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This is one of th best things you'll taste. Take it and love it


This is amazing and awesome. Everything you wanted from a blueberry vape.

Fresh. Authentic. Super moist. Great mouth feel.

++** Add one drop of super sweet per 30ml if you like it sweet. And great with ice**++


thanks shyndo, the eggnog was a great addition. i just wanted to add a little more volume

This is heaven in the mouth and throat area.
SMOOTH. FRESH. SWEET and just the right amount of creamy.
Reminds me of the pineapple coconut candy cane sticks at Mexican food restaurants.

This is my favorite cola mix I've tried. Came about from others of what I didn't like and liked.
The WS-23 is actually PUR WS-3..otherwise, mix it how you would mix WS-23 if you just wanted a hint.

Took the melon tea idea from Wayne, and adding FLV black tea from another user...I can't remember though. I think it was called paradise - I loved the idea and I had 100ml of JF Honeydew that I couldn't manage to use. Turned out I was using it way too low. Here's what happened.

EDIT: OK, anything below is out the window. It's gone through so many changes since I posted this that the profile has nothing to do with where I began or was striving for. HOWEVER, it came out to be a really tasty vape so that's why I'm leaving it up.

Was trying to emulate my favorite pipe tobacco I used to roll into cigarettes back in the day. It kind of took a turn when the profile matched, but the experience was just meh. Added some depth with the fruit and it rounded out nicely but nowhere close to what I was going for. Incredibly smooth.

This is one of those, that if you don't have all the flavors, you can probably mix and match, but if you're getting sick of the same fruit/desert mixes, winter is rolling around and you need a change, go for the Nic Riv splurge and get em all. You need these in your pantry anyways.

The longer I vape, the more I get sick of flavors quicker and it's been a problem.
ADV recipes are a must and I've discovered that LESS flavor is more in the long run.
Anytime I make a great tasting recipe, I'm sick of it the next day just because it's TOO MUCH. So I've taken a new direction.
Here's something that doesn't get old quickly. It's refreshing yet subtle at the same time.
Don't shy away because you see "mint". It's not strong and it's exactly what this strawberry needs.


I took @enyawreklaw 's "unfinished" MILK BY THE POUND and added. Turned out to be bomb. ENJOY

Tried sticking to only green yummies, but I had to add a few contrasting to give it the nice bite.

I also add PUR sweet @ 1 drop/10ml

User: cmyjones Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
thank you for the inspiration. bavarian cream, genius
User: cmyjones Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
love this. substituted INW pineapple for VT Pineapple sugarloaf. incredible.
User: cmyjones Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
this is great thanks. also i was sent FA Dark Wood instead, and I'm not complaining. i also didn't have INW pipe, but got FA golden pipe, also not complaining on this one either. thanks!
User: cmyjones Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
this is amazing. thanks. i didn't have INW pineapple, but i switched it with VT Pineapple Sugarloaf and it's real nice
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