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Peach gummy. What else is there to explain? It’s a round peach flavored gummy ring. A pretty good one too! :)

Sweet strawberry and apples. Easy to mix and perfect for summer. The mango isn’t very pronounced. The forward note is apples. Almost apple juice type apple with a light sweet strawberry accent. The mango helps tie the two together and sweeten the mix. The vape gives off an almost whip cream or light cream type exhale imo.

A sweet blend of tropical fruits. Peach, mango and pineapple infused white gummy. After vaping this, pop a white gummy in your mouth. Its the real deal!

i white / pineapple gummy bear ejuice. Very gummy, very yummy. Its an ooey gooey yummy gummy bear.

One of my first go to vendors was MBV. I always ordered their Thug Juice. I wanted to take a trip back to the roots of my vaping journey. This is a remix of my first ADV - Thug Juice.
OOO grape is the only grape i currently have in stock. I am quite sure that there are other grapes that may work in its place. If so, please let me know! :)

A ripe strawberry custard filling with a cookie/pie crust back note. Simple and easy recipe that gets the point across. Very tasty after a few weeks of steeping, but also great as a snv.

Inspired by the Dairy Queen Fruit Smoothie sold here at my local DQ. This is a very authentic mango/pineapple fruit smoothie. Enjoy:)


A damn near dead on REMIXX of "Moo E-Liquids Vanilla Almond Milk". Mix it and see for yourself. Its definitely accurate. If you do decide to give this a shot please leave a review :) Thanks and Enjoy!
EDIT - Adding sweetener will make this juice even closer to the original. Try sucralose around 1-2% or super sweet between 0.5 and 1% :)
--- subbing ingredients will change the taste of this recipe ---


Melons and cream. The shining star in this recipe is of course the TFA Honeydew even at just over 1%. PUR and LA watermelon help to round out the melon base in the recipe to make it a more FULL and natural melon vape. LA watermelon is such a great tasting and strong watermelon aroma, alone it is more of a candied melon, so I use the PUR version here in conjunction to help soften the LA watermelon up a bit and make it more of a natural melon. FA cantaloupe is the foundation of the melons here. It just works, it seems as if its holding up the honeydew, and watermelon in a way that it is filling in any gaps and lower base notes that the other melons are lacking, giving us more of a full, wet and well rounded melon. The whole goal of this recipe was to create a delicious melon and cream vape, using a cream note that was a little lighter and not overly heavy but not to light either. The final verdict was CAP Marshmallow as a main cream note for obvious reasons while also using FA meringue and FA whipped cream to fill in the cream and give it a fuller mouth feel and vape experience. The cream is a lighter type of cream, which is what i was aiming for. Mix it up and feel it out. If you like it, leave a review. Thanks and enjoy!

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