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Description: Senior in college hoping to go to law school. Have been vaping for a year and mixing my own eliquid for three months as of July 2016.
Interests: Fruits, particularly tropical, bakeries/deserts, Milk of the Poppy by BDV is my favorite vendor eliquid.
Location: Bowling Green, OH - near Toledo, OH.

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What can make a morning blaze even better? A nice big bowl of crunch berry cereal in milk, and that's exactly what this recipe is.

FW Capt. Crunch berry is the main cereal note and provides a nice grain-like texture and body for the vape, but the fruit notes in it got flattened when paired with any creams. That's where FW Blueberry and TPA Strawberry come in and strengthen those notes in FW CCB.

The milk note is the tried and true FA Meringue and FW Hazelnut which provides a slightly sugary milk flavor. It manages to play with the cereal and make it taste likes its been soaked in it a bit too, which I absolutely love.

I just wanted a simple cereal and milk mix and ended up with this delicious result on my first try, so I wanted to share it with the community. Hope you enjoy!


Peanut Butter and Banana Custard. I've worked on this recipe for months and finally feel ready to release it, so here goes! The inhale is where the banana really shines, sitting in a smooth, thick, and simple custard. Definitely heavier than a banana pudding. On the exhale, the banana sticks around for a bit and then gets taken over by the peanut butter flavor - a slightly sticky but all natural tasting PB. TPA PB is used to get the texture, but to me the flavor is just redskin peanuts - and a PB made of peanut skin is nasty AF. So Hangsen is used at low percents to provide a natural, peanut (no skin) taste that covers up the flavor from TPA. Alright guys, that's it! Please let me know what you think in the comments, I can take the heat if you think it's complete shit. ;)


Prepare to taste the most amazing, excellent, awe inspiring vape that will transport you back to watching your favorite childhood cartoo- I'm just fucking with you guys. I aimed to create the profile of an apple cinnamon cereal sitting in strawberry milk, and I feel that the final recipe version achieves this profile very well (not to be cocky). It doesn't taste quite like Apple Jacks, more like Cinnamon Toast Crunch with lots of green Apple Jacks (I'm pretty sure there is a difference between the orange and green AJ's...) mixed together that's been in the milk long enough to make it sugary and delicious. When vaping the first note tasted is apple that is a slightly dominant to the rough/grainy cinnamon cereal, but both battle it out for the top note. This is carried by the sugary sweet strawberry milk which becomes prominent about halfway though the exhale. To be honest, I struggle to taste strawberry and needed to have others taste test the recipe for this aspect - what I personally get is a sugary milk that has a definite fruity sweetness (I also used the Ripe Strawberry to blend the recipe together, in particular the apple and cinnamon notes, as well as making the apple have a more artificially sweet taste). Finally, the vape will finish on one of two notes - either the apple cinnamon cereal will come back and leave you with a grainy or slightly 'rough' feel, or it will end on the strawberry milk note and provide a smooth, sweet, dairy taste that lingers for a while.

I hope you guys didn't want flavor notes - I just followed the instructions for the contest on DIYorDie.com. Just in case, the only flavoring I haven't mentioned that I used is AP. I needed to use AP to bring out a grainy and more dry feel from CAP Cin. Dane. Swirl. Without AP, CDS stays far too soft and fresh bakery like, no where near what a cinnamon cereal is supposed to taste like. So guys, that's it! Even if I don't make it to round 2 it was fun coming up with this recipe, and I'm thankful for this competition and the chance to compete. Hope you all enjoy!

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

A tropical eliquid for the summer time. Pear is the main note sitting in a coconut base with pineapple and dragon fruit adding in the tropical notes. Pineapple also makes the vape 'brighter' or juicier, and dragon fruits helps all of the flavors blend together while making the vape a bit sweeter. Great as a shake'n'vape, the pear note is stronger at first and fades just a bit after a few days steep.

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I love this stuff. A slightly candied, definitely sweet watermelon and apple combo. The strawberry isn't noticeable as a flavor by itself, but it does add a fruity sweetness to the FA Fuji and helps it blend with LA Watermelon. TPA marshmallow adds density to the body of the vape and cactus makes the mix more 'juicy' and almost gives it the mouthwatering feeling a jolly rancher has. It is a touch harsh on the throat but it is very little and I don't mind it. If you like sweet/candy fruit mixes, give this one a try.
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Nails the flavor profile as close as possible in vaping - a smooth, prominent peanut butter with a hint of sweet biscuit/cookie that's finished with a light milk chocolate note. Made with OG INW Milk Chocolate.
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Sweet, satisfying, and addicting. Mixed without Kentucky Bourbon, as I do not have it. Inhale is a pistachio custard, not very eggy but has a full mouth feel. Exhale is where the sweet pastry comes in with a hint of caramel from the RY4-Double that lingers almost as an aftertaste. Very close to Nobleman by Charlie Nobles or PRy4-U by Enyawreklaw, but this one is my personal favorite recipe for this profile.
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