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A good old vitamin c drink/vape. Sometimes pineapple is too sweet on it's own so you bring in some orange juice to settle the sweetness and this is just what happened in this recipe. Although the (CAP) Juicy Orange does add extra sweetness, this recipe pulls on the strength of the juciness from the (CAP) Juicy Orange. (FA) mandarin and (CAP) Sweet Tangerine carry a nice depth from an orange/tangerine flavor and are a pair made in heaven, they are meant to go together. The (CAP) Golden Pineapple is true to it's name and it's playing so nicely with it's citrus companions. For added excitement the (TPA) Rainbow Sherbet carries that citrus fizzle you'd expect to taste in the fruit being freshly eaten or squeezed fresh into a glass. On the inhale you have the liveliness of the mandarins and a pull of pineapple fizz, on the exhale is an orange blast. The entire experience from inhale to exhale is totally on par with a fresh glass of a pine/orange juice that you would skull down first thing in the morning to kick start your day. A total energizing mornings embrace that's packed with vitamin c.
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A sweet little 1, 2, 3 shake and vape recipe. This will take you back to the candy shop, you've bought a large scoop of clear wrapped lemon sherbets and your mouth is watering as the shop assistant pours the scoop into a brown paper bag and with out taking your eyes off the paper bag that is handed to you by the shop assistant, you pay with out looking else where and blindly head out of the shop door and place your hand into the bag to retrieve just one lemon sherbet that will be savored on your trip home.
On the inhale you have your sweet lemon, the exhale is a party of sherbet that is similar to breaking the center of the lemon sherbet candy. The sherbet is most certainly further enhanced by the pleasures of lemon. I see the honey bringing sweetness to the lemon, so it is never sour, but just to make sure, a little sweet mate never goes astray.
Tested on an RDA.

This recipe was made for a challenge, which you had to use TPA Papaya at 7% and TPA Rainbow Sherbet at 2.4%, the challenge was set by SydneyVapour.com in the DIY Downunder face book group. As part of that challenge, you were only allowed to use the TPA/TFA concentrates that are available from SydneyVapour.com. With those rules in place there was a great selection to chose from.
With the Papaya being the biggest player in this recipe you'd expect it to be over powering but it's not. The Papaya plays very nicely with all of his little companions. On the inhale the Papaya is slightly in the lead on a mild note, then his juicy friends are right behind him and all at the same time. It's a lovely moist and juicy, not so tropical inhale. The exhale is almost the same and you are left with a refreshing feeling. If I did have a TPA Meringue I would have used it at around .5% for a chewy center and also a small amount of sweetener would not have gone astray. But it is what it is and it's actually refreshing, I find myself picking it up and vaping on it just as you would pop a piece of gum or candy in your mouth for a refreshment. I see it as a Papaya flavored juicy fruit with a nice light bubblegum factor. Tested on an rda.

This can be a shake and vape, but gets much better around day 3. Great for a cold, reminds me of a cough drop that is buttered and orange. Please note VT Orange was used in this recipe. All instructions were courtesy of Vape Train. I mix this at 70 vg 30 pg. You could add some menthol to this too around 0.5%.
Please note nicotine was used in the recipe I made and was still great to vape!

User: catwood Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
A delightful tasting pound cake with the glory of golden butter.
User: catwood Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
I subbed cap golden butter with vt butter base......subbed inw shisha vanilla with vt vanilla cream......subbed sugar daddy with vt sweet mate.......subbed 000 sweet cream with tfa sweet cream.....subbed tpa whipped cream with tfa vanilla swirl. Off the shake and on the inhale I'm getting a soft cake and some sweetness, the exhale seems to be slightly creamy with remnants of cake, I'll give it the recommended 5 day steep then try again, but it's a pleasant light cake n cream at the moment. Definitely worth mixing.
User: catwood Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
The strawberry combination is smooth, the strawberry flavors you have chosen work extremely well together and they do not overpower the mix. As I vape it, I get a lovely smooth strawberry among-st a lovely cream base. I steeped it for 19 days and dripped it on a single coil build in the drop dead rda. Nice work on a pleasant vape, would recommend to any one who likes Strawberries among st a creamy base.
User: catwood Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
This is quite possibly the smoothest and creamiest banana combination I have ever tasted. It has a light sweetness that is balanced very well. The crepe is a light back note and where it should be when you smother a crepe with lovely creamy sweet and moist banana's. I like how you held the custard back and let the banana's and the creams be the hero on the crepe. Well done and thank you for a delicious recipe.
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