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This has been my fruit ADV for the better part of the year so I've been refraining from sharing it until it was just right. I've put it through 9-10 iterations and this is where I'm at but this isn't even its final form. Originally, I wanted the profile to be a very sweet-guava laden candy. As a candy, it was delicious but I found that at the percentages required to get there, about 1 in 5 people (myself included) would get a bit of a soapy note, so in an effort to eliminate that it has become a fruity, tropical drink.

CAP Sweet Guava: This is the star of the show, love me or hate me for using such an easy fruit as the main profile, Sweet Guava is sweet, tart, and fairly complex as far as a fruit flavor goes. An interesting fruit that not too many people in the states have even eaten, it keeps me and many others coming back again and again for more.

INW Pineapple: This is hands down the best pineapple in 9/10 scenarios in my opinion. It's very fresh, and ripe tasting but does not border on rotten tasting as many ripe fruit flavorings do. Very authentic and far from a syrup, at 1.5% works very well and accentuates further the sweet/tangy thing that the guava has going on.

TFA Key Lime: A very solid lime flavor, adds a citrus note to really bring the tangyness of this juice to the forefront. Works well here but could be subbed for whatever lime you like. I personally find myself subbing this out occasionally for LA Banana Cream at 3% for a creamier, banana-laden vape (which is delicious). One of my all-time favorite versions of graffiti though, is using FLV Mango here instead of the lime at 2% for a sweeter, in your face, tropical punch.

FA Passion: Adds more depth and texture to the vape. Passion at this percentage doesn't carry much but its texture, if you turn it up to 1% you get a bit of a peach type note in the flavor but I like it where its at. If you take this up to 1.5% you get the candy ish flavor I mentioned in the intro, but the soapiness starts to come through. Try it where its at, play around with the percent if you want to later.

INW Cactus: The juiciness booster that makes authentic fruit flavors just really pop and become addicting in my opinion. If you don't have cactus in your arsenal here, TFA Dragonfruit works well at 1.5% but you really should always have a bottle of cactus on hand.

Mix it up and let me know what you think! This is what I believe to be my best creation in a year and a half of mixing!

Update 4/25/18: Adding 1% of TFA Apricot takes this recipe to a whole new level!

Lately I've been seeing a lot of S&C recipes popping up here on all the flavors, but they seem to be following a trend of being 8+ ingredients. I wanted to put a recipe out to remind us that you don't need to get super complex and intricate to create a bangin' flavor, especially when it comes to a simple profile like strawberries and cream.
FA Strawberry: I've been using this much more frequently trying to get away from the good old TFA Strawberry (or strawberry ripe) and CAP Sweet Strawberry combo lately. While that is delicious I find FA's Strawberry to have more notes and nuances than those fairly linear flavors, and this keeps me interested in the flavor longer. It's just a bright and fulfilling strawberry.
CAP Sweet Strawberry: Although linear, like I mentioned above, I love this flavor. It isn't super complex but it is a sweet, simple, delicious strawberry. Adding this to the FA Strawberry really makes it go from a complex berry flavor to something that is immediately recognizable as strawberry. This flavor really works as a "glue" here if you will, making the end product a very delicious and cohesive flavor.
FA Vienna Cream: This adds that wonderful "pudding" note that really sweetens up the Bavarian Cream and helps distract from how dry that flavor is.
TFA Bavarian Cream: Bavarian Cream is probably my favorite cream. It's delicious and nutty, but kind of dry and bitter. It's great but it definitely needs some help if you want it to shine.
FA Butterscotch: When it comes to flavor profiles that have been done and done again, you need something to make your recipe stand out from the crowd. I think it's best to find one ingredient that you wouldn't think of being a staple in that profile, but one that sounds delicious as an additive to the profile you're after rather than trying to over complicate things and stick in 3-4+ flavors on top of your profile. FA Butterscotch really works here as that key element that makes people want to keep hitting this juice, it adds butter, and a darker sweetness that balances out all of the brightness in the fruit and Vienna Cream. If you don't have FA's, FW Butterscotch Ripple, FA Caramel, and TFA Brown Sugar could all work here.
And of course, Sweeten to taste if you like. I like to be able to feel that wet stickiness from the sucralose but I don't like adding so much that it throws off the balance of fruit to butterscotch here. I usually use 0.25% PUR Super Sweet. I use Purilum simply because it is about half the price of Capella, and I usually order from Nicotine River anyways.


In this recipe, I needed to create 3 layers: A cream to boost the spongeyness and frosting feeling of the cake, a cake layer, and the citrus layer.
For the cream layer, I use Bavarian cream to add density and complexity to the texture of the cake, and whipped cream to add the frosting-feel.
For the cake, I use Pound cake for the sweetness and authenticity it has, and the FA Pandoro because I think it has a slight citrus taste that really works well with the lemon.
In the citrus base I use lemon sicily for the bulk of the flavor, blood orange to alter the lemon a little and make it less "lemonade" tasting.


A new twist on Apple Juice with floral notes and a cool exhale. One of my favorite recipes to S&V

User: Werttok Score: 4 Entered: about 4 years ago
Solid cream base, vanilla custard helps balance out the sweetness of TPA VBIC
User: Werttok Score: 4 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Mixed this with 2.5% Lemon Sicily and no Italian Lemon Sicily as the pine-sol taste always throws me off. Great recipe, good out in the heat at work.
User: Werttok Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Sounds strange, but my favorite juice to vape coffee. The stark contrast between the two flavors is wonderful. All round, love this recipe. The inawera pineapple is perfect here to really bring it all together.
User: Werttok Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
With all the hype surrounding this recipe, when i first got the ingredients to make it I made 240ml right off the bat. Vaped some of it at the 1 week steep time, and wasn't too impressed. Came back to it at the 3 month mark, and it is absolutely AMAZING. The lemon somehow faded but then came back later in the steep and the meringue/custards all melded together into a perfect, sweet creamy base for it to sit on. I am truly impressed.
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