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Cardamom rose gingerbread......

On VU, we have a DIY challenge going right now.....I was looking for an idea that was unique and interesting. My idea wasn’t chosen, but I was intrigued.....so I mixed it.

Caps Gingerbread was my first choice, but it needs help in the cake department so I went with JF Yellow Cake......mostly because it happened to be sitting on my desk. JF Bavarian for the creamy, dark sweetness and mouthfeel. FA Rose and Cardamom because it’s the only rose/cardamom I have.....used em low so they didn’t take over. FA Meringue mostly for the sweetness.

Off the shake, everything was in your face. 10 days later, all has mellowed quite nicely. Cardamom gingerbread on the inhale, a nice light rose on the exhale. Yum.

I was, once again, perusing Pinterest for recipes.....and I stumbled on this. The picture was soooo beautiful.....I had to find a way to vape it.

I was also looking for a good use for WF Marscapone.....and I found it. It works perfectly here....twangy and thick, bolstered by the VT sweet cream. The cake was white in the picture so I choseWF Fluffy White Cake over FW White Cake because it’s just so much better. Bumbleberry is perfect for me, but I can imagine you can sub it with another mixed berry at the appropriate percentage.

I hope you mix it and enjoy!

Second breakfast? What do Hobbits eat for second breakfast? I know what I would eat.....maple bacon pecan donuts. I’m hoping Middle Earth has everything they need for these donuts...I’m hoping the bacon comes out with a steep. I didn’t want it taking over the mix, so I kept it low.....might need a bumping up, being Hobbits like bacon. Thank you Jennifer Jarvis for such a fun challenge!

Something between an Orange Julius and a mango lassi. Twangy and yummy. The Orange Cream and Sweet Tangerine meld well with the mango and almost overtake it, so add more if you feel it needs it. Would love any criticisms, if you please. I want it to be perfect!

Not exactly seasonal, but......a nice, refreshing vape. I’ve always loved mint and lime juice on my watermelon in real life.....so why not make it vapable! The Candied Watermelon added that sweet punch I was looking for without adding any sweetener. Hope y’all like it!

Sweet, creamy coffee.....I love Thai Coffee. It’s an indulgence that I cannot have anymore so I had to make it into vape form. A work in progress.....but I like it as it is right now. Might need a touch more coffee, but we shall see.


Custard? Cookies? Who doesn’t like custard and cookies!? This was one of my first recipes using VT Honeycomb.....and probably my most successful. If you don’t have Custard Premium(I’m sorry), then use INW Custard @1.5% and TFA Butter @0.5%.....close, but not quite as good. Mix it, love it. Let me know how y’all like it.


So this came out of a sleepless night and a search for green pancakes for my restaurant. After some searching, I found matcha and matcha rice crispy treats. Intrigued, I made them the next day and they’re pretty damn good! This is my attempt to recreate the lovely, light floral flavor of the treats. And to find another use for FE green tea besides @exclusivegirl’s fabulous recipe.

This is my first posted recipe. Please try it and give me any feedback!

User: Wildgypsy Score: None Entered: over 2 years ago
This is one of my favorites right now. I usually have a hard time with Caps Cake Batter, but you’ve managed to tame it. Very nice, creamy, buttery vape. Definitely made me happy that I bought Strawberry Gelato. Super yummy! Thank you for this one!!!
User: Wildgypsy Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
I have been vaping this ALL DAY, which I never do. Bravo! Wonderful berry filled buttery pudding. Can’t get better than that!
User: Wildgypsy Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
I have heard a lot about this one. Very much looking forward to mixing this up as soon as the ONE flavor I don’t have arrives. Kudos! It looks perfect. Your recipes have been a big hit for me......thanks for all your work!
User: Wildgypsy Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
This recipe has renewed my love for FLV Boysenberry. Thank you for this one! I can’t wait to try another fruit in there.....but I have to get through the 60ml I made of this first. Well done!
User: Wildgypsy Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
Very well done! I’m a sucker for white chocolate. And I like the fact that you didn’t go the typical strawberry route.....though I like that, too. Thanks for all your effort and for a great mix!
User: Wildgypsy Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
This stuff is 🔥🔥🔥! I’ve mixed this up 3 times now and have a hard time waiting for the steep, even though I’m ow it’s worth it. Perfectly balanced butterscotch to coffee ratio(and absolutely no burnt tires here!). Love it, love it, love it. Amazing job.
User: Wildgypsy Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
Holy s*$#. This recipes gonna have me grabbing large bottles of everything I need to make this on a regular basis. Struck it right out of the park…..and I don’t even like licorice. Beautifully done.
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