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Base mix for homemade PB. Slightly modified HIC's peanut butter. Needs a bit of steeping, then it should smell exactly like TPA PB.

A fantastic summer vape. Watermelon and rum with a hint of lime. Needs a few days for the lime to mellow out.

My best recipe by far. Strawberry cream, very smooth. Needs 7 days to be good. 14 days will be magnificent.

Tropical fruit blend. The best flavors of an island getaway.

Just like real Samoa Girl Scout cookies. Chocolate, caramel, cookie, and coconut.

This is a bang on Belmont clone. It tastes better than the original!

Super menthol, only with flavor! A well rounded mint/menthol mix that tastes like more than medicinal menthol.

A recipe years in the making. Peanut butter, graham cracker, and banana. Please see my PB flavor base for details on that flavor.

Fried doughy cinnamon donut. More similar to a bakery doughnut than a Hostess.

Sweet and slightly tart cherry limeade similar to Sonic's beverage.

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Thanks for posting this, but I've since heavily upgraded/modified this recipe.
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