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This is a toasted coconut almond milk. So I should have said this when I first posted recipe. There is no coconut specific flavors in this. I get light coconut notes from cheesecake graham crust. So if you don't get these notes than this is more of a toasted almond milk. Enjoy

Cheesecake graham crust:
This is the coconut flavor with thick cream.

Cream fresh:
This boost milky aspect of recipe.

This combo is a sweet almond.

Toasted marshmallow:

This adds that toasted taste to coconut and also adds overall sweetness to mix.

Tell me what you all think

This is my attempt at creating a light vanilla custard with crumbled golden Oreos.

Biscuit/sugar cookie:

this is the golden cookie without the cream

Milk chocolate:
This is mainly the cream from inside the cookie with all the other flavors to mask the chocolate flavor since it's light from this flavor

Vanilla custard/ French vanilla ice cream:
This is the custard base

Super sweet:
Adds some sugar to sweeten up mix

Let me know what you think


Milk leftover in bowl after eating frosted cornflakes and slivered almonds.

Nice fluffy cake with a whipped butter cream icing layered with fresh cut strawberries.

This is a combo of bilberry and raspberry as you can see in the ingredients. Together they form a sweet and tart marriage that is very satisfying on the palette. I wanted to add sweetness without using sucralose so I added fig which adds sweetness and a little complexity to the mix. Enjoy

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This is a rich nutty tobacco layered with a banana cheesecake pistachio nut butter swirl finished off with a Carmel drizzle. On the exhale all you can say is "OH MY GOD!!!!!!"

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This is a strawberry almond ry4 ice cream sitting on top of an warm apple Danish.
On the inhale is the blend of strawberry, almond, and Carmel ice cream notes and finishes with warm apple pastry on exhale making you come back for more

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1
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