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Before I drink a tall glass of melonade, I like to eat about one hundred and forty seven Fluffy Puff marshmallows!

This is a refreshing melon lemonade with the highlight of this simple recipe being Wild Melon. It's a simple substitution for the Forest Fruit in Ed's excellent Backwoods Lemonade.

Adjust cooling to taste.


An icy swirl of sweet strawberry and tart kiwi. These bold, syrupy fruit flavors complement and contrast with one another in a tangy and refreshing soda that I can’t get enough of.

FA Kiwi: Hands down the best kiwi flavor around, tart and sweet.

TFA Strawberry Ripe & CAP Strawberry Sweet & TFA Strawberry = a syrupy strawberry stone

TFA Dragonfruit to emulsify and preserve the strawberry flavor.

CAP Jelly Candy = Adds a bit of texture, also adds some candy vibes to the soda.

WS23 = Closest thing to a cold fizz you're going to get.

Optional variation: If you want a little more "soda bite", you can add 1% RF Soda Base.

Development notes:
This came out delicious on the first attempt, and subsequent variations haven't improved on this formula much, only slightly balancing the fruits. I've also tried this with other combinations of strawberries (including the daveberry trifectae) in place of this strawberry stone, but ended up returning to the individual formula, then boosting the Kiwi and slightly reducing the Strawberry and Strawberry Ripe to make the kiwi a little more prominent in the mix.


I love vaping orange soda, and I've enjoyed enough of it to form my own ideas for improving the popular recipes. I combined the elements I liked from both Fantastic and Funta, then tweaked the balance and added my own ideas to the mix to create a "full-spectrum" orange soda I can call my own.

The Orange layer:
FW Blood Orange provides a delicious blood orange flavor with a slight "orange peel" zest. (FA Blood Orange will work here as well, but I slightly prefer the "zestier" FW version-- use whichever you like). Shisha Orange adds more sweet, bright, syrupy orange notes to the mix, with the two combining into a full and candy-like orange.

The Tangerine layer:
FA Mandarin provides a realistic tangerine base, with CAP Sweet Tangerine adding some sweet notes to the high end. Compared to Fantastic and Funta, the tangerine in this soda is fuller and more prominent, adding more sweetness and less acidity to the "orange spectrum".

The soda layer:
VT Blood Orange Champagne and VT Fizzy Sherbet at low percentages combine into a pleasant citrus fizz, without the alcoholic or lemon-lime notes of higher values. CAP Jelly candy adds some body and nudges the overall orange flavor in a sweeter and more candy-like direction.

"Utility" flavors:
TFA Strawberry helps blend the orange flavors.
TFA Dragonfruit provides emulsification, and extends the life of the juice.
INW Prickly Pear is used for a citrusy cactus-like juiciness modifier. INW Cactus will work as a substitute if you don't have it, it's just not quite as citrusy.

Adjust to taste:
OoO Powdered sugar serves as a citrusy sweetener that also calms down and smooths any harsh topnotes. If you don’t have it, substitute your sweetener of choice.
WS-23 at 1% is ice cold without excessive brainfreeze-- adjust to taste and tolerance.

I hope you enjoy the Sunmist on these hot summer days!

Vaping something that actually tastes like beer would be gross. This is more of a collaborative interpretive dance inspired by a cold glass of Ruby Red Ale. Notes of hops, raspberry, grapefruit, blood orange, and frothy suds dance on your tastebuds.

Very much a work in progress, but after two revisions, this is getting pretty tasty and hitting most of the right notes.
The first version wasn't tasting "red" enough or fizzy enough. It couldn't quite decide what kind of ale it was..
Version 2 added raspberries, WS-23 to make it cool, and bumped the blood orange champagne up to 4% for more effervescence. Unfortunately it also picked up some cheap wine notes. Just a touch of Vanilla Swirl muted a harsh topnote and made the whole thing a bit smoother.
Version 3 dropped the blood orange champagne back to 2% and added fizzy sherbet to restore the bubbly quality.
Thanks to eyemakepizza and isuamadog, whose idea i remixed into this recipe and whose feedback made it better.


This is not as much a creative effort as a logical combination of two of ID10-T's excellent ideas--the macaron base from Mango Blossom Macaron, and the blueberry flavor from Viserion. It's amazing how well these two elements work together, and as a blueberry lover this is already hands-down my favorite macaron recipe.

Flavor Notes:
FW Blueberry and TPA Blueberry Extra provide a sweet, bright blueberry flavor shamelessly lifted from another of id10-t's best recipes, Viserion (at his suggestion). The dash of Lemon Sicily makes the berries pop. Feel free to substitute INW Lemon Mix or another tart lemon flavor.

Quoting id10-t for the parts of his recipe that I'm re-using for this blueberry variant.
"FA Almond 2%, FA Meringue 2%, CAP Sugar Cookie 2% - Simple and to the point, this is a macaron, a sweet meringue drop cookie made with egg whites, icing sugar, and ground almond. They're often infused with flavors and color, and made into a light, delicate cookie sandwich with a cream filling that might or might not also be flavored and colored. FA Almond gives a clear, clean almond flavor and FA Meringue has both the airy baked egg white and powered sugar thing going on. CAP Sugar Cookie stays sweet, texturizes (makes whole almonds ground), and further bakes these goodies. When I think about what a macaron tastes like, these three concentrates together just seem insanely obvious. AP-laden bakery ingredients are just too heavy for such light and airy cookies. Try this simple 2/2/2 macaron base with your preferred macaron flavors, but take care not to do so with a heavy hand. These treats are delicate and the flavoring should be subtle yet ingratiating.

FLV Cream 1% - There's your cream filling. This stuff is my Frank's Red Hot lately. If you have to sub something, try 1.5 to 2% CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream, which will shorten the steep time, or TFA Whipped Cream 2%, which will stretch it to two weeks. Neither of those will be quite the same, but should still be tasty."

Version History:
Version 1: used the blueberry trifecta, but the bilberry wasn't working for me.

Version 2: Less bilberry, more FW blueberry. I think it's going in the right direction, but it's not far enough, I think.

Version 3 (this): I decide to try the base with another very successful blueberry profile, the one used in Viserion. Even as a shake and vape, I can tell this is a bingo! I'm still testing some variations, because there's no such thing as TOO delicious, but this is now the addictively sweet, delicate blueberry jam delicacy I was hoping for.

Recipe of the Month on, February 2019! Thanks for the updoots everyone!

I asked AlfredPudding to help me make a juice for my sister, who has very different tastes from my own. He put together this nutty, robust and full-bodied unsweetened tobacco blend that turned out so great that I made a second large batch for myself.

Here's Alfred on the details:

"Connecticut Shade is a darker, coffee-like and syrupy tobacco flavor. That pairs really well with Red Burley which is a more robust and dry nutty tobacco flavor that works into the Almond. RY4 Double adds a hint of dirty caramel without making the entire profile too sweet or cloying. Finally, Rice Crunchies is used as a modifier to make the whole thing seem more dry and nutty."

Whenever I get burnt out on the sweet, fruity/dessert-oriented flavors that I typically vape, I load this into my tank.

Variations I've tried and enjoyed: FA Hazelnut can replace the Almond. If you'd like to add a vanilla accent, 2% FA Vanilla Bourbon works well, either in place of or addition to Almond or Hazelnut.

Thanks for the recipe Alfred, your talent is matched only by your generosity!

User: beeker Score: None Entered: over 2 years ago
This is the funniest description I've ever read. Looks tasty, but I'll wait to score it until after a steep.
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
A masterpiece.
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Goddamn this is a delicious raspberry custard. One of the first truly great recipes I discovered, and one I keep returning to.
User: beeker Score: 4 Entered: over 2 years ago
An unusual and mostly successful pairing, however i’m not entirely happy with what the other flavors do to the aftertaste of the already artificial grape flavor. Other than that I really enjoy the pairing even though i’m not a big fan of either grape or mango by itself. Thanks Alfred!
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Don't let the simplicity of the recipe fool you, this is a perfectly balanced blend of three fruits that not only blend incredibly well but that each stand out individually with a taste (rather than becoming an unidentifiable hybrid). This tastes like good times in warm places. I should note that I halved the WS-23 because I'm a coolant lightweight and it's January.
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
I hate most things coconut related. The exception was when I went on vacation to St. John's island in the Carribean, and I was presented with a coconut that had been sliced open so that I could enjoy the smooth, subtle sweetness of the milk within. That's what this tastes like. Top marks.
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Clearly this recipe benefitted from the 7 revision cycles, as you nailed the Oreo Cookies & Cream Ice Cream flavor perfectly. A very well balanced juice that tastes great and tastes exactly like its name, thanks folkart!
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
I mixed both this and Fantastic in the same session, so I could compare the two. They're both delicious, but this one definitely gets the nod. It really nails the orange soda profile, and the differences between this and Fantastic are all noticeable improvements. My newest ADV, it's made me totally forget about the lemonades I used to love. Thanks for the amazing recipe!
User: beeker Score: 4 Entered: over 2 years ago
This is a delicious juice. However, I think Funta may be slightly better in my book. This shouldn't take anything away from this juice, but if you like this juice, I suggest you mix up Funta as well to see which you prefer. These two juices made me totally forget about the lemonades I loved, as they hit a similar sweet cooling citrus note and taste better to me. Thanks for the great juice, the orange soda profile is delicious!
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
A delicious recipe, with a base that's the new gold standard for macaron recipes because it's so damn perfect. I used it in my own Blueberry Macaron recipe, so I'm obviously a fan. This recipe in particular is a delicious and unique flavor that you should definitely try if you like macarons or unique, imaginative dessert flavors.
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Do yourself a favor and mix this one. Buy the FA Kiwi if you need it, it's worth it and no substitution will do it justice. Just do it, you'll thank me later.
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
This is a truly delicious cereal juice with the typical Alfred flair and attention to detail. I adore the cream base, and will likely borrow it for any cereal-oriented discoveries I make.
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
This is truly delicious. Pink Guava and Yakima Hops are a match made in heaven. Thanks Concrete!
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
This is absolutely delicious! It tastes like an unidentifiable hybrid fruit that you can’t quite place... until you vape another tank. At least that’s what you’ll use as an excuse for more of this mutant fruit ambrosia. Thanks for the recipe, I’ll be making lots of this.
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
This stuff is crazy good, especially after a few days' steep. It reminds me of a blueberry remix of Fiestas and Fiascos (which is a GREAT THING)-- but it's the kind of remix that deconstructs and re-composes the elements around new ideas and makes something new and uniquely beautiful. Mixing up another batch soon, great work!
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
Well gosh, this is just shockingly good. I'm not a big fan cranberries in general, but I couldn't put this down. I went through my batch way too fast, and figured I'd drop a review as I'm mixing up the second batch. Simple, crisp, and delicious, it's making me rethink my stance on cranberries. I'm really glad I picked up FLV Cranberry for this.
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
Coop does amazing things with FA Kiwi. Both this and his Kiwi Cheesecake are absolutely not to be missed. Scrumptious and perfectly balanced.
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
This is just gosh darn delightful. Perfectly balanced blend of delicious berries and citrus, this makes a very challenging flavor profile seem easy. Mix it, you won’t regret it.
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
Can I sub everything for something else? Rating this for how good it looks in a sundress.
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
This recently joined the ranks of my favorite summer vapes. Refreshing, well balanced, and accurate to the beverage, all accomplished without requiring the use of any special-order flavors, you should just mix this up and see for yourself.
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
Good stuff. Chocolate is tough to balance well but you manage it with delicious effect here.
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
A deliciously crisp and unique blend of melon, apple and pear flavors that compliment one another perfectly. Remniscent of some of the more exotic Jones gourmet sodas-- which I adore. You won't regret mixing this one up! (Note: I didn't have any prickly pear on hand, but vish suggested I substitute 0.75% cactus and 0.75% WF Ripe Pear SC instead).
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
This is a truly refreshing and delicious soda recipe, and it's my favorite lime ejuice by far. If you're looking for a zesty, sweet, smooth yet punchy lime flavor, your search has ended. Game over, man.
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
A deliciously smooth, creamy chilled chocolate milk that you won't want to put down. Chocolate is a tough flavor to get right in DIY, but you wouldn't know it from this juice, which absolutely nails everything that's good about chocolate milk. Excellent work Bert!
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
eyemakepizza has a special gift for perfectly balancing multi-fruit recipes so you taste a different fruit each time you take a puff. This is a love letter to citrus, and it will make your tastebuds swoon.
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This is perfect, even my sister who normally only vapes unsweetened tobacco finally found it pleasant and addictive. Top marks for this to be sure!
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
Lovely stuff, definitely one of my favorite 123 recipes. Fruity, flavorful, and well balanced, with each ingredient perfectly complimenting the others. Nice one, Vish!
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
This stuff is FIRE. Creamy, boozy, dripping with sugary cinnamon goodness. Mix it now, thank me later.
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
Super tasty and accurate translation of the cookies. OM NOM NOM
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
A deliciously malty chocolate milkshake with just a hint of booze. Delicious. Thanks for the recipe.
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
Finally, a worthwhile use for all the FLV tobacco flavors I thought I'd get a lot more mileage out of when I bought them. This is a fantastic blend that hits all the right notes. Mix it if you've got em, get em if you don't!
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
This is a deliciously malty milkshake that I've come back to mix again, and I don't do that with a lot of recipes. Rich and mellow and smooth and full, it's one of the best milkshakes I've had the privilege of vaping (though admittedly, I've only vaped a handful of milkshakes). Great stuff. Looking forward to the remix with FLV marshmallow vanilla.
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
I am not a custard vaper. 9 times out of 10 I'll reach for a fruity, cold juice as an ADV. That should tell you how much I liked it hen I say I mixed it more than once, a first for custard-forward recipes. Thanks my friend,
User: beeker Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
Great recipe! Never tried the inspiration, but this hits the spot in a major way!
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