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  • Creamy & Sweet Peach Yoghurt

Yoghurt or Yogurt - Whichever way you spell it, it's delicious!

I picked up VT Peach Yoghurt on a whim, thinking "Hmm .. this could be good" - But turned out to be very good!
It had some of what I was looking for in a peach yoghurt - but it still needed a bit of help, to become what I wanted for this recipe.

VT Peach Yoghurt - The base - This has a nice creamy yoghurt mouthfeel, but can use a little help.
FA Peach White - Helps add a more bright and juicy peach flavor to the mix.
INW Shisha Vanilla - Adds some sweetness which fits this recipe perfectly.

Needs 3 days steeping to come together.
I actually didn't really enjoy VT Peach Yoghurt by itself, before it had time to develop - but after 3 days it really becomes something else.

I use 70/30 - VG/PG at 3mg

/ Please feel free to leave feedback

  • Fizzy Kiwi Lemonade - Bubbly and delicious.

I recently got FLV Citrus Soda - and it inspired me to play around with my previous Kiwi/Lemon recipe - and I'm quite happy with the results.

FA Kiwi & VT Sour Lemon - are here to stay, as I think they're a great combo.
CAP Lemon Lime - brings some extra zing into the mix.
LA Lemonade - helps brighten up the other citrus flavors.
FLV Citrus Soda - to add that fizz illusion - I kept it low, as I feel it can quickly dominate the mix, and also get a bit soapy at higher percentages.

Works as a shake 'n vape!

I use 70/30 - VG/PG at 3mg

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  • Kiwi & Sour Lemon - Fresh, fruity and delicious.

After vaping custards for weeks, I needed something refreshing.. This stuff hit the spot!
FA Kiwi I quite enjoyed on its own - but it needed a friend.
VT Sour Lemon came to save the day - lifting the mix to a new level.

Best enjoyed right off the shake - The "freshness" will fade in a few days ..

I use 70/30 - VG/PG at 3mg

/ Please feel free to leave feedback

User: Zany Score: 5 Entered: 6 months ago
When I was just a young boy .. My mother used to slave away in the kitchen. Always stirring pots, mixing in bowls .. sweating, crying, and doing all she could to satisfy my neverending hunger for cakes, pastries and other sweet, buttery delicacies. When I came across this recipe .. I saw something .. something.. I thought I had long but forgotten.. I gathered up my ingredients.. drove to my mothers house.. and made that bitch mix up my shit. After 3 painstakingly long hours. It was finally ready.. I filled up my electronic cigarette, and subsequently my lungs with this vapour .. A tear .. A tear rolled down my cheek .. This was it .. The thing which I thought was lost forever.. Sweet .. strawberry .. love ..
User: Zany Score: 4 Entered: 6 months ago
Hadn't really found a use for FLV Peach Gummy - It's a decent flavor on it's own, but kinda' boring - I have not tried the candy peach rings this recipe tries to mimick, but it is a damn tasty recipe! Smooth, and juicy peach candy - The small amount of Super Sweet really helps sell this as a candy. Good job!
User: Zany Score: 4 Entered: 5 months ago
There's something going on here .. I can't quite describe it, but whatever it is .. it sure is delicious! 3 days in and it's even better - Doesn't need the steep to be good, but definitely doesn't hurt. Great Job, Ed !
User: Zany Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
There once was a boy.. The boy was very fond of licorice. His parents would always stuff his face with these black treats.. -- Then one day, while the boy was out for a walk - a wild Kitty appeared. "I shall grant you three wis.. *cough* ahem .. sorry about that. You like licorice, yeah? I have a recipe for you, dear boy .. a thing called 'Black Swirl' .. it's like licorice ice cream!" the Kitty said.. The boy was frightened by the Kittys proposal .. He did like licorice. But not combined with other stuff .. his parents had forced that stuff upon him before, and he didn't like it very much. But the Kitty was persistent - "Try this once, and you'll be hooked for life! It's like crack!" said the Kitty.. The boy thought to himself .. "Well .. I do like crack" .. He agreed to try it out. The Kitty then looked at him, and uttered "Five days you must wait! Five days, my dear boy - Then you will be able to enjoy .." under his breath he whispered "'The Black Swirl'".. And then *poof* .. the Kitty was gone. The boy was confused, where'd the Kitty go? .. After a while, the boy walked on home, eager to give this recipe a try. -- When the boy got home, he was anxious .. The Kitty had given him hope.. Hope that licorice and ice cream, could indeed be put together, and create something good. - He mixed it up - Shook the bottle violently - Gathered up all of his patience .. and waited .. and waited .. and waited .. staring at the bottle, as the liquid transformed. - On the fifth day, the boy was excited. He had waited, and waited, and now it was finally time - He filled up his vape, and took his first draw .. his heart turned black ..his mind .. black .. every fiber in his body .. black.. - He was now in love ..
User: Zany Score: 4 Entered: 4 months ago
Nice and simple strawberry Shake 'n Vape. JF Strawberry Sweet really does stand on it's own, as a strawberry flavor! Liked it better after it had a day to settle in :)
User: Zany Score: 4 Entered: 4 months ago
This recipe got me through a week of being sick .. Somehow this was the only thing I could vape that didn't taste weird - Only got better as I got better! Strawberry does fade a little, but that's just what TPA Strawberry (ripe) does. Had to order FA Madagascar specially for this, and I'm glad I did!
User: Zany Score: 4 Entered: 3 months ago
I've had TFA and FA Pear since my first order - Haven't been able to find a use for them .. till now! This is a great recipe! The pear note is subtle, and not too overpowering for me - The Fuji really helps out the pear in this mix - Creamy and delicious!
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