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This profile was created by a company by the name of Cloud Nine Vapors. It is a very unique Flavor. When i found this flavor it ended up being my ADV for a year. Then the company that made it stopped selling juices so i decided to try and clone it. I think this is 99% cloned. The only reason i don't say 100% is because I don't have the original to test against. This is a Max VG mix because the original is a 90/10 so I make it that way. It is very good after 3 days so mix it up and enjoy.


A strawberry cookie with cheesecake icing. I got the idea for this profile from the Keebler fudge stripes strawberry cheesecake limited edition cookies. When i tasted these cookies i thought to myself i got to make this vapeable. So after about 2 months of testing this is what i've come up with. I think it's pretty damn close to the profile I was trying to achieve. Please let me know what you think in the comments below I am always up for help making recipes taste better. This is also my first recipe that I am sharing on here.


FA Juicy Strawberry / INW Shisha Strawberry
These two make up the strawberry in this recipe and I also think it's a great combination. The FA Juicy Strawberry is a great strawberry Flavor. The INW Shisha Strawberry helps complete the strawberry profile and makes the strawberry last in the recIPE.

FA Cookie / CAP Sugar Cookie
This is what makes up the cookie portion of this recipe. I really like these flavors together they make for a really good sweet cookie and that is what i was trying to get for the profile. It's kinda like a sweet strawberry sugar cookie and these three together work good for that with the strawberry combination I used.

FA Vienna Cream / FA Cream Fresh
This is where the icing comes from. These two together used at a one to one ratio makes for a pretty straight forward icing in my book that can be tasted along side the cookie and cheesecake flavor in this recipe. It also helps hide the crust flavor from the CAP NY Cheesecake flavoring which isn't that prominent anyway in that flavoring. It also helps boost the creaminess in the cheesecake as well. Bringing that filling that you get in a piece of cheesecake up front so it pops more.

CAP NY Cheesecake
To me this is one of the best cheesecake flavors out there. In this recipe it works well due to the fact it lacks that crust flavor and that is what i wanted so it did not take away from the cookie flavor but at the same time helping the cookie. It really worked well with the profile also so i had to use it.

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