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Experiment with Fa New York Cheesecake and Flv Brie Cheese. Very interesting and good cheesecake flavor.

Not the biggest fan of fruit vapes, I prefer custards. But when I do vape fruit, it's tropical. Flavorah Cherimoya is the star here, enhanced with banana cream, pineapple and pear. The Inawera Custard enhances the creaminess of the cherimoya.

This is a warm, rich spiced apple custard tart with notes of caramel, vanilla and a mild touch of tobacco.

I wanted a rich, sweet chocolate tobacco with Flavorah flavors.

I wanted something different from the usual tropical vapes that I do and this is the result. Very creamy SNV Jackfruit forward with pineapple and papaya notes combined give a slight banana taste on the exhale, very delish.


A creamy and mild tobacco vape with a lingering nutty caramel vanilla exhale.

Inspired by ID10-T's Longing. Capellas vanilla bean ice cream and honeysuckle are magical together. I started with that and added hazelnut and milk chocolate resulting in an incredibly smooth and rich gelato tasting vape. Steeping helps the creams to blend but it's excellent from the get go.

Rich vanilla ice cream with sweet fresh figs and earthy walnuts.

This is a strawberry cake with a marshmallow cream icing. Flavorah's poundcake and Inawera lemon cake form the base layered with FA and TPA strawberries. Flv cream and Cap vanilla bean ice cream moisten the cake and boost the icing

Jackfruit and creamy coconut milk with mango and peach notes.

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