was looking for instead of cookies and cream. This version is the winner!

Really enjoying this one! First vape with chocolate that I can vape all day.

"Together lets discover" :)

I prefer this recipe with a small % of sweetener.it really helps the chocolate come thru in a more realistic way.

This is my 3rd and final version of this profile/Recipe

FA Zeppole and Wf cinnamon pastry for inside of this delicious donut
FA Cookie to add a little more bakery and crispness to the outer part of the donut
FLV Apple filling to add a nice spicy apple taste, more in the back, because I was not going for an apple filled donut
FA Catalan cream for a little more spice and mouth feel
FW Butterscotch ripple for the drizzle, along with FLV Caramel to add a brown sugar note and contribute to the drizzle

Very much enjoying this recipe. Please leave feedback if you decide to mix it up

FW Sweetener is optional, but I feel it contributes to the donuts authenticity

I'm so glad I participated in this weeks mix because this mix is so delicious! Really enjoying this one

The crispy outer shell layer used CAP Cereal 27, WF Deep fried pastry dough and WF Glazed donut

I feel the Cereal 27 contributes nicely to the crispy outer shell of the pastry with the deep fried pastry dough and glazed donut for the inside portion

The cream base used here is the new FA vanilla ice cream with CAP Vanilla whipped cream for mouth feel. My original thought was to use LB VBIC, but I use that so often, I wanted to try FA in a mix.

I used FE Lemon with FA Custard to make that lemon pop a bit
The first version of this, I used FA Lemon sicily, but it did not come thru the way FE Lemon did. Also, I know the FE Lemon will not fade the way Lemon sicily will after a good steep.

CAP Super sweet is optional but I feel it contributes to the recipe

I created this after mixing 3 versions of a straight up Cream puff. Although I was pretty happy with one of the 3, I feel the profile was a bit basic and needed a little something more for it to be something I would vape a lot of. That is where the lemon comes in.

The pound cake base used here uses Flv Pound Cake with WF Shortbread cookies for the buttery outer crust
The Vanilla pudding used: Flv Vanilla pudding and VT Pudding base makes for a very creamy vanilla pudding, and 1.5% of FA vanilla bourbon to add to the vanilla experience. IMO Flv vanilla pudding needs a little help in the vanilla dept.

This is a creamy Vanilla pudding with a nice Pound cake flavor
I mixed up a 30 ML tester and after 3 days Began to destroy it. After a week its already a nice smooth tasty vape.
This will be one of my ADVs.. For a while anyway

Please drop a review if you decide to mix this
Thanks for checking it out!

The Combo of TPA Papaya, FLV Mango and FA Passionfruit create the tropical mix
The Cream base used here with TFA Vanilla bean ice cream and HS Ice Cream make for a nice creamy flavorful vape
Feel free to use a different vbic if you get pepper, my 2nd choice was LB Vanilla ice cream (But lately, I use that in everything)

This is pretty tasty off the shake but gets real nice after about a week.

Thanks for the look.. If you choose to mix this, any feedback is always very much appreciated

This recipe is inspired from @freshepies (Fresh 03)
His combination of LB Vanilla ice cream with Flv vanilla pudding really does create an excellent "custardish" Base!
Also using Fresh's suggested combination of FW Blueberry, Flv Boysenberry and FA Blackcurrent creates such a delicious berry flavor.
This mix is really good off the shake and just improves quite quickly.
I was hesitant to make this public as it really is entirely inspired by Fresh 03, But I just had to share this ADV with the community.


lb Strawberry Cheesecake for the strawberry and its contribution to the cream and crust, NR Strawberry biscuit for the crust and strawberry topping
FA Kiwi for a nice authentic kiwi along with TPA Quince to make the fruit on top juicy
LB Vanilla bean ice cream for the cream layer the fruit lays on
Cap super sweet at .50% adds a perfect amount of sweetness.. Feel free to omit if your not a sweetener person


The Yogurt base: Cap Greek Yogurt with FW Yogurt is a perfect combo IMO (Inspired from Mopheads channel)
The Peach base using FA White peach, TPA Juicy Peach, FA Apricot and a touch of FA Raspberry creates a sweet peach flavor
Cap super sweet is optional, but I feel it contributes to the authenticity of a yogurt with a sweet peach topping


Have you ever tried Cookie Dough Cheesecake? I have not, but it sure sounds like an awesome profile to tackle. This recipe did not disappoint!
The very first version I created was really good. I just knew I could make it better. After playing with percentages, as well as adding in Cap butter cream and TPA Brown sugar, I felt it was complete.

Cap NY Cheesecake with FW Vanilla bean ice cream are a match made in heaven in this mix. Along with TPA Graham cracker clear for a delicious creamy cheesecake base.
The Obvious Flv Cookie dough with some help from TPA Double chocolate clear, FA Vanilla bourbon, CAP Butter cream and TPA brown sugar for the tasty cookie dough flavor and texture
CAP Super sweet is of course optional if your not into sweet vapes, although I feel it fits the profile well. I also used super sweet at .25 on previous versions which worked quite well.
This recipe to me was very good immediately, but as always, the creams and the awesome NY Cheesecake comes out after a few days to a week.

I hope this recipe gets mixed up in the community. Please leave any feedback you may have if you choose to mix my recipe. Thank you in advance!
Mixed recipe at 70VG/30PG

V1 Used Inw chocolate.Very tasty off the shake, Taste and texture is there, V2 will play with %s for more flavor
V2 Used Cap double chocolate clear and upped the cookie dough .5% upped the graham cracker clear .50
V3 reduced vbic to 1.5% and included cap butter cream at .50 and TPA Brown sugar at .50


I know this is far from a groundbreaking recipe, but it is totally delicious and I have not been able to put it down.
All the credit for the strawberry flavoring goes to ID10T for creating his "Holy Trinity Strawberry combination"
Although it is a simple recipe, it has the perfect balance of flavorings IMO

FA Zeppola gives the fried donut flavor and contributes to the doughiness of the donut
TPA Frosted Donut also contributes to the donut, as well as adding a powdered sugar feel to the mix
FA Meringue and Cap Vanilla whipped cream create a nice light fluffy cream
FA Red Touch Strawberry, INW Shisha Strawberry and JF Strawberry sweet combination created by Dave (ID10T) is just a dam tasty strawberry combination that really nails the strawberry profile
CAP Super sweet at .25% just helps keep these amazing flavors on your pallet.
This has easily become an ADV for me
Recommend a minimum of 7 days to start to taste the donut. As a shake and vape, you will be able to enjoy the strawberry combination, the donut and creams just take a little longer to really come thru to complete the donut.

User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
This is a such a super unique recipe that is very hard to put down. Just the right amount of waffle and maple syrup where it is not over powering the rest of the delicious flavors. Homerun!!
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
Delicious! Perfect sugary creamy cookie! Authentic texture and flavor Definitely changes quite dramatically after a good steep! After 3 weeks it's very hard to put down! Great job with this. Can't wait to mix the lemon adaptation!! and maybe adapt with some strawberry
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
Excellent recipe! Perfect combination of candy banana and authentic banana. Great right away! Looking forward to it after a good steep! If it lasts that long!
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
Delicious recipe!!! after a good steep the ice cream blends so well with the honeysuckle with that nice vanilla flavor very present!! First floral recipe I can't put down!
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Excellent recipe. So tasty after a good steep! Never tried the original but this one is definitely added to the rotation
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Excellent recipe! After a steep this recipe is awesome. Not a fan of cereal vapes until I mixed this one. Thanks for sharing!
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Excellent tasty recipe! Let it steep as indicated in comments, and it of course just got even better. Mixing a big bottle of it right now! Thanks again for sharing
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This recipe is totally delicious! The Ry4 double gives a nice throat hit, and with the cookie dough and all other flavors it makes for an excellent mix! This has easily become an ADV for me
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Great mix Clayton! If your looking for authentic Frosted Flakes this is it. I tried it with .5 super sweet and .75... .75 makes it more like the real thing. Thanks for sharing this with us.
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
If you like Pina Colada you must mix this recipe! I ordered the flavors I was missing to mix this and glad I did! Spot on Pina colada. Nice smooth flavorful recipe. 5 stars all day long.. another awesome mix Dave!
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
Great fall recipe. Definitely has a nice apple compote flavor. I added cap sugar cookie for some texture and it’s. Bangin! Thanks for sharing
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
Excellent simple, Well balanced recipe! Thanks for sharing. Its delicious
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
This is a delicious strawberry and cream recipe. I mixed it a few months ago and kind of forgot about it. I remember it was pretty good off the shake, but after a steep, it has really come together. The Strawberry balance and flavor is perfect, combined with the creams, specifically the cream cheese icing just giving it that extra zing. Cant go wrong with this one!
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
Such a delicious simple strawberry vape. Perfectly balanced. Great job Mop
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
Thanks for sharing Cloudymotherchucker! This is nice simple recipe that packs an awesome flavor. I feel it nails the profile quite nice and the flavors are balanced perfectly! Great job!
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
Super tasty 3 flavor tropical mix. Each of the 3 flavors are balanced in a way you can taste them individually. Also, as previously stated below, the aroma this vape throws turns heads when it is exhaled! Excellent example of how recipes do not need to be over complicated.
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
Excellent Key Lime Pie recipe Mophead! Let this steep a couple weeks and its delish. Perfectly balanced and smooth. I am very happy I ordered FA Florida key lime for this recipe. Florida key lime layered with fa lime cold pressed is perfect! Great job with this one. Thanks for sharing with us
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
Excellent recipe. I brought in Flv Mango for this recipe and I am so glad I did, I do not usually care for Mango, but this recipe has for sure changed that opinion. The combination with the sweet rice and other supporting notes are perfectly balanced and make for a 5 star mix!
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
This is recipe is very true to its profile. A nice creamy ice cream with fried berry crunch. The AP and Joy at .25%, and the kettle corn really gives off that fried feel. Great recipe Tammy! Really enjoying this one. Thanks for sharing
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
Me Burgamdy nailed it with this recipe! I mixed this about 3 months ago and forgot about it. This is a tasty spot on cinnamon Frosted Flakes. Awesome job! Thank you for sharing.
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
Excellent simple summertime recipe. I was looking for a recipe to try Guanabana for the first time cause I did not feel like single flavor testing it. This was a perfect fit. With guanabana being the star of the show, the supporting flavors of pink guava and Inw cactus to make it interesting. This mix went excellent with a Corona in the sun. Thank you for sharing, its coming to Florida with me next week. Cant wait to see what else I can do with Guanabana.. So tasty
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
Excellent recipe. I am so glad I got FE Lemon for this recipe. I personally prefer this one over V1. Flavors are perfectly balanced making for a perfect lemon bakery recipe. Thank you for sharing Daz Cole
User: corvape Score: 5 Entered: 5 days ago
Great Recipe Alfred! You can't go wrong with that strawberry combination. The Cheesecake base is perfect. INW Yes we cheesecake has become my favorite cheesecake flavoring, although it lacks in the crust department, you fixed that with the cap ny cheesecake, pie crust and cheesecake graham crust. This has become adv for me, and I always have a bottle on hand when Im not sure what I want to vape. Great job!! Thanks for sharing
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