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Dark brown slightly burnt peach butter biscuit with cream cheese icing.

Cap Sugar Cookie / INW Biscuit / LA CCI - is the base. Gives the dark brown, slightly burnt and sugary flavor.
Cap Butter Cream - adds the buttery feeling on the exhale.
FLV Peach - Very subtle peach tones.
I'd gives this one 2 or 3 weeks steep, crack open your favorite beer and enjoy.

I'm bad with words.
Give it at least 7 days steep but it gets better with longer steep.

Layered watermelon with menthol.
Perfect for hot summer I guess. I live in Ireland so what do I know about hot summer weather.
Shake and Vape.

Pretty straight forward recipe.
Shake and Vape.
Warning: Don't eat the yellow snow!!


Simple Raspberry Butter Cream
Good as a Shake n Vape but refines itself with steep.
Enjoy V


Well balanced Banana, Papaya and Tangerine mix with a pinch of Dragonfruit in the mix.
Give atleast a night to sattle down or 3 days for edless orgasms.
Peace V

Pomegranate and Raspberry are the main ingredient in this one.
A touch of Strawberry adds the red sweetness to the mix without showing the presence of Strawberry.
And Cactus, I might even say that Cactus is the main ingredient in this. It just melds the Pomegranate and Raspberry together nicely giving this juicy effect.
If you feel like you need more sweetness then 0.5% TFA Sweetener is an option, wouldn't suggest EM as it will just mute the overall flavor.
It's great as Shake and Vape but 3 day steep will give fuller experience.
TFA Dragonfruit at 0.5% is a nice addition to this, it will bring that strawberry out of shadows a bit.

Apologize for my shitty description and notes xD
Hope you enjoy,
Peace V

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This just Fabulous
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Hide the recipe, make it private as this recipe is already posted by ID10-T ON ATF
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Excellent Shake and Vape 10.5 stars out of 5
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