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Melon Cream. It's good off the shake too!
Bavarian Cream/Vienna Cream
Vienna Cream gives that light cream with a subtle vanilla, Bavarian Cream thickens it up and provides that thick dairy mouth-feel

Custard Pi 3.14
This is used to thicken everything up nicely, it also adds to the vanilla slightly, and eats any of the harshness that the Lemon provides.

Lemon Sicily
Tartness. It prevents the combination of creams from getting too heavy and thick through tartness

Wild Melon/Watermelon
This provides the main flavour note, underpinned by Double Apple.

I wanted To see how a lemon/Citrus would work with a grape, not like a candy, more of a soda. Kind of. Ish. Sadly I was out of any lemons. It works pretty nicely, and will probably be nicer with the addition of some Koolada. It's still in testing, but have at it.

Grape Juice
This is an annoyingly weak concentrate, but I fancied working with it, and trying to get to work is a nightmare. @ 5% it stands up as the main note without overshadowing any of the supporting flavourings. This is going to be substituted for INW Grape in the next batch, in the hope that that'll lend itself more to the flavour profile.

Citrus Punch/Oba Oba
Seeing as I was waiting on some lemon to come through the post box, I went down the citrus line. Citrus Punch also helps with drawing out, and adding a sense of fizz to the grape, and the Oba Oba was used to accentuate the tang

This serves two purposes: I personally feel in this context it fills out the body of the grape, thanks without actually adding a huge amount of flavour, and its refreshing nature adds to the soda-y vibe, and the juice overall

As Mentioned above, INW Grape is getting subbed in in the next batch, and I'm going to try it out with a hint INW Raspberry as well in the hope that it'll feel out the body better than the watermelon and add a little more natural sweetness/tang.
Koolada 10% would also make this a more enjoyable and refreshing vape as well. I'll play with some percentages and adjust the recipe accordingly.

Imagine if a cheesecake was less cakey, and made of custard, not mascarpone. So basically not a cheesecake at all. Slop some custard on some graham crackers and you've got the gist.

Bav Cream/Custard Pi/ Vanilla Custard
The aim here is to create a really dense custard base with a slightly eggy nature that all good custards have. The Bav Cream provides that slight eggy nature that I'm looking for, with both custards forming the foundation.

Biscuit/Graham Cracker Clear
This provides a base, a firm foundation and I find that Graham Cracker works nicely with Biscuit to do just this. It may become a little peppery/ginger-y. the steep will tell and percentages will be updated accordingly.

These provide your top-note, the Almond to provide a nutty feel, and the vanilla as a true top-note.

Definitely not a Shake and Vape.

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