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Just plain vanilla custard easy to mix easy to vape.

Not sure how this will be. I will update after it steeps and I get to taste it.

I have no idea how this is going to turn out. After a steep I will update my results.

Just trying something out I will later update the notes if it is good.

Straight forward blueberry custard. Simple no frills. I will update description after I vape.

Plain vanilla ice cream in a cone. This is the simple version of my first recipe which was good but I just want to see how it comes out if I simplify things.

After I have let it steep for seven days I love it. Even better than my first recipe. Mix this and try it if your looking for a simple all day vape.


This is the first batch I have mixed up. I will see how it goes and add notes after steep.

After steeping for 2 weeks I have tried it out. I really enjoyed this. Vanilla ice cream forward then it finishes with a buttery cone. I am very pleased. I will be trying out a V2 of which I have already posted a recipe. My reasons for changing to a new recipe is I think it could have a bit more dairy flavor. Please don’t let this stop you from mixing it. It really is enjoyable. I like simple flavors and this hits the spot.

This is still a work in progress. I am trying to go for a plain straight forward strawberry ice cream.

To be honest not quite there yet. I still leaves a lot to be desired. Mix if you would like but I would go ahead and pass over this one.

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