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Butterscotch Banana Bread with a twist.
FW Butterscotch for candyish butterscotch sweetness. FW Banana Pur茅e & FA Banana is a great banana combo that mixes well with the butterscotch. OOO Cornbread for that bread/cake flavor. The slight corn note layers nice beside the banana. TPA Acetyl Pyrazine gives it that grittyness and pushes the corn flavor a bit. WF Walnut for a sweet buttery walnut accent that sits in the background. FA Meringue for more sweetness and more mouthfeel. PUR Super Sweet at 0.50% is where I like it, but I like it sweet. Any sweetener may be subbed for PUR. As a lot of my recipes the sweetener may be added at a lower percentage or omitted and it will still be tasty. I understand not everyone has a sweet tooth the size of Texas as I do. It could go off the shake, but I find it a bit harsh and the layers form better the longer it steeps. After a week it is good and after two it is 馃憤馃憤

(Edited to fill the meet the parameters of the challenge. Swapped the INW Pineapple for CAP Juicy Orange and bumped the CAP Honeydew a %.)
A Smooth Tropical Melon. CAP Sweet Mango is the main note. CAP Sweet Guava to deepen it a bit and give it some sweetness. CAP Honeydew Melon rounds off the edges of the Mango & Guava while making it slightly juicier. FA Oba Oba makes the melons pop and creates more mouthfeel. CAP Juicy Orange for some juicy tangyness. PUR Super Sweet at 0.50% which could go higher, but I like my coils and works for my palette.

A Creamy Sweet Eggnog Latte.
Starting with PUR Caramel Coffee with Sweet Cream. One of the best coffee flavors IMO. Smooth coffee with a caramel sweetness and no burnt off notes.
VT Coffee Milk Froth to add the creamy milk froth note and give the coffee more depth.
OOO Cream Milky Undertone to add a smooth milk note with some mouthfeel.
FA Meringue to round out the cream/milk notes. Give a more airy egg flavor and add some sweetness.
FLV Eggnog was the obvious choice for the Eggnog flavor. Best Eggnog flavor out there also IMO. Well balanced spices with the nog in the background.
FA Jamaican Rum to add a slightly boozy spice sweetness.
PUR Super Sweet to sweeten it up a touch, but can be omitted as it is already sweet. I just like it sweeter.
Minimum 7 day steep for it to start to smooth out. Really get solid after 2-3 weeks. It is vapeable off the shake but is a bit harsh.

A thick, creamy, sweet, and spicy gingerbread cake with cream cheese frosting. Working on some simple seasonal/holiday mixes for the changing season and hit this one on the nose. Really loving this. Great as shake and vape, but gets better over time as the spice tones down a bit.
CAP Gingerbread 3%- A great gingerbread flavor but leans a bit more towards a dry gingerbread cookie. I want cake.
FA Jamaica Rum 0.50%- Adds just a touch of sweet spice and darkness.
CAP NY Cheesecake 5%- I always grab this when I want something creamier and have more weight(mouthfeel). Also used it for the cream cheese frosting note.
CAP Butter Cream 1%- Mixed with the NY Cheesecake it completed the frosting and added more creamyness.
TPA Acetyl Pyrazine 0.25%- To give it a more grainy baked note.
CAP Super Sweet 0.25%- Just a touch of sweetener to, well you know, make it sweeter. You may omit the sweetener and it is still great. Some may feel it doesn't need it at all.

A very refreshing sweet ginger mango vape. Mixing recipes for the warmer time of year and playing around with NF Ginger.

CAP Sweet Mango is the main flavor. As in a lot of punch drinks there are bright citrus supporting flavors. CAP Lemon Lime brightens the mix and the CAP Juicy Lemon pushes the sweet lemon flavor a bit more forward. NF Ginger gives a nice sweet ginger spice to the fruits. If you ever need a ginger flavor in any mix I would highly recommend this. A tad of CAP Super Sweet and it is complete. You may add 0.25% more or omit it depending on how sweet you want it. You may also add some WS-23, Koolada, or mint for some cooling/mint flavors that also play very well in this.


My take on a Caramel Custard.
A Rich Creamy Caramel vape with a slight cookie finish. This one is smooth and heavy on the tongue.
FA Caramel is one of the best caramel flavors in the business. It is not a complete caramel flavor, but with help it was the right one. FW Butterscotch Ripple added rounds out the the caramel and gives it some creaminess. INW Custard adds to the creaminess, further rounds out the caramel a bit more, and gives the mix more weight. It also does not necessarily require a long steep, but it does get better over time. INW Biscuit puts in that gritty cookie background. FW Butter Pecan adds a slight nutty note. Sweetener as with most mixes is optional, but PUR Super Sweet at 0.25% gives a perfect overall sweetness. CAP鈥檚 version can be used at the same percentage. Just follow the recipe and use CAP instead. To me PUR鈥檚 Super Sweet is a cleaner tasting sweetener.
This can definitely go off the shake but starts to take shape after a week. The Biscuit gets better and the caramel creams start to melt together. The longer is goes the better it gets. Around three weeks it starts to peak.
EDITED to 1% Biscuit per SlashaLO鈥檚 recommendation which was spot on.馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎


A very simple creamy tropical fruit recipe.

PUR Tropical Blend is a great creamy coconut and pineapple flavor. It is a great single flavor. It was missing something. I wanted a bit more tropical feel so I threw some CAP Golden Pineapple on top and it. Thought about trying to layer more flavors into it. You know, it needs at least 5 more flavors to be legit. After vaping it for awhile I realized it was great as is. It is tasty off the shake and melds together a bit more the longer it steeps.

Creamy cold peppermint vape.
This was the last recipe in a round of working with WS-23 30%. After testing the round with friends. This one was the most requested for more.
路 LB White Chocolate Peppermint- This is one flavor I fell in love with after purchasing it for holiday recipes. It is very smooth with a great peppermint flavor. It finishes with a lite creamy white chocolate flavor.
路 PUR Condensed Milk- Lite on sweetness and weight. Lite smooth milk flavor with no off notes. It mixes well with other milk/cream/chocolate/cheesecake flavors for more depth. You can sub other condensed milks.
路 PUR NY Cheesecake- Very silky smooth cheesecake with a nice graham note. I added it to give the mix more weight and a creamier taste with a bit of graham texture/flavor. You can sub CAP NY Cheesecake at 2% but it won't be quite as smooth.
路 WS-23 30%- another one I love. Blows Koolada out of the water. Cold/frozen effect without changing the accompanying flavors.
路 PUR Super Sweet- Great sweetener and is right there with CAP Super Sweet. It is a tad less sweet than CAP, but does better in cream or bakery recipes IMO. You can sub CAP Super Sweet at the same percentage or TFA Sweetener at 1%
It is great off the shake, but gets creamier after a week.

I was searching for a good Caramel Coffee vape for awhile. After trying PUR Caramel Coffee with Sweet Milk I finally had a direction. It has a good coffee flavor that I didn鈥檛 find totally bitter or burnt. The Caramel in it was not completely burnt flavored. The Sweet Cream was there but needed the most help.
鈥UR Condensed Milk, FA Meringue, & TPA Vanilla Swirl combo makes it a bit sweeter with a more milked flavor. It also gives it gives it a bit more mouthfeel.
鈥W Butterscotch Ripple was an obvious choice to deepen the caramel, make it creamier, and gives more weight.
鈥S-23 30% was another obvious choice to make it a cold coffee. (It can be omitted for just regular caramel coffee.)
鈥AP Super Sweet to make it sweeter. Adjust the percentage or omit to fit your taste. I add TPA Sweetener at 1% to the 0.50% CAP Super Sweet when I wanted to crank up the sweetness. Yeah I like sugar. Fat boy problems. If using only TPA Sweetener use 1% to start and 2% for the Fat boy version.
鈥ou can use just EM if you are sensitive to sucralose, but I wouldn鈥檛 go over 2% and it will slightly mute the flavors.

Off the shake it is ok, vapeable, but is not very creamy and bitter.
鈥t is ok at a week of steeping, but the coffee is still a bit bitter/burntish.
鈥t a 2 week steep it is getting better, but needs more time.
鈥fter a 3 week steep it is a lot better. The milks and creams start to come out and the coffee settles down.
鈥4 weeks is definitely the sweet spot, but to be honest I was at the bottom of the tester bottle by then. With only about 2ml left. Just enough to tell a difference.......then it was gone馃槩.

If you have more patience than I do it is definitely worth it.

After getting LB White Chocolate Peppermint and really liking it. I got an idea from tartarusspawn on ELR. Add some coconut to it. I had Purilum Toasted Coconut Cheesecake, which I like as well. So I figured what the hell and starting playing around. I am still working on the right balance of percentages, but I am really liking it so far.

The front is definitely peppermint. Ending with a slight coconutty finish.
I added CAP Sweet Cream and TPA Whipped Cream for a more creamy taste and more body.
TPA Graham Cracker Clear to boost the cheesecake graham. (This percentage still needs tweaking)
Just a touch of FA Almond to accent the nut in Coconut.
WS-23 30% to boost the cooling of the Peppermint.
CAP Super Sweet at 0.50% to sweeten it up. You could go up or down on the percentage to fit your taste.

In the end the percentages on the Peppermint, Coconut, and Graham flavors need tweaking, but as is I am enjoying it.

User: carolinavapen Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
I am really liking this mix right now. I usually don鈥檛 enjoy cereal profiles. This is not one of them. I am not turned off by all the sweetener. I have fat boy problems. The flavor is light and great for an ADV.. 馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎
User: carolinavapen Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
I did have to sub two of the flavors, so I know it is not 100%, but the profile is spot on tasty. 馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎
User: carolinavapen Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
I had my eye on this one and got around to mixing it. After only a day steep I am really liking it. IMO it is far better than Vape Wild鈥檚 version. The lime and cherry play great together. Lime upfront with a sweet cherry/blue raspberry finish. 馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎
User: carolinavapen Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Really liking this. I love the apple combo with the FW Star Candy, and yes I did add sweetener. 馃憤馃憤
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