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Mint chocolate chip oreo cheesecake. Where the white women at.


One of the first recipes i did when i had about 10 flavors in stock. this recipe was an accident - trying to create something else and this batch reminded me of the blueberry morning cereal my parents had in the pantry. I think it could use a nice fresh milk flavor added to it.

So this is my take on Wayne's take on the pistachio ry4. I didn't have all the things i needed to make his recipe so i came up with this with what i had. To me it tastes pretty damn true to the real thing. Very delicious and easy vape with a good nutty richness. I wanted a bit more sugar cookie with mine and it works wonderfully. With this one i honestly get impatient and pretty mush SNV, and it tastes wonderful as is.

Getting close but i dont quite have the buttery depth yet, ordering some new flavors soon. It is however very delicious even if its not dead on clone.

Cold Green tea with a strong hand of blood orange and a touch of whipped cream to smooth it out.

Tart and fresh Peach Icecream with a solid spike of bourbon.

Nice and light real peach flavor with a hint of yogurt and refreshing apricot.

A Blueberry donut/cookie hybrid. The donut is heavy and breakfasty with a good sweetness.

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