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A remix with some newer flavors of something that go mixed up when I first started mixing. Redone and revamped with some major improvements. It is a peach/honeydew main profile, with some kiwi, and watermelon in the supporting role. All of the fruit is mingled with some sweet cream and Koolada is just a hint of coolness. This vape is very refreshing summer vape that gives you a light sorbet feeling on your palette. Was a favorite back in the day, and I have a feeling this is going to come back into the rotation once more.

Here is the old recipe if anyone is interested.

This is simple. It's one of my go-to's when I want a good candy.


This is the first recipe in my new series of Simple-juice, Banana Pudding. (TPA) Banana cream is pretty much already banana pudding, so this recipe is just about balancing the other ingredients perfectly so that it tastes like a perfect Banana Puddin' and not just Banana Mush. (CAP) Sugar Cookie give it that sweetness and lightness to keep it a pudding and then (FA) Meringue is a perfect eggy, sweet, component to make this juice a little more complex. Simple-juice is making e-juice better and more simple.

Keep mixing!

I have wanted to mix up Wayne's Misty juice, but I always forget to get the concentrates to make it. Today I was mixing up some recipes from the community and I decided I wanted to mix up a mixed berry type Juicy Juice like I had as a kid.

Harvest Berry: The base of this yummy recipe. Smell it, taste it on the back of your hand this is definitely screaming to be in a juice-based recipe. Being as this flavor is so complete on its own, there are only a couple things added to make it pretty much perfect.

Cactus: It is well known that this concentrate will add a bit of juicy-ness and this is the perfect percent to do that. Not much else to say about that.

Anton Apple and Strawberry: I thought these two flavors needed to be in this juice to make it slightly more complex and not as linear as the Harvest Berry on its own.

This recipe is Shake-n-Vape certified and it will come together in 2 days. Don't let this thing sit on the shelf too long because it is only fruit so it will get weaker after a while.


Simple Shamrock Shake from Mcdonald's. For all those times when you want a Shamrock shake but they are only here for 2 months out of the year. Give this thing a good 3-5 days for all of the Creams to work their magic and the mint to fall into the background like a true shamrock shake. If you like your Shamrock Shake extra minty bump the Creme De Menthe to 3%. The Butter Cream is what sets this Shamrock Shake apart from other recipes of the same. It adds that buttery cream that is perfect for this profile.

My "basket" ingredients:
I used Cinnamon Danish Swirl, Fuji, and Strawberry Ripe to make the main flavor for the jam. I lowered the CDS down to meld together with the apple and create a "baked cinnamon apple" and the strawberry ripe is there to round it out and be just a bright fruit to and I bent the apple with the cinnamon to make the cinnamon play with the strawberry.
My "pantry" ingredients:
I used Liquid amber to create the "jam" consistency it helps bend the cinnamon to work with the strawberry. I used Sugar Cookie to give the Sweet bakery taste that jam has. I am not sure how to describe that. And FA Meringue is to add just a hint of sugar to the whole thing


Pretty Simple. Melon base with Strawberry and Optional EM to boost it up. Able to sub out pretty much anything with your preferences. I talk more about it in my podcast:
Overnight Steep

User: cloudstate Score: None Entered: almost 5 years ago
I mixed up 30mls of this today. What is a steep time on this?
User: cloudstate Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Freaggin amazazaZING good work, buddy!
User: cloudstate Score: 4 Entered: over 4 years ago
Dent man, I love ya, brah thanks for sending me juice this was really good yo :)
User: cloudstate Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
10/10 Fregging awesome you're amazing!
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I think that this recipe has extreme potential. Firstly, (TPA) Cheesecake tastes like Dirty socks so I would take that out and only use (TPA) Cheesecake (Graham Crust) (CAP) NY Cheesecake. Secondly, with this many flavorings it is bound to get pretty muddy. I would take all the blueberries out except Blueberry (Extra) because it is perfect for bakeries. I would bump it up to 6%.I would also omit the (CAP) Super Sweet, (TPA) Dairy/Milk, (TPA) Vanilla Cupcake, and (CAP) VBIC. This should leave you with a Blueberry cheesecake that has very distinct flavors in it. If you are not very happy with this recipe, I would make these changes but if you are happy with it, keep vaping it. Taste is all subjective. Happy Mixing!
User: cloudstate Score: 3 Entered: over 3 years ago
This is an awesome base. While vaping the first 15ml I thought something was missing and one day I was drinking lemonade and with a drink of that and hitting the vape, it was the PERFECT taste! I added FW Natural Lemonade at 5% and it was perfectly tart and brought the whole juice together!
User: cloudstate Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
This is BOMB! Have been meaning to make a blueberry muffin, but I didn't actually get around to doing the testing. I mixed this up because it had been crummy weather here, and just pulled it out again and vaped it and it is PERFECT with my morning cup of tea. I wasn't sure about the cream notes but they really meld into the juice! Can't get enough!
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