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First created for the Mossyrock Blueberry Festival of 2017, in Mossyrock, WA. Bright Blueberry with a light cookie and whipped cream.


From @cutwoodspy on, a posted leaked recipe confirmed by enyawreklaw. I just wanted a copy here for my personal ease of access and in case others wanted same. Details are per enyawreklaw's conments on OP.

Buttered Toast + Raspberry Jam. POW!
Still tweaking but liking it very much so far. Suggestions welcome!

Buttered Toast + Blueberry Jam. POW!
Jam Monster Blueberry clone. Still tweaking but liking it very much so far. Suggestions welcome!

UPDATE 1/27/17: add 3% TFA Butter to prev recipe and it's even better (β testers are telling me it's amazing). But. As tasty as it is, it's not the clear, precise clone I'm looking for. Not yet. I'm thinking of starting over, greatly simplifying, just bc right now it's blending very nicely and that makes it hard to discern where the "problem" lies. For me, this isn't just to make another tasty juice. The goal is to sharpen my skills at making a specific target. One that can at least somewhat be objectively verified - as much as a decision from taste buds between different individuals can be rendered objectively, anyway.

To this end, I'd be immensely grateful if some of you very experienced mixers out there would give this a try and share your comments? Thank you very much in advance...

For all you fellow Cascadians out there - my latest fave ADV. Marionberries FTW!

A close relative of My Pony, but with stronger "green" notes of lime and pear. A wilder flavor, hence "green-broke", as they say in the horsey world.

Please read my Notes below. Thanks for checking it out!

This is my testing space. A placeholder for whatever WIP I'm working on atm, and subject to drastic change at any minute. Vape at your own risk LOL!!

Pony on Acid-esque, multi-fruit w/strong strawberry and pear notes. IMHO pretty faithful. Pls give feedback. Thanks!

Lucky charms++ with deeper cereal notes. I know, the Cactus choice seems weird. But all it does is give more juiciness to a recipe that otherwise might be a little dry, and it twists the berries' nose just a little. If you like you can add up to 1% Sucralose. I don't. If you do, you might want to decrease the Marshmallow to taste.


Like the Stash™ tea flavor; very nice w/tea/cakes. High notes of bergamot and lavender. No steeping required. Shake and vape.

Koolada is optional, but gives a nice freshness. Sucralose also optional.

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This recipe is delicious, and since I breastfed all three of my children I’m definitely in favor of breastfeeding; but is the sexism really necessary? C’mon, Dave. At least pretend there might be female (and enlightened male) DIYers who are offended by the sexist description? Not everyone who vapes is a bro.
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