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Kind of a biscuit base with lemon cream. Not related with the "lemonhead" candy bar.

A different orange cream with cardamom , pistachio and saffron. Creme brulee gives a spicy note.

Mocha and pecan ice cream. Used my usual ice cream stone and added espresso and chocolate to emulate a mocha like flavor.

Mild and fruity tobacco flavor. Godfather (INW) gives those whiskey cherry amaretto notes. Red oak flavor from flv's tobaccos.

Dark and bitter chocolate tobacco taste. A little cream to help the chocolate and some sweet spicy notes at the end.


A tobacco recipe with tobacco , caramel, vanilla , cookie and creamy hazelnut.


An approach for a strawberry cheesecake. My favourite strawberry combo used again.

Strong - cigarette like - tobacco taste. Non-sweet and a little ashy.

Strong espresso taste combined with the special tobacco blend of Tuscan Reserve (Ultimate) (FA). Creams help those strong flavors to mellow a little.

Soft chocolate cookies with cream and nuts. Some alcohol notes from Kentucky bourbon.

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